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4 Social Media Trends to look out for in 2017!

We regularly question and discuss around this topic: What will the future of social media look like? You might already be familiar with the way our social media industry has changed in 2016 — several new features added, a change in consumer preferences etc. Looking forward into 2017, we have analyzed and narrowed down a few of the social media trends that you should keep your eye on this New Year!


  1. The rise of live video content


It is clear that there is now a real shift in social media storytelling. As seen from the success of YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live etc., live video content is now prioritized as the authentic way to connect with followers and it has gathered more engagement than any other content format. Even news sources nowadays are beginning to cite Facebook Live for real-time coverage of major events! More developments that you should get excited about would be Live 360 on Facebook that was recently launched, whereby viewers can totally immerse in the surroundings of what they watch — even from behind their screen.

Last month, Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Charlotte Lum, has also hopped onto the bandwagon and did an interactive Q&A using Facebook Live on Nuffnang´s Facebook page! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/livexcharlotte


  1. The Battle of the Artificial Intelligence lenses & filters

From the iconic (or perhaps, over-used?) dog filters to puking rainbows, there is no doubt that Snapchat’s selfie lenses have created an overwhelming sensation in 2016.

And of course, we can expect other social media platforms to catch up with the trend and compete with these filters once unique to Snapchat. We have already seen Facebook experimenting with lenses and masks for their Facebook Live users, and we believe that the battle of the facial filters could really heat up in 2017!

Here are some of our Churp Churp Alphas & Bloggeratis by Nuffnang having fun with the Snapchat facial filters when they take selfies! ☺




  1. The Mainstreaming of Chatbots

Customer service through social media is huge already, but we believe that it would grow even bigger in 2017. The convenience of social media also means that people bring their complaints onto social media when they are on the go, without further hesitation. Any delay or unresponsiveness to these complaints on social media would reflect badly on the company! With this, more companies are turning to Chatbots to communicate with their customers or answer frequently asked questions. This allows customers to reach the assistance that they need faster and easier, rather than being placed on hold or having to wait for a returned email.


  1. Social Media Advertising becomes more powerful than it already is

Thankfully, the internet has given small and big businesses the opportunity to expand their sales volumes and reach out to their customer base even more effectively. People come onto social media to follow personalities as well as brands so engaging in social media advertising might just be one of the best moves you can do for your business this year!

Even brands such as Sony have worked with our Alpha, Brianna (@briannawonggg) to reach out to their target audience using social media campaigns!

Hope these social media trends gave you a head start to where your company´s marketing strategy should invest in and got you all geared up for what’s to come in the social media world in 2017.

We´re excited about new changes and trends this year and we hope you are too!

Till next time, Churpers 🙂

Top 5 Christmas Content Ideas for all you aspiring writers!

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As we draw closer to the festivities, we’re all too familiar with cracking our brains for festive content to put up on all our social media platforms. Just one week away to Christmas, everyone’s surfing the net looking for inspirations from outfits to gifts and if you’re stuck on the content to create this festive season, fret not because we’re here to give you some ideas and hopefully spark a light bulb moment for you 😉

Carry on reading for inspirations on what to write on your social media platforms for the coming festivities!

  1. Arrive stylishly to parties

What comes to mind when we think of Christmas and New Year? Parties! The first few thoughts that float around in most people’s mind when we talk about parties are “what should I wear?” and “how should I do up my hair/makeup?!”

Year-end parties are not just a great time for everyone to wind down, anticipate for the New Year and catch up with friends, but also to doll up and look their best!

Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Mong Chin, also known as Mongabong, did up an easy hair guide for any festive occasion so that you don’t have to get your hands twisted for a glamourous night out.


With five hair styles to choose from, mix and match the different styles with your outfit for a polished and sophisticated look!

We know how hard it is to recreate hair or make up tutorials just by reading so click in for Mongchin’s hair tutorial on Youtube where you can easily follow her tutorial step by step.

If you have your own styling tips that will be useful when it comes to dressing up this festive season, share about it on social media like Mong! Surely, someone in need of a fashion tip or two would be grateful 😉

  1. Indulge in good food this Christmas

After dolling up, the next thing on the list would be… FOOD! Indulge your readers with a few simple food recipes that are easy for them to recreate. You can even write about your home recipes so that we can all stuff ourselves in yummy food this festive season! People who are looking to host house parties or are attending a pot luck party will definitely keep a look out for food inspirations.

Our Alpha, Cee often shares quick recipes on her blog. She recently posted a yummy orange popcorn cupcake recipe that’ll be the star of any party.


Here is a simple recipe creating 12 cupcakes so that you can be on your way to serving Cee’s zesty popcorn confectionary:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C Line a muffin tin with paper cases.
  2. Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat until pale and fluffy.
  3. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into the bowl.
  4. Beat the eggs and vanilla and add to the bowl. Beat until just combined.
  5. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases.
  6. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes until risen, golden and firm to the touch.
  7. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

And the ingredients you require are:

  • 110 g butter, softened
  • 110 g caster sugar
  • 110 g plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

We can’t wait for Cee to share with us how her biscoff cake went!

  1. New Year Resolutions

As we approach the New Year, a popular blog content you can dish out is to write about your resolutions next year together with your highlights of the year. It’s not only interesting for your readers to know what you commit yourself to but also thought-provoking for you and your readers on whether you (and them) have actually fulfilled the current year’s resolution. Make it personal by celebrating your victories and struggles with your readers as every milestone will build a connection with your readers and let them understand you a little better.


You can include a timeless template for your readers to use. An example of a few New Year resolutions would be:

  1. Bad habits I’m going to break:
  2. I’m going to work harder at:
  3. A destination I’d like to visit:


Recounting on the year that has gone by is a good way to take stock of what you have accomplished and also be forward thinking in what you want to accomplish next! We personally love reading such posts, stay tuned to Tiq’s Dayre as she’ll be sharing her New Year resolutions soon 🙂

  1. Gift guides

It’s the season of giving and that means you get to be Santa! Though it’s a jolly role to play, some of us might find it stressful to gift the perfect present to their loved ones. If you are an excellent gift giver, come up with a gift guide to make shopping for presents an easier task for all of us!

You can challenge yourself by coming up with a variety of gift guides such as one for different groups of people, sticking to a colour theme or under a certain budget.


One gift guide that we enjoy reading this year is Audrey’s! Audrey shared the presents that she got for her boyfriend’s family and the thought behind it. If you’re running low on ideas on what to get for friends and family, check out Audrey’s version of a gift guide. May your Christmas shopping be fulfilling this year!

Audrey was also put in the hot seat in our monthly Feature Friday segment and she talked about how she will be spending Christmas this year, her favourite Christmas tunes and more.

  1. Christmas home decorations

If listening to Christmas playlist on repeat still doesn’t get you into the celebratory mood, one way to start hyping up for Christmas is to bring the decorations to your living space! Channel your creativity and share some festive home decors that are easy to do for your readers as not everyone has a flair for DIYs.


Especially in Singapore where we’re unable to fully soak in the Christmas mood with cold weather and Christmas markets, it will be great to be able to spruce up one’s room or home! Most useful for those who’re hosting a Christmas party, you can come up with ideas to create a great photo-worthy backdrop for guests. Time to put up the fairy lights and Christmas trees!



One cheeky decoration you can share with your readers is this fabric Mistletoe!

What you’ll need:

  • mistletoe template (available from source)
  • one sheet of green felt
  • sharpie or fabric pencil
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue or fabric glue
  • ribbon of your choice

Step 1: Print, cut and trace the mistletoe sprigs from the mistletoe template to the sheet of green felt. Do this more than once if you’d like a couple of mistletoes hanging on top of different areas to maximize the romance.

Step 2: Glue the stems and leaves where they overlap.

Step 3: Glue the cotton balls onto the mistletoe to resemble clusters of mistletoe berries.

Step 4: Tie a ribbon bow around the stems. Then, cut your desired length of ribbon to create a loop as a hanger. Glue it to the back.

There you have it, many smooch corners 😉


We know it is sometimes challenging to create content for your social media platforms so we hope these few ideas got your gears moving 🙂 Let us know what are your favourite topics to write about during the festive season!

Here’s wishing you a joyous Christmas, spent with the people who bring lots of happiness and love in your life from all of us here at Churp Churp.

6 things you NEED to know about Influencer Marketing

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Happy Tuesday! It’s been incredibly interesting reading all of your #WeLiveSocial stories on Dayre for the past weeks ☺ Though submissions for the best social media stories have ended, you could still share your story just for the fun of it and join us in the hashtag! While we were all writing on our social media stories, you probably thought about how much social media has changed over the past 10 years. Social media not only impacted our personal lives, it has also changed the way brands reach out to us. Though traditional marketing like newspaper and television advertisements are still widely popular, influencer marketing, on the other hand, has reached its peak in recent years. If you’re still unsure on what influencer marketing is all about… you need to get out of the rock you’re living under!

But it’s still not too late as we’re here to share with you the 6 things you need to know about influencer marketing to survive in this time and age. So, here goes!

1.The evolution of influencer marketing


Since 2011, influencer marketing spiraled into what we now deem as mainstream advertising. Ever since the rise of social media marketing in recent years, statistics have shown that the adoption of social media all around the world has skyrocketed and it’s no wonder that a couple of interesting personalities started to sprout and shine on these platforms we use regularly and from there, garner a good amount of following.

2.So what exactly is influencer marketing?

“It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.”  – Wikipedia


Who are your favourite influencers? Could you name a few online personalities that you resonate well with or look up to? Perhaps it could be that you admire their #ootds and follow them to gain fashion inspirations or it could be that you love the way they curate their feed with perfectly done up flatlays or seek their opinions on the latest beauty products.

So how do brands come into play? Brands are able to share their new launch by approaching these personalities you follow online to get them to talk about the products in their perspective! You are then introduced to the brand from someone that you admire and trust, and thus, feel more compelled to purchase it. Slowly, as the popularity of these personalities rises, so do their influence and that’s how the term “influencers” came about.

Want to know who some of our favourite influential people are? Read all about it on our Dayre!

3.Influencer marketing vs Traditional marketing

Now the challenge is… with all the various marketing solutions available, which marketing strategy is most suitable for a brand and gets the most ROI (Return of Investment)?



Influencer Marketing is a form of inbound marketing! If you ever feel like the ads nowadays are IN YOUR FACE… yup you’re right. Wherever you go, advertisements are everywhere and on the social media platforms you use.

Most importantly, partly why influencer marketing works is because:


– The right influencer endorses the brand

Brands don’t engage just any popular influencer with a high following. They look beyond the numbers. They look at their engagement rates by taking into consideration how many comments and likes the influencer gets, ensuring that their popularity is not bought.

– They know the audience they want to reach out to

By selecting an influencer with a specific type of followers, you know you’re getting your message across to the right people with the highest possibility of converting to sales!

– It’s more authentic than an ad

People trust people more than a beautifully curated advertisement that’s endorsed by celebrities who are paid thousands of dollars.

4.How to differentiate an ad with an honest review

But when brands pay influencers to talk about their products, isn’t it also an advertisement? Technically… it is. There are cases whereby the ad is sooo apparent that the influencer loses the trust of his/her followers. But those are extreme cases, most influencers stand by their principle of only endorsing a product or brand that they personally would pay for or don’t mind trying!

So how do you differentiate between an advertisement that the influencer feels nothing for VS an honest review?

By their captions 🙂

Source: Jiehui’s McDonald’s creation!

Alpha influencer, Jie Hui (@missgoob), enjoys all the McDonald’s and McCafe’s social media campaigns! She shares with us why in our latest Dayre post on our all-time favourite advertisements.

5.How important is it to stay authentic?

One question that has been popping up recently is the authenticity of the influencers. As they are becoming more commercialized, some of them might even lose themselves in the process of finding fame. Let’s hear it from our Alpha Tiq, Jamie and Samantha on their take of authenticity.

tiq authentic

Source: From our Alpha, Tiq!

As much as we deny it, an influencer is an Internet celebrity. And in this industry, to make sure you stand out, you have to be original. You can’t be doing every single thing others are doing. You have to keep evolving so brands can trust you enough to create unique content for them. You also need to stay true to yourself. Your personality is yours to keep, don’t change it.

Source: From our Alpha, Jamie!

Hmm… I think being and staying authentic has its importance, influencer marketing aside. Sometimes we forget that while we can reach many people on social media, we connect with people in real life too. Being authentic in appearance is easier than being so in mind. If we are only working on the former, the lack of the later easily reveals itself when we communicate with people on a daily basis and it erodes away the trust people have in you. Truth be told, influencing people is a wonderful thing but I guess we must not forget that it should not be an empty expression. People do use/buy products according to recommendations of influencers. To me, it’s sort of a relationship between the influencer and his/her followers and it’s an important one whereby influencer marketing is founded upon.

Source: From our Alpha, Samantha!

Everyone is unique in their special way and that’s what attracts people to you. Always stay authentic because nobody wants to see something that has been done before.

6.Alphas’ thoughts on influencer marketing

Want to know what our Alphas feel about influencer marketing? You know your side of the story so what do the people who have been engaged for social media campaigns think about it?


I’ve seen a lot of backlash on influencer marketing recently. Sometimes you can’t blame these viewers because I’ve seen so many influencers taking up jobs that are wrong or doesn’t suit them at all. But this is the new technique of marketing and you can’t deny that it’s useful because it works. No matter how some people hate it, it’s here to stay. And it will keep changing so people need to keep up.



I think it’s great that it helps companies and brands to achieve a more personal touch to getting product and service information to its customers. From a consumer point of view it’s definitely more relatable to see an influencer using and recommending a product, than watching a demonstration through a superstar advertisement. I guess influencer marketing fills the gap between consumers and advertisements. If the right people are engaged, it brings us closer to the ideal of honest marketing too


Can you imagine catching all of the Pokémons from the comfort of your home? That’s what influencer marketing is about. We show you what we love while you do your favourite activity – browsing through social media on the go and at home.

We hope we managed to drop you some insights into influencer marketing. That’s all the time we have as we’re busy getting ready for Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary party later on! Join us on Netccentric’s social media page where they’ll be streaming live from the event.

See ya there! 😉

The new, reimagined Churp Churp site!

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Saying goodbye is always hard, but change is necessary because new is ALWAYS better.

So let us all bid goodbye to the old, outdated Churp Churp website, and welcome the newly revamped ChurpChurp.com!


What do you think? AMAZING isn’t it? This is our cleanest, sleekest and most elegant design yet, and we’re really proud of it!

Check out how much we’ve improved since the beginning of time (okay maybe since Churpie was born):

We’ve also made sharing campaigns easier and cleaner too, with straight-to-the-point, step by step guides for you Churpers!

Once you’ve shared campaigns and earn some moolah, click over and check out some of our new features:

1. Discover Page

Our Discover Page has gone from cool to AWESOME! Now you can view multiple interesting posts at one go!

2. About Us

Who or what is ChurpChurp? How big is our community? What do we actually DO?! Find out all you need to know here at the ‘About Us’ page!

3. Alphas

Alphas unite! Say hello to our new and sleek Alpha page!

4. Advertise

Keen to work together with Churp Churp? Check out our Advertise page where we walk you through Churp Churp with info graphs and case studies!

We have A LOT more new features, so feel free to explore the newly redesigned site yourself right here: www.churpchurp.com.

5. Our very own Churp Churp SG Facebook Page

We now have our very own Churp Churp SG Facebook Page! Like our page to follow our daily updates as well as upcoming events!

To celebrate our new site revamp and new Facebook Page, we have decided to give away 3 Churpie plushies to you guys!


1. Like our Facebook Page

2. Tell us which of the updated features in the new Churp Churp site is your favourite and why on our Page.

Example: For us, we love ALL the new features! the new Discover Page because we can see all the awesome posts at once now!

The 3 best comments will each win one Churpie plushie so type away now!

We hope you’re as excited about the makeover as we are! Share this exciting change with all your friends (invite them to join Churp Churp too!) on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let’s hashtag all the updates with #TheNewChurp2 – The new chapter of Churp Churp.

New App – The Ultimate Friend Test

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Have hundreds of friends on Facebook? How many of them do you actually know well? Challenge yourself now with The Ultimate Friend Test and see how well you score against your friends! Find out how well you know your “friends” by answering questions from their Facebook profiles!

Know who are your friends’ idols, birthdays, schools that they have attended or things that they like? Pick a friend that you’d like to challenge against and 4 mutual friends that you’d like to answer questions on.

Too easy for you? Get these expansion packs to unlock questions of a high level! It’s all free if you download it now!

The app is now available in App Store and Google Play. Download and find out if you’re The ULTIMATE Friend now!

Photo sharing social mobile app alternatives, other than Instagram

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Are you addicted to Instagram?

Let me confess… I am!

When it’s one of the first few apps you check the first thing every morning, you know you are definitely hooked. And there are many Insta-addicts out there other than me.

That is why when Instagram decided to update their Terms of Use last December that might compromise users’ rights of their photo, it caused a huge uproar online and everyone freaked out.

Thankfully, that was just a false alarm as Instagram later clarified that “nothing has changed about your photos’ ownership or who can see them.” Which you can find out more here.

Given that, it is still interesting to explore other photo-based social networking alternatives and see what they offer outside of Instagram.

Here are 3 other alternatives that we’ve picked!

1.    Twitter


On December 2012, Twitter rolled out their new photo-editing feature as an improvement to their previous function of simply capturing an image and posting it onto a user’s twitter feed. Currently, there are eight filters to choose from and you’re able to zoom and crop the picture inside the Twitter app as well. This feature definitely makes it easier for Twitter users who enjoy editing photos and sharing them with their followers. Pretty handy for frequent Twitter users!

2.    Flickr


Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site has long introduced their mobile app back in 2009 for iPhone and 2011 for Android. However lately, they too, released an update to the current Flickr app in December 2012. So what’s up? This update includes changing the browsing interface (to somewhat like that of Instagram) and adding 15 different filters for users to play with. We love the fact that it allows us to share the edited image onto multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Instagram! Also, we find it cute that the filters are named after animals like Panda, Iguana and Mammoth!

3.    Pinterest


Everyone’s favourite “virtual pinboard”, Pinterest, has an app for it as well! Users have always loved Pinterest for its highly visual nature. With this app, you can now take photos and create a pin from it to share with their friends on the go. Other than that, the app allows you to view images of the people you follow, comment, “like” and re-pin it onto one of your pinboards all from your mobile phone! Currently, users are not able to edit photos from the app but if you have been using it for quite some time, it’s definitely more convenient for you to browse, like, comment and re-pin photos. Beautiful pictures, an active community, ability to organise your pictures and allows you to share them on Facebook and Twitter… We like that!

A quick search on google tells us that there are more photo sharing mobile apps out there so share with us your favourite photo-sharing site or let us know what you think about these 3 apps that we’ve just shared!