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It’s not too late to wrap up the best of 2016!

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We say this all the time, but TIME REALLY FLIES! In a blink of an eye, here we are, done and dusted with 2016 and near the end of the second month of 2017 already. Still, it’s not too late to reminisce over the happenings in 2016 as we recount the highlights and reflect on all the fun moments that we had here at Churp Churp 🙂



Started the year off by invading Royal Caribbean with our Alphas, Jon, Jie Hui, Brenda and Vera as we travelled to Langkawi and Penang 🙂 We were onboard for 5 days and with plenty of activities for us to do, we simply couldn’t be happier! #TheRoyalChurpSGInvasion

We blogged the whole experience on Churp Churp’s Dayre here at bit.ly/churpxroyalcarribean if you want to find out more!


In February, Brenda  & Jie Hui enjoyed their very own Valentine’s Day dining experience at Spuds & Aprons at Faber Peak Singapore! It was indeed a lovely meal with a great ambience, read our full review of the food here at bit.ly/churp16xvday 🙂



We also tied up design & lifestyle store, Naiise with our Alpha, Brenda to pick 10 items based on a specific theme that she absolutely adored!  Our readers got to enjoy discount codes when they purchase from Naiise’s online website too 🙂 #churpsgx10naiisethings


Up next, we were stoked to be invited down to Lepark in May for yet another food-tasting session! All those dishes certainly brought us to food heaven….


We were served their new menu back then and one memorable dish was this Satay Marinated Angus Beef Cheek Stew with fried buns. It was our personal favourite! The beef cheek was so tender that it melts in our mouth and the fried buns went so well with the stew. (it’s making us hungry again!)

Check out our full review here at bit.ly/churp16xlepark


In light of Father’s Day celebration, we listed some recipes on how to whip up some easy dishes for you to cook up a feast for your father to celebrate this occasion. Hopefully this came in handy for those of you out there who wanted to impress your parents with a lovely meal!


Once again, Netccentric partnered with the National Day Parade (NDP) in 2016 to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday! This meant that we got to attend several social media events and received first dibs (such as a peek into the fun packs!) on how Singapore will be celebrating her birthday! <3


During the social media event, they explained to us the theme, concept and winning logo for 2016, which made us hyped up for #NDP2016 itself! It was certainly interesting to hear how the judges chose the winning logo & how they tried to engage the younger generations to join in the celebrations 🙂

Our Alphas definitely had an exciting time watching the National Day Parade last year, read all about Brianna’s experience on her blog!nuffnangmm

Moving on, we are excited to share with you one of the main reasons why 2016 means so much to us – our celebration of Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary! We gathered our Alphas, Bloggeratis, long-time clients and beloved staff to join us at our #welivesocial party as we celebrate all the success that we have achieved throughout the years 🙂


As we were down to the last quarter of 2016, our Alphas & Nuffnang Bloggeratis from Singapore and Thailand rocked #ITSTHESHIP2016! This is the 2nd largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival out at sea and it is our honor to be the official social media partner! 3 days of non-stop dancing to tunes from DJs all around the world, our crew surely had the time of their lives partying all night !


Also, Nuffnang & Churp Churp are proud to be the official social media partners for 2017’s M1 Singapore Fringe Festival yet again! This event focused on local artistes, with participation from fellow international artistes spanning across four categories namely: Fringe Highlights, Live Fringe, Fresh Fringe and Fringe Activities.


All of us at Netccentric come together to contribute to the community every year without fail. We strongly feel that it is important for us to help the less fortunate and in a way, ensure that our community can grow from strength to strength! In 2016, we worked with Singapore Children’s Society to help paint colourful wall murals in Bukit Merah and help to spring clean one of their student care centres. It was a fun-filled afternoon that allowed us to bond while coming together for a wonderful cause too!


Ending the year off the way we know best — Christmas at the Netccentric Office! We had so much fun playing games prepared by each room at the office, all documented nicely in our Dayre post here!  As we gather together as one tonight to celebrate Christmas, we are also reminded of how we should always stand by each other and support one another even more in the New Year.


It’s always great to look back and reflect on all the opportunities that we got to experience in 2016, to remember the fun that we shared and for it to be a source of motivation for us to work harder in the upcoming year. Onward with the rest of 2017, Churpers!

#FeatureFriday – Meet Positive Ray of Sunshine, Cheyenne Chesney!

How was your Valentine’s Day celebration, Churpers? Whether you celebrated it with your loved ones or by yourself, you can always find out how Valentine you are just for the fun of it!

As for our Featured Alpha of the Month, Cheyenne Chesney, she spent Valentine’s Day in school! Currently a student taking her IGSCE and a part-time model, Cheyenne works hard to juggle all her responsibilities while having fun at the same time. We had a chat with her to find out how she started her modeling career, and how her perception on social media has evolved. Let’s get right into it!

1) Hi Cheyenne, hope 2017 has been good to you so far! We saw from your social media that you headed down to Gold Coast last December, so what did you love most about the land down under?

Well first off, I absolutely loved the weather there! Even though there was only a few degrees difference, it felt a lot colder than Singapore. The sky was also so blue, it was incredible.

Furthermore, the theme parks there were huge and had such amazing rides, it was so fun! And I also got to visit my grandma which I only get to do about once every year 🙂

2) The photos on your Instagram feed follow such a consistent theme! Any tips on how to edit your photos & keep up with a specific theme?

Well, when I take my photos I try to follow the same colour palate. Since my theme is white I try to take pictures with a white-ish background. If I had a darker feed I would take photos with a darker background. I also edit all my photos using the same filter and settings so that the photos all match.


3) We know that you’ve been investing more time to build up your modeling career, but what sparked the interest in you to pursue modeling?

I had never thought about modeling before but when an online store approached me and asked if I wanted to model for their store I decided to try it out, because why not? It ended up being so much fun! After I posted about the online store I modeled for, others approached me as well! I was just doing it for fun really, when a modeling agency approached me on social media and told me they were interested in signing me! I was overjoyed that I could make money for myself doing something that I found fun.

4) Share with us more on how you juggle between your academic responsibilities & modeling at the same time!

So far it’s been a little tough, but I make sure I have at least one or two hours to study every day. Be it before I sleep or in the morning when I wake up. During photo shoots sometimes, there are a few models on set so we take turns or they take a lot of time to set up. So I bring my study books to study any time I can squeeze it in.


5) What do you usually do during your free time?

This year, I have to spend my free time studying. Any free time I get I try to study as much as possible. I love to make colourful notes so I try to do it for all my subjects, especially since colour helps you to remember things. This year I’m taking my IGCSE (which is like the international school version of O-level) so I really have to study as hard so possible In order to reach my goal grades.

6) How did your social media journey start off? Has your perception of social media changed ever since?

I started social media in secondary 1. My friends encouraged me to join the different social media platforms when I first joined my secondary school.

Since secondary 1, my perception of social media has changed a lot. For starters, as I used social media more I started receiving hate. The first time I received hate I was so upset by it. I thought it was the end of the world, that someone online didn’t like me. As my following began to grow, the number of haters did as well. They would comment that I’m “overrated” or “boring” or “ugly” but I started not to care. At some point, I realised that their opinions didn’t matter to me. Everyone has haters, no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to like it. So, at the end of the day the only person whose opinion of you matters is yourself. Just keep your head up and ignore those who wish to bring you down.


7) If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be & why? 🙂

Positive. No matter the situation, I try to look on the bright side. I try to tell myself, looking back in the future, would I rather have a happy, positive childhood or a sad, emo one. I like to think that any rough time I’m going through will be over before I know it and that I’ll be happy again and stronger than before.


8) Lastly, we want to know some of your upcoming plans that we can look forward to!

Well as of now, I have a big project that I worked on that I’m really excited about!! But I can’t release any information about it as of yet so stay tuned 😉

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us, Cheyenne, we are truly excited for what lies ahead of you!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Cheyenne on a more personal level because we sure did 🙂 Don’t forget to follow her on her social media platforms and Dayre!

Onwards with the weekend, Churpers 🙂

#FeatureFriday – Cëe the world with our flatlay queen, Cëe Tay!

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We hope August was an awesome month for all you Churpers 🙂

On our end, August was jam-packed with the celebrations of both our nation and … Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary! (whoop whoop!) Not just for us it seems as, Cëe, our featured Alpha of the month, recently returned from a 3-months long vacation and celebrated her 22nd birthday back in Singapore.

Now that half of September is done and dusted, let’s check in with Cëe on what she has been up to!

1.Hi Cëe, welcome home! How was your recent trip to New York? What did you enjoy most about the city that never sleeps?

Thank you! This city really never sleeps. I love NYC (but San Francisco takes first place) because food is everywhere! No surprises there. Most places are within walking distance, almost like Singapore, which makes it very convenient.

As a tourist, I would recommend trying Shake Shack. If you’re looking for something more Instagrammable, they have plenty of cafes for you to explore. Certain street food or food trucks can be expensive, so just be aware of that.

My favourite spot in Manhattan would be The High Line – it’s an elevated park built on a historic rail line. It may be a bit out of the way but you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the cool breeze and sun set.

Also since you’re in New York, I suggest taking a trip down to the 9/11 memorial. There are 2 large fountains that take the spot of where the twin towers used to be (I think) and they also have a museum. I believe it’s a great learning experience for everyone.

2.Aside from New York, what are some of your favourite cities that you have travelled to recently & why?

San Francisco, Melbourne and Hong Kong (planning another trip in Jan).

I don’t know why, but I’m just so drawn to San Francisco. It was a place I’ve always wanted to visit and after spending 2 months there, I think I left my heart in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the people, or the landscape or the chilly weather… I would do anything to be back again!

While I didn’t spend much time in Melbourne, I was able to visit quite a number of places thanks to a friend who lives there. They have so many Instagram-worthy streets and cafes that it’s not difficult to see why I love this city. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would definitely love to revisit and have a longer stay this time.

Hong Kong is just a glutton’s heaven. The last time I visited, I was there for over a week and it seemed like I still had so much to do and so many places to visit. Can’t wait to start planning the upcoming trip!

3.What tips do you have for budding videographers who may not be familiar with doing travelogues?


  1. Record everything! It’s better to have more footage to work with than none. What I’ve learnt during my stint as a videographer is to keep each recording short, so it’s a lot easier when editing. Rather than watching through a 10 minutes recording to find the ‘good parts’, you can easily scrub through a 1 minute recording.
  2. You don’t need a professional camera to have a ‘good’ travel vlog, there are times when I chose to record with my iPhone 6s and the quality is pretty decent.
  3. Watch someone else’s travelogue to get inspired.

While I did say to record everything above, there are times when it’s much better to be present in the moment and enjoy the view with your own eyes. Most importantly, the main reason we travel is to expand our knowledge and to relax. So enjoy yourself on the trip and the process of capturing all those moments!

4.Ok enough of travels, let’s get to know the person behind @ardaisy_! How would you describe yourself?

Hmm, I love a good adventure, I probably joke too much and am organised most of the time.

5.Congrats on your graduation! What are your plans for the future?

Thank you! My plans for the future are to find a partner and settle down within the next year. Just kidding! I am currently looking for a full-time job most probably doing digital marketing, and see how it goes from there. 😊

6.Well, one thing we do know for sure is your love for flat lays! What are your favourite props to use/have when creating a flat lay?


I don’t have any favourite props actually since most of my props are also object that I use on a daily basis. I do however have some notebooks/books which were impulse purchases but turned out to be really great props as I don’t use them at all.

Oh wait! Flowers can make great room decoration as well as props.

7.Where do you draw your flat lay inspirations from and what do you do when your inspirations’ lacking?

My daily life I suppose. Most of my flat lays are created to represent a day, rather than intentionally created just for the sake of posting. Of course there are times when I get a new shoe or bag that I really want to feature, then I create a flat lay around those items.

When my inspiration’s running low, I use Pinterest! I can spend all afternoon pinning, even when I have other important things to do. (oops!)

8.Your two guinea pigs are so adorable! What did you name them after? How has your life changed after being a mama to your two fur kids?

Hehe, thanks! The older one is named Dale, and the younger one is Baby. They are approximately 3 years old and 1 years old respectively.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how life was like before having my guinea pigs (says every pet owner). I missed them so much when I was away for 2 months.

9.Even though you’ve graduated, it’s back to school season for many! What recipes do you have to share for a quick and easy yet healthy breakfast?

  1. Overnight oats

I love overnight oats because as the name suggests, you prepare it the night before so you don’t have to rush in the morning. Fill your mason jar with oats, yoghurt and some fruits and leave it in the fridge overnight. I don’t add honey or sugar, because the natural sweetness from the fruits is enough for me.

2. Fruit Salad

Don’t let the word salad scare you. I’m not someone who loves eating vegetables as well, but adding your favourite fruits into the salad makes it a lot better.

  1. Infused water

Fill your bottle with fruits/vegetables (I like the cucumber and mint leaves combination the most). I usually also prepare this overnight, leave it in the fridge and drink it first thing when I wake up!

10.Lastly, as Netccentric just turned 10, what are some wishes you have for the company?

Happy 10th birthday Netccentric! The party was amazing and I’m glad to be part of this wonderful family. To more success ahead!


All of us can agree that doing up a flatlay is definitely not an easy feat, it’s an art form! We hope you’re as inspired as we are right now and for more tips and tricks on flatlays and Cëe’s travel adventures, follow her on her blog and her social media platforms!

Once again, have a blast this F1 weekend, Churpers 🙂

Sales All Around Asia!

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Now that GSS is in full force, have you been shopping your heart out? If the sales in Singapore are not enticing enough, why not think of heading out of Singapore! Many of us travel and do lots of research on factors like the weather and country’s attractions but what about the sales season? As we’re on the topic of sales lately, we compiled a list of popular Asian countries that Singaporeans love to visit and noted down their sales season. So let’s get right to it!

Thailand, Bangkok (June to August)


Source: From our Alpha, Kai!

This city needs no introduction. Singaporeans’ favourite city to visit is none other than Bangkok! With lots of cheap street food and apparels, what’s not to love? Aside from places like Chatuchak Market where it’s shopping season all year round, their shopping malls run the Amazing Thailand Grand Sales during June to August which is very much like GSS back in our little red dot. Local boutiques also participate in the sales so it’s not just the same ol’ international brands but discounts apply to local designer goods too!

Hong Kong (December to February, July to August)


Source: From our Alpha, Brenda!

Ah… Hong Kong, cue the smell of dim sums. Aside from the delicious Hong Kong food, shopping is something you must not miss! Their sales season builds up to Chinese New Year which Hong Kongers take very seriously. The sales typically applies to departmental stores and shopping malls, less so of street markets (‘cause it’s already so cheap!). The summer sales tie in with Hong Kong Tourism Board Festival so be sure to grab the guidebook from the Tourism Board to get some coupons and snag vouchers from information desks at the malls too!

South Korea, Seoul (February)


Source: From our Alpha, Desiree!

With K-Beauty trending, we desperately want to get on the next plane to Seoul! Rich in culture, Seoul is a city that provides the best experience to tourists with their Korea Grand Sale. Not just for shopping, it´s a tourism festival that introduces quality Korean products, cultural experiences and includes a myriad of benefits such as discounts for attractions, accommodations and entertainment. The Koreans are really welcoming to foreigners!

 Japan, Tokyo (July, December to January)


Source: From our Alpha, Jon Phay!

A rule of thumb for sales globally, there´s always clearance sales near the end of summer and winter seasons which I’m sure everyone already knows! Tokyo, with its variety of streets selling a diversity of clothing, there’s definitely something for everyone. What’s interesting is that during the New Year season, Japanese have a culture of selling “Fukubukuro” (also known as mystery bag or lucky bag) where the merchants make grab bags filled with random items and sell them at a much lower rate! If you’re looking to travel to Japan during the end-year period, remember to look out for the Fukubukuro.

China (11 November, Single’s Day)


Source: From our Alpha, Ong Ai Leng!

If you’re not travelling near the end of the year, fret not as you’re definitely not missing out on the Single’s Day online sales that’s widely popular in China! Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma took this opportunity to create the biggest online sales on Tmall and Taobao. So fellow shoppers who’ve discovered the gem of Taobao, mark this date down on your calendar because everything is going to be cheaper than cheap.


Remember to keep the various sales season in mind when you’re planning your next trip out of Singapore! Do you have more shopping tips and tricks you’d love to share with us? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear them. That’s all we have for now!

Till then, have an awesome mid-week and just keep shopping, Churpers 🙂

Your Guide To Travel Planning This Holiday Season!

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It’s…..Spring time!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being surrounded by cherry blossoms, taking in the sweet aroma of flowers or being stranded in beach paradise, feeling the soft warm sand, while hearing waves crash against the shore. Bet you can’t wait to get out of Singapore already! I mean, come on the weather’s been cray in our little red dot…

Good news is that it’s still the holiday season and weather in places such as Japan, Bali, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam is splendid at this time of the year! Let us tempt you with more!

Cherry Blossom


Source: from our Alpha, Constance!

As many would know, March to April is Japan’s Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season! Witness the magical sight of these beautiful sakuras with your loved ones as they will be at their full bloom in early April! Can’t think of a creative pose? Get kooky and do the classic para-para dance with the sakuras blooming in the background!


Source: from our Alpha, Jon Phay!

The best time to travel to Bali is from April to June and September! Accommodations and shops offer more discounts during this mid-season and what’s more, the place is less crowded too! You’ll find fewer photo-bombers in your photos.

Aside from Bali, the perfect beach destinations in Asia this season are *drumrolls* Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam! April is one of the best months to frolic in the sun at Tangalla Beach in Sri Lanka, snorkel at one of the many islands in Cebu and unwind at Non Nuoc  Beach in Danang.


There are lots to do in Sri Lanka besides hitting up the beach! Take a cultural walk through their temples and museums, be in touch with wildlife at their national parks (there’s so many to choose from!) and sightsee around the bustling streets of Colombo.


Danang, the fourth largest city in Vietnam, offers unique attractions that bring the best of South Central Vietnam to you. Climb up the steps of Marble Mountains to witness the panoramic views across Non Nuoc Beach or China Beach, explore their series of caves and tunnels and educate yourself on the history of Marble Mountains! Delve in the cultural side of Danang as you ride (or hike!) up to Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain for Linh Ung Pagoda, a divine attraction featuring a 67 meters-tall white statue of the Goddess of Mercy.

If you’re planning for a short vacation next month, we hope we’ve taken a load off your back! Take this time to venture into these countries for a different travel experience. But before we leave you to share this with your friends … probably one of the most important part of travelling is packing! We asked some of our Alphas to give you an insight into their top 5 travel essentials. Soooo here goes!



Desiree shared with us on the nitty gritties that makes a difference when travelling!

  1. Camera –  to document and share what I’ve experience on my social media platforms
  2. Jewelry box to hold my earrings –  this tiny box makes earring switching up a lot easier (psst.. you can get this from Daiso!)
  3. Comb from Tangle Teezer –  my hair gets tangled really easily, so this is a life saver
  4. Make up Bag from Muji –  holding my favourite skin and make up essentials
  5. Earpiece –  cannot live without my music when I travel. It also drowns out the noise on board


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Aside from the usual photo-taking, Cee puts in even more effort when capturing her vacations! Lusting over her marble macbook skin? Go get it from her very own e-store!

  1. My cameras, of course. A regular DSLR and a polaroid to capture extra special moments.
  2. My tech stuff! If I’m travelling for long periods of time, I will bring my laptop along so I can reply to emails and edit on the go. I also need a trusty power bank because I’m always taking photos on my phone thus the battery runs out really quickly.
  3. A pair of basic black sunglasses that will match any outfit.
  4. Makeup, for sure! I usually buy a new perfume for every trip because I believe scents can help take you back in time. For example, when I’m back in Singapore and I use the same scent I get reminded of my vacation. I also bring along a neutral lip colour that will also go with any outfit, an extra hydrating one if I’m going to colder countries.
  5. A backpack! I prefer to travel with backpacks as I usually carry a lot of things with me (and also because cameras are heavy!) I bring along a small crossbody bag for when I am just running to the mall to grab food.

Oh and lastly, my passport!



Jason recently visited Bangkok, a city frequented by many Singaporeans. How did he make his way through the Land of Smiles?

  1. Camera + tripod – My tools used for bringing the stories back home. Love capturing moments of Limaran (Aww so sweet (love eye emoji))
  2. Shades – They sure come in handy in the sun blazing BKK
  3. Travel adapter – To get all my gadgets charged and ready to go
  4. Passport – The best stories of your life is found in this tiny book
  5. Google map – Where there’s Google map, there’s a way… Well sorta



When Jie Hui isn’t busy baking at Goobycakes, she enjoys a holiday filled with sun, sand and sea!

  1. Shades – Shades are important cos they protect your eyes from harmful sun rays! A bit shy to admit, but I got these heart-shaped shades from Minitoons when I was still a secondary school student HAHAHA! I really liked this pair & I’ve been bringing it along with me for years! It was an awesome ice breaker when I met some villager kids in Bintan! 😉
  1. Underwater Camera – My favourite kind of vacations involved lots of chill time exploring islands, beaches & marine life so some time last year, I decided to invest in a proper camera that can go into the water! After asking around for suggestions on Dayre (huge thanks to the ever helpful community!), I finally got the Nikon AW 120! It costs only $429 but takes super legit underwater shots! Brought it along for my Bali trip last year!
  1. Waterproof Bag – Got my Karana Ocean Pack from a local sports shop during my Phuket trip years ago after my best friend recommended it to me. We were there during Songkran; locals splashed water at anyone and everyone so this was a life-saver when we were out on the streets! If you like to do water sports or visit the beach, this is a good way to keep your important belongings safe and dry. Mine is the smallest size – 5 liters, but it is good enough for me to bring along my passport, camera, phone, wallet, bottle of water & even an extra set of clothes when I went on a snorkeling trip!
  1. Travel pillow – I’m the type that needs to hug something when I sleep HAHA. Since I can’t bring my Gooby with me when I travel, I bring along my favourite watermelon travel pillow. Got it for like $5 from Cotton On! What a steal hehe. It’s a really nice size to hug (similar to Gooby lolol) & the best thing is, I can easily squeeze it into my luggage! If it doesn’t fit, I’ll gladly hand-carry it too cos it’s so cute! #notshy
  1. Extra Luggage Can’t stress on the importance of an extra luggage especially if you’re going to a shopping destination like Thailand or Korea! I usually buy lots of local snacks for family and friends so an empty bag/luggage would come in handy for packing the bulky boxes of food! If you’re not particular about the brand, you can get cheap ones at the local street markets! They come in all kinds of sizes and colours; I had such a hard time choosing mine in Seoul hehe. I totally take shopping very seriously. 😉



A well-prepared traveller makes a good travel buddy! Carrie shares with us on how she preps for a trip!

  1. iPhone – What a great device right? All the information at my fingertips. I still remember back when there was no smartphone and I would write down all my itinerary / spots to visit / maps in a notebook or print them out and carry them around. But now, with an iPhone, I don’t even have to prepare for a trip. And I like that I can still work on my music on the go! iPhone takes great picture with ultra fast start up too! As much as I looooove my compact camera, sometimes I still shoot with my iPhone bcause it’s always in my hands.
  1. Local sim card  This is very very very important for me because I like to spontaneously change my travel plan! So I need to be able to search the map, search yelp, or even change my air tickets as I travel.
  1. Medicine pouch (including Vit C) It’s easy to catch a bug during travels and I like to be prepared!
  1. A Good pair of Walking Shoes There’s too much walking when you are traveling to be wearing anything uncomfortable! I’m just glad I found a pair of white sneakers from Topshop that matches EVERYTHING and is super duper comfortable.
  1. My Favourite Instant Coffee – I HAVE to start every day with a cup of coffee. I can’t function without that first cup. But I wouldn’t want to have to spend time hunting for that first cup every morning in foreign land, so I bring my own! Yes, I’m an addict!!! If you are an addict like me, please bring your own coffee, your travel companions will thank me!


Hope you’re all packed and ready to go forth and embark on your next adventure! Till next time, Churpers! 🙂