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Women: 100 MANifesto: sign it, share it, do it

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“A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.” – Loretta Young

What is it about the softness in a woman’s articulation, the complexity in her emotions, the protective maternal instincts over everything around her, the humility in her actions and the strength in her eyes that makes a woman both strong and vulnerable at the same time?

Women’s suffrage is firmly entrenched as a right by the United Nations and many countries have adopted legislation that accord women every right that their male counterparts are entitled to. Yet, while laws and regulations are one thing, concrete and enduring change requires a shift in attitudes from the ground up.

Will YOU join the movement?

Will YOU be that change for the women that you treasure and love?

Naz Rahman – Celebrity Ambassador (Actor & TV Personality)

In conjunction of celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day, as a proud online media partner, ChurpChurp would like to call upon YOU to celebrate, embrace and appreciate women in more ways than one, and we want you to showcase your support by signing the MANifesto and follow through weekly challenges and pledges in Women : 100’s site ; http://manifesto.my/ and once you’ve completed the challenges, you will then pursue the next week’s and so on, and win weekly prizes!

Starting from March 8, Kakiseni, along with a host of local venues and the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development will showcase a series of performances inspired by women – strong  stories, thoughts, experiences and the issues that revolve around them presenting one hundred hours of performing arts across Malaysia in tribute of women.

Churp Churp invites you to take part in this empowering campaign in supporting and celebrating women. Sign the MANifesto to be an active part in this campaign to raise awareness on love, appreciate and to empower women. You are entitled to win lucky draw prizes and join the cast of “Life Sdn Bhd: Abuse” in signing the commitment to support women in Malaysia.

Press Launch of MANifesto at Actor Studio (Low Ngai Yuen – Kakiseni & Kal Joffress – Tandemic & Jessie Ying)

There will be ongoing live plays (theatrical) giveaways from ChurpChurp – so follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/churp2  to find out how to win these tickets and be active in this campaign 🙂

Or, if you’d like to catch the shows – Check out all the shows at KakiSeni and RSVP your attendance today! 🙂

Have a deep dark secret that you wish you could share it to the world yet, still be able to hide yourself from all the brutal judgement and mean assumptions from the world? Try PostSecret.

Share your secret by submitting them online at http://postsecret.my as part of the Women : 100 effort in the Women: 100 campaign.

We appreciate your great support 🙂


Go Red For Women (Singapore)

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The Singapore Heart Foundation launched the Go Red For Women (GRFW) campaign to empower women with knowledge and tools to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. This month-long nationwide campaign is in its sixth year in Singapore!

AND… Churp Churp is proud to be the Official Social Media sponsor for this year’s Go Red For Women campaign! *fluffs feathers*

The main event, the GRFW Picnic Day, comprising of  healthy mass picnic and kite flying, will provide an occasion to tell ladies of the fun and easy lifestyle options to live healthily. Red kites will be given out to the first 500 attendees and one large custom-made red dress kite will be flown by professional kite-flyers from Singapore Kite Association. Be entertained by fun and games and great performances by local bands such as King Kong Jane and The Next Movement. There will be booths set up to conduct health checkups. We will be there as well so come along and soak up the fun!

GRFW Picnic Day

Date: 20 March 2011

Time: 3pm

Venue: Open field outside Farmway LRT, SengKang

You can show your support by tweeting about the GRFW Picnic Day!

Include in your tweet

1. #gored4womensg

2. http://bit.ly/fWNDO1

And (a) get your followers to retweet your tweet or (b) share some heart facts with your followers!

To show our support for #gored4womensg and for you to win great prizes, we’ve two contests running!

  • Get your followers to retweet your tweets! Top Churpers with the most retweets win:

1st Prize: $100

2nd prize: 5 x TAUT collagen drink

3rd Prize: Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue after five Eau de Parfum Spray (30ml)

Consolation: 5 x $5 Frolick Voucher

  • Best Heart Fact wins!

1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: 1 box TAUT collagen mask

3rd Prize: Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue after five Eau de Parfum Spray (30ml)

Consolation: 5 x $5 Frolick Voucher

Spread the message and show your support too!

See you there!!!

Nuffnang – Churpchurp Connect (SINGAPORE!)

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Hello Churpers!

We have something new to aid in convenience! You can now connect to your Nuffnang account with a few clicks!

So here as a Churper, you are rewarded for sharing on all your social media platforms llike Twitter, Facebook, IM and any many others. On Nuffnang, you are able to monetise your blogs! PLUS, get invited to movie premiere screenings, exclusive parties and whole lot of fun gatherings and contests! All exclusive to Nuffnangers only!

Now, you can toggle between the two websites without the hassle of signing in twice!

Here’s how to do it!
1. Log in to your Churp Churp account.

2. Sign in with your details

3. Hover over “Nuffnang (Link now)” and click “Nuffnang Singapore”!

4. It will lead to this page below. Sign in to your Nuffnang account.

5. And you’re done!

Now you can log in to your Nuffnang account with Churp Churp, and vice versa! Convenience is something we all love! Try it out for yourselves, and if you are not a Nuffnang member yet, sign up now at http://nuffnang.com.sg!

Introducing ChurpChurp Connects!

   Category: Announcement, Support |

About a month ago, we introduced to you our sister, Nuffnang – possibly the coolest online blogging community around and how you can get more rewards through your blogs and get privileges to attend the awesomest community events around.

ChurpChurp on the other hand, is all about rewarding you for sharing the latest insights on the current events, trends and gadgets across all your social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, mySpace, Friendster – everywhere you want to!

Today, being part of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp has gotten so much easier simply by connecting Nuffnang to ChurpChurp in your account with one easy step! Yup, that means more easy rewards! w00ts!

All you have to do is browse to the top bar and click “Link Now” option :

You will be directed to this page and proceed to Signing In :

Then you’re done and connected!

You can now log in to your Churp Churp account through Nuffnang and vice versa – browsing  becomes so much easier and convenient!

Try it yourself and integrate today! Register at http://www.nuffnang.com.my today if you’ve yet to be part of this big family!


Jipaban – Your Personal Online Shopping Mall

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Have you ever imagine what life would be like if you by choice could skip road jam, avoid moisty human traffic, avoid squeezing in tiny dress in an already tiny dressing room, and more tangled hassle when you’re out shopping on a precious weekend?

As cliche as this sounds, search no more my friend! Here’s how you can optimize your shopping experience, all set and done online;

Say hello to Jipaban – your one stop online shopping mall.

First launched 6 months ago in Singapore, Jipaban is one of our sister companies and has been a favourite to both shoppers and retailers ever since. And NOW, we’re bringing it to Malaysia! Weee, shopping can now also be done productively online!

Every shopping mall has it’s own uniqueness and here are some of the unique features on why you should be part of the awesomeness that is – Jipaban:

1. You could personalize your own shopping mall!

While the whole world wide web allows you to hop from one blogshop to another and lets you discover some diamonds in the rough amongst all that, Jipaban is all about housing the best of thebest online shops out there under the same site! Yup, once you found all of these best shops, you could virtually arrange the levels and layers of all these shops based on the categories and labels you prefer. Clothes, shoes, cosmetics – entirely up to your fancy. Oh my.

2. Convenience, convenience, convenience.

One of the best part about Jipaban’s shopping experience is it’s convenience. We’ve experienced it ourselves that when we’ve locked down on our favourite items from an online blogshop, we’re required to do a couple of detailed steps to email the blogshop owners, including – keying in your details, items’ number, our postal address, imagine our emails don’t get through and whatnot, and then look through for more items again, and.. Emailing the blogshop owners back and forth can be quite taxing at times especially if you have so many things you’d like to look into. But with Jipaban! *rays of sunlight*, payment terms and online shopping are easier!

Firstly, select your delivery method,

Secondly, select your preferred payment method. Fill in all the necessary details,

Then you’re done! All what’s left to do is to wait for your magical parcel to arrive to your doorstep. Payment methods accepted include bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Easy peasy.

3. Tell your friends what you want, what you wish for, or what you REALLY don’t want ; Egg it, smash it or wish it!

Just like updating your Facebook, letting your friends know that you want a pair of RayBan Sunglasses for Christmas is like inviting cheeky comments such as ; ‘I hope your boyfriend sees this’, or ‘OMG it’s gonna look cool on you’ or rather ‘Which one are you thinking of?’.

Or how hard it is to ask opinion from your friends when you’re shopping at your convenience from your home – when they’re all scattered around, and NOT near you? Well Jipaban lets you do just that! With the egg it or smash it feature, Jipaban allows you to invite your friends’ opinions and suggestions on the items that you’ve shared with them.

You can add it to your Egg-on list and let your friends vote whether you’d like to “Egg-on” or “Smash” it! For wish list, you could also share your favourite items and well hope that your friends and family gets the HINT 😛

4. Link Jipaban to your Facebook and Twitter account

Your Jipaban shopping activities will appear on your newsfeed and well, encourages you and your friends to talk about your items.

Being part of Jipaban helps you out as a whole! As an entrepeneur in the online shopping industry, if you are more interested in setting up your business empires – Jipaban is perfect for you! Don’t worry about the best layout design you can custom for your readers and shoppers, your traffic site and among a million and one things to think about like deliveries, marketing efforts – Jipaban takes care of all of that FOR YOU. From marketing efforts, to shops development and assistance – Jipaban is THE answer.

So check out http://www.jipaban.com to experience the awesomeness of online shopping yourself, follow Jipaban on http://www.twitter.com/jipaban and ‘Like’ them on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Jipaban

Here are the two videos for ;

For Retailers ;

For Shoppers :

Now let’s SHOP!


When games meet carnival – CommFest @ Taylor’s University! !

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Sports and fun always go hand in hand. Sweat it out, while playing it out!

Be part be of Taylor’s University’s biggest games and carnival festival at the gorgeous lakeside campus! Join us at CommFest for some awesome games (they have Zorbing!) in MassColympics and check out the dance-off at the Media Carnival!

CommFest is an event by the School of Communication in Taylor’s University that has two major events ongoing; Mass Colympics and Media Carnival! Aiming to bring together Taylor’s University’s students as well as the public, CommFest comprises of Communication students that love to express freely in the form of  arts and sports! Dance off for the adrenaline rush junkie!

*bounce, bounce*

Jointly organized by proPassion Communications, a student Public Relations consultancy by Semester 6, Diploma in Communication students, and LIFE consisting of Semester 4, Diploma in Communication students, be prepared to have an awesome day out and take part in all the exciting games as well as witness some of the best youth dance groups in town!


Date: Friday, October 29, 2010

Time : 8.30AM – 3PM

Venue: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Bandar Sunway

More details! :


· Amazing Race

· Fear Factor

· Dodgeball Tournament

· Sideline Games (Inflatables)

· Gladiator

· Sticky Fly Wall

· Demolition

· 4-in-1 Rodeo

· Zorbing

· Martial Art Performance

Media Carnival

· FEELosophy Dance Competition – FINAL ROUND (10 contestants)

· Special Dance Performance by Elecoldxhot and Mustang Crew

· Concert gig by Bus Company

· Food and clothes bazaar


If you’re interested to take part or prowling for more information on CommFest – head to http://www.commfest.blogspot.com or follow them on Twitter here! Some of our fellow Churpers will be there to join in the fun! 😉



“Spread the Love & Get Rewarded” contest is a wrap!

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Here’s a big thank you shout out to all of you!

We have been fortunate enough to have all of you strong supporters out there spreading the love for ChurpChurp to your friends, families and loved ones all over the social media platforms! We have now welcomed more friends to the community, all thanks to your generous support!

As we wrap this up, we’d like to let you guys know that we’ll announce the winner of #SpreadTheLove contest next week so do stay tuned!

‘Till then, keep on spreading the love!

*virtual hug*


Freeze Tiger Trade!

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Nope, we’re not talking about freezing tigers, locking yourself in the freezer, chucking down ice-blendeds for a few weirdly euphoric seconds of brain freeze or anything alike (…though you could?) – we’re talking about putting an end to the violent tiger trade! There is so much we can do to save these jungle friends of ours, and let us make this a call to stop to violent trading tigers!


How and for what specifically, you may ask?

This is in conjunction with the World Tiger Day this July 29 and we want our voices to be heard on putting an end to tiger trades!

Poor tiger and their families 🙁


World leaders will be at the Tiger Summit in Russia this September 2010, and we want you to take part in this movement and express your love for our furry feline Malayan Tigers! Together we can garner massive attention from this Freeze Flash Mob!

Check out the video by WWF Malaysia on tiger trade :

Let’s do our part – say NO to Tiger Trade. Double the number of Tigers by 2022!

So make yourself available this July 30 (Friday). As the rest of the details… well you’d have to constantly check back at http://bit.ly/aMru0Z for clues! *zips mouth*

Well, it is a flash mob freeze after all!


(oops, we mean, SEE)


Latest change in Twitter

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Dear Churpers,

Two days ago, Twitter released an announcement on an upcoming change in their Terms of Service. This update states that there will be a change in their API guidelines for their policy on in-stream advertising. What this means is that third party applications will not be able to publish tweets on your behalf.

Right now the way ChurpChurp works is that once you submit your paid tweets into our system, they will be queued for approval process. Once approved, we will automatically publish the tweets for you. This process will have to change because we all love Twitter and we want to comply with the rules they set.

What will the change be? Twitter maintains that all of your tweets belong to you and they do not seek to control them. There are no prohibitions on tweeting advertisements and commercials from your account by your own free will, so long as that these tweets are not automated through an API.

We are in the midst of making the changes on our end and will proceed once Twitter announces the new official Terms of Services in detail so we know the rules we should be abiding by.

As for now all campaigns assigned to you will continue to run and business will continue as usual so yes, you can still earn from your tweets. Yay! Twitter Rocks!

We’ll let you know when the changes come.

Thanks for your support Churpers!


ChurpChurp Blogs Too

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Dear Churpers,

Welcome to the brand new ChurpChurp blog! We take communication with you Churpers very seriously, so this is where we’ll be keeping you updated about the latest upgrades, new features, events and anything else going on in the ChurpChurp community. Do check in on the blog regularly as there’s always something going on at ChurpChurp. In fact, there’s a movie preview coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Until then, happy Churping!