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#FeatureFriday – Missgoob….or Mrs?

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Happy Friday! With the release of Logan and Beauty and the Beast, we’ve been busy hitting the cinemas getting caught up in the different universes 🙂 As for our Featured Alpha of the Month, Jie Hui – more commonly known as MissGoob, she’s been busy living her own love story that she often shares on Dayre. Just recently, she got engaged to her beloved Ah Pei and she shares with us more about her relationship, career and of course, some memorable moments that she shared with her dog, Gooby!



  1. Hey Jie Hui, hope all’s been good for you! For the new viewers that want to know more about you, tell us how you would describe yourself as a person.

Hello everyone! Yes I’ve been well thank you! I honestly think I am very…ordinary. I go to work, have a dog, spend time with my loved ones, eat a lot… HAHA. I am a very easy going person; I am easily contented with things in life. My fiancé Ahpei always marvels at how simple things like eating Yong Tau Foo or watching a sunset can make me so happy lolol. I love love love nature! Especially trees. When I feel stressed or when I’m dealing with messy thoughts, I take a walk to get my much-needed nature therapy. It helps to clear my mind. The longest I’ve walked was 5 hours plus, from Bishan to my then-home in Woodlands!

I am also very very emotional. Tears come easily for me when I watch sad films or even when I say bye to Ahpei at the end of an amazing date night sigh. Or when he is really nice to me and I feel touched lololol. I cry to relieve stress, I get attached to things like objects, plants, animals; I even name my laptop & the stray cats in my neighbourhood hahaha.


  1. Tell us a motto that you live by.

No ragrets.

I really really believe that life has no time for regrets, and we should always pursue our dreams. They can be big dreams like starting your own business (which was what I did), or little dreams like eating a pizza all by yourself. Haven’t achieved that though! But someday I will.


  1. We love keeping up with your Dayre, and we saw that you got engaged on Valentine’s Day! Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! How did you know that your fiancé, Ah Pei is the right one for you? 16464119_1943087612578277_876474869447917568_n

Thank you! 🙂 To be honest I wasn’t very sure at first.

When we first started dating, I was very unsure about us, because of self-esteem issues. I felt very inferior in terms of physical appearance compared to Ahpei (since he’s a Navy regular and I’m this bigger-than-normal girl lolol) but he never once minded my physical flaws or extra folds of fats, and loved me all the same.

It took some time for me to open my heart and fully let him in (HENG HE NV GIVE UP LOL), but I’m so glad I did. This journey has been nothing but amazing; Ahpei taught me how to love and receive love, and most importantly, to love myself.

He always tells me that I’m beautiful (although probably only in his eyes hahaha) and that I’m good, I’m enough. I always roll my eyes at him or laugh his words off as a joke, but deep inside I’m really very thankful for his constant assurance and how he accepts me for who I am :’)


  1. How would you describe your relationship with Ah Pei? 17077670_393898154305395_2649268821835120640_n

My relationship with Ahpei… is a miracle to me. From how we met, got together, got engaged… I really can’t thank guanyinma enough for how things turned out. I’ve never dated anyone before Ahpei but he is really worth the 27-year wait. He is the sweetest, filial, traditional, caring, understanding, supportive and gets along well with my family & Gooby. I can’t ask for more!

Other than that, our relationship is probably just like any other couple’s?? I don’t know haha. I don’t think we are any more special than others. A lot of people leave comments on Dayre to say we are ‘relationship goals’ or ‘diabetes-inducing’ lolol and we are always super amused by that haha. I honestly think every love story is beautiful in their own way, so is ours


  1. Describe your ideal wedding! 

My ideal wedding is one where I’m marrying Ahpei. I’ll be wearing sneakers, a dress I can breathe in, no crazy make-up and hair done, and I will look like myself HAHAHA. Our loved ones, my bestfriends & Gooby will be around. The wedding will be held at Saizeriya and all of us will feast on good pastas & pizzas. This is my ideal wedding but I asked Ahpei already and he said cannot.


  1. We also really love your baking creations! What sparked the interest in you to start baking & eventually turn it into your career?  17334228_1823567234562102_2618806079093473280_n

I kind of stumbled into baking after I finished university! I didn’t want to enter the corporate world immediately after my studies, much to my dad’s dismay. I wanted to learn a skill, any skill. I didn’t know how to bake, so I went for an interview at a bakery (without my dad knowing lolol) and amazingly I got the job.

After a month of monotonous baking, I craved for something more creative. So I quit my job & started reading up on cake decorating and started baking from home. I made my family eat so much cake HAHA. It wasn’t an easy journey; my dad wasn’t supportive of my baking and wanted me to work in an office. But I knew I didn’t belong in one.

We made a pact to let me try this baking thing for one year. If it fails, I’ll write my resume and go to work lol. Fortunately for me, things worked out nicely and I started Goobycakes within a year of baking at home. Never looked back since!


  1. What challenges do you face when running your own business & how did you overcome them? 

The main challenge would be work-life balance. I used to work so hard, I didn’t have enough rest. I worked 7 days a week; sometimes I’d leave the shop at 11pm and start again the next day at 7am. It was crazy. I realised I lost a lot of time with my family, friends, and I didn’t have a life. I even started to hate my work, and that was when I realised I needed to let go a bit.

It was hard to reject customers, since every order is potential income. But I knew I had to make time for the things and people who matter, and for myself too; that cannot be calculated with money!


  1. Can you share with us the most memorable moment(s) that you had with Gooby, your miniature schnauzer?  16585497_612014502328197_1923968932826316800_n

Our first meeting will always be a fond memory. We adopted him from a friend of my mum’s, who owns a pet shop. Gooby was already 5 months old and rather large in size, and no one wanted to buy him cos he suffered from really horrible dandruff issues, and he was already adult-looking and not cute anymore. Even I didn’t think he was cute too HAHA.

But we adopted him anyway, and on the journey home, Gooby puked on me, twice, cos the poor boy suffered from car sickness!! I was so grossed out. Gooby was very wary of me initially, and he was so hard to train as a puppy! But puppies need lots of love and patience before they can trust us. It took months but Gooby slowly let me into his world & started to warm up to me! The first time he allowed me to pick him up and hug him was one of the happiest day of my life!

Another memory is not so fond, but still very very memorable. That was when Gooby suffered from a slipped disc and got paralysed in both his hind legs last year. It was a very hard time for us, because Gooby’s condition had complications and he suffered so much before he eventually went for the surgery. So glad he pulled through though!!

He was such a fighter throughout the recovery process :’) He can’t walk normally like he used to; he limps a bit but he never stops trying to run around the house, especially to me when I come through the door every day  He still give me lots of kisses & we always cuddle together after a long day. Just this enough is worth every cent of the 12k I spent on the vets HAHAHA.


  1. How have you changed as a person when we first interviewed you for Feature Friday in early 2014 until now?15538261_259557687793100_3535112067222601728_n

I don’t think I’ve changed much, except I’ve met the love of my life and am now happily engaged!


  1. Last but not least, where do you see yourself 5 years down the road?  

I hope to be living in my own house, that’s the number one most important goal I want to achieve. I also hope that Goobycakes will be more or less doing well so I can have more time with my laogong, aging parents, Gooby and maybe my baby!


We know you just came back from Phuket and have been quite busy recently, so thank you for taking time out to have a chat with us! We loved catching up with you 🙂

Do remember to check out Jie Hui’s social media platforms & Dayre!

That’s all that we have for today. Have a great weekend, Churpers! 🙂

It’s not too late to wrap up the best of 2016!

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We say this all the time, but TIME REALLY FLIES! In a blink of an eye, here we are, done and dusted with 2016 and near the end of the second month of 2017 already. Still, it’s not too late to reminisce over the happenings in 2016 as we recount the highlights and reflect on all the fun moments that we had here at Churp Churp 🙂



Started the year off by invading Royal Caribbean with our Alphas, Jon, Jie Hui, Brenda and Vera as we travelled to Langkawi and Penang 🙂 We were onboard for 5 days and with plenty of activities for us to do, we simply couldn’t be happier! #TheRoyalChurpSGInvasion

We blogged the whole experience on Churp Churp’s Dayre here at bit.ly/churpxroyalcarribean if you want to find out more!


In February, Brenda  & Jie Hui enjoyed their very own Valentine’s Day dining experience at Spuds & Aprons at Faber Peak Singapore! It was indeed a lovely meal with a great ambience, read our full review of the food here at bit.ly/churp16xvday 🙂



We also tied up design & lifestyle store, Naiise with our Alpha, Brenda to pick 10 items based on a specific theme that she absolutely adored!  Our readers got to enjoy discount codes when they purchase from Naiise’s online website too 🙂 #churpsgx10naiisethings


Up next, we were stoked to be invited down to Lepark in May for yet another food-tasting session! All those dishes certainly brought us to food heaven….


We were served their new menu back then and one memorable dish was this Satay Marinated Angus Beef Cheek Stew with fried buns. It was our personal favourite! The beef cheek was so tender that it melts in our mouth and the fried buns went so well with the stew. (it’s making us hungry again!)

Check out our full review here at bit.ly/churp16xlepark


In light of Father’s Day celebration, we listed some recipes on how to whip up some easy dishes for you to cook up a feast for your father to celebrate this occasion. Hopefully this came in handy for those of you out there who wanted to impress your parents with a lovely meal!


Once again, Netccentric partnered with the National Day Parade (NDP) in 2016 to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday! This meant that we got to attend several social media events and received first dibs (such as a peek into the fun packs!) on how Singapore will be celebrating her birthday! <3


During the social media event, they explained to us the theme, concept and winning logo for 2016, which made us hyped up for #NDP2016 itself! It was certainly interesting to hear how the judges chose the winning logo & how they tried to engage the younger generations to join in the celebrations 🙂

Our Alphas definitely had an exciting time watching the National Day Parade last year, read all about Brianna’s experience on her blog!nuffnangmm

Moving on, we are excited to share with you one of the main reasons why 2016 means so much to us – our celebration of Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary! We gathered our Alphas, Bloggeratis, long-time clients and beloved staff to join us at our #welivesocial party as we celebrate all the success that we have achieved throughout the years 🙂


As we were down to the last quarter of 2016, our Alphas & Nuffnang Bloggeratis from Singapore and Thailand rocked #ITSTHESHIP2016! This is the 2nd largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival out at sea and it is our honor to be the official social media partner! 3 days of non-stop dancing to tunes from DJs all around the world, our crew surely had the time of their lives partying all night !


Also, Nuffnang & Churp Churp are proud to be the official social media partners for 2017’s M1 Singapore Fringe Festival yet again! This event focused on local artistes, with participation from fellow international artistes spanning across four categories namely: Fringe Highlights, Live Fringe, Fresh Fringe and Fringe Activities.


All of us at Netccentric come together to contribute to the community every year without fail. We strongly feel that it is important for us to help the less fortunate and in a way, ensure that our community can grow from strength to strength! In 2016, we worked with Singapore Children’s Society to help paint colourful wall murals in Bukit Merah and help to spring clean one of their student care centres. It was a fun-filled afternoon that allowed us to bond while coming together for a wonderful cause too!


Ending the year off the way we know best — Christmas at the Netccentric Office! We had so much fun playing games prepared by each room at the office, all documented nicely in our Dayre post here!  As we gather together as one tonight to celebrate Christmas, we are also reminded of how we should always stand by each other and support one another even more in the New Year.


It’s always great to look back and reflect on all the opportunities that we got to experience in 2016, to remember the fun that we shared and for it to be a source of motivation for us to work harder in the upcoming year. Onward with the rest of 2017, Churpers!

#FeatureFriday – Meet Positive Ray of Sunshine, Cheyenne Chesney!

How was your Valentine’s Day celebration, Churpers? Whether you celebrated it with your loved ones or by yourself, you can always find out how Valentine you are just for the fun of it!

As for our Featured Alpha of the Month, Cheyenne Chesney, she spent Valentine’s Day in school! Currently a student taking her IGSCE and a part-time model, Cheyenne works hard to juggle all her responsibilities while having fun at the same time. We had a chat with her to find out how she started her modeling career, and how her perception on social media has evolved. Let’s get right into it!

1) Hi Cheyenne, hope 2017 has been good to you so far! We saw from your social media that you headed down to Gold Coast last December, so what did you love most about the land down under?

Well first off, I absolutely loved the weather there! Even though there was only a few degrees difference, it felt a lot colder than Singapore. The sky was also so blue, it was incredible.

Furthermore, the theme parks there were huge and had such amazing rides, it was so fun! And I also got to visit my grandma which I only get to do about once every year 🙂

2) The photos on your Instagram feed follow such a consistent theme! Any tips on how to edit your photos & keep up with a specific theme?

Well, when I take my photos I try to follow the same colour palate. Since my theme is white I try to take pictures with a white-ish background. If I had a darker feed I would take photos with a darker background. I also edit all my photos using the same filter and settings so that the photos all match.


3) We know that you’ve been investing more time to build up your modeling career, but what sparked the interest in you to pursue modeling?

I had never thought about modeling before but when an online store approached me and asked if I wanted to model for their store I decided to try it out, because why not? It ended up being so much fun! After I posted about the online store I modeled for, others approached me as well! I was just doing it for fun really, when a modeling agency approached me on social media and told me they were interested in signing me! I was overjoyed that I could make money for myself doing something that I found fun.

4) Share with us more on how you juggle between your academic responsibilities & modeling at the same time!

So far it’s been a little tough, but I make sure I have at least one or two hours to study every day. Be it before I sleep or in the morning when I wake up. During photo shoots sometimes, there are a few models on set so we take turns or they take a lot of time to set up. So I bring my study books to study any time I can squeeze it in.


5) What do you usually do during your free time?

This year, I have to spend my free time studying. Any free time I get I try to study as much as possible. I love to make colourful notes so I try to do it for all my subjects, especially since colour helps you to remember things. This year I’m taking my IGCSE (which is like the international school version of O-level) so I really have to study as hard so possible In order to reach my goal grades.

6) How did your social media journey start off? Has your perception of social media changed ever since?

I started social media in secondary 1. My friends encouraged me to join the different social media platforms when I first joined my secondary school.

Since secondary 1, my perception of social media has changed a lot. For starters, as I used social media more I started receiving hate. The first time I received hate I was so upset by it. I thought it was the end of the world, that someone online didn’t like me. As my following began to grow, the number of haters did as well. They would comment that I’m “overrated” or “boring” or “ugly” but I started not to care. At some point, I realised that their opinions didn’t matter to me. Everyone has haters, no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to like it. So, at the end of the day the only person whose opinion of you matters is yourself. Just keep your head up and ignore those who wish to bring you down.


7) If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be & why? 🙂

Positive. No matter the situation, I try to look on the bright side. I try to tell myself, looking back in the future, would I rather have a happy, positive childhood or a sad, emo one. I like to think that any rough time I’m going through will be over before I know it and that I’ll be happy again and stronger than before.


8) Lastly, we want to know some of your upcoming plans that we can look forward to!

Well as of now, I have a big project that I worked on that I’m really excited about!! But I can’t release any information about it as of yet so stay tuned 😉

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us, Cheyenne, we are truly excited for what lies ahead of you!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Cheyenne on a more personal level because we sure did 🙂 Don’t forget to follow her on her social media platforms and Dayre!

Onwards with the weekend, Churpers 🙂

4 Social Media Trends to look out for in 2017!

We regularly question and discuss around this topic: What will the future of social media look like? You might already be familiar with the way our social media industry has changed in 2016 — several new features added, a change in consumer preferences etc. Looking forward into 2017, we have analyzed and narrowed down a few of the social media trends that you should keep your eye on this New Year!


  1. The rise of live video content


It is clear that there is now a real shift in social media storytelling. As seen from the success of YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live etc., live video content is now prioritized as the authentic way to connect with followers and it has gathered more engagement than any other content format. Even news sources nowadays are beginning to cite Facebook Live for real-time coverage of major events! More developments that you should get excited about would be Live 360 on Facebook that was recently launched, whereby viewers can totally immerse in the surroundings of what they watch — even from behind their screen.

Last month, Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Charlotte Lum, has also hopped onto the bandwagon and did an interactive Q&A using Facebook Live on Nuffnang´s Facebook page! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/livexcharlotte


  1. The Battle of the Artificial Intelligence lenses & filters

From the iconic (or perhaps, over-used?) dog filters to puking rainbows, there is no doubt that Snapchat’s selfie lenses have created an overwhelming sensation in 2016.

And of course, we can expect other social media platforms to catch up with the trend and compete with these filters once unique to Snapchat. We have already seen Facebook experimenting with lenses and masks for their Facebook Live users, and we believe that the battle of the facial filters could really heat up in 2017!

Here are some of our Churp Churp Alphas & Bloggeratis by Nuffnang having fun with the Snapchat facial filters when they take selfies! ☺




  1. The Mainstreaming of Chatbots

Customer service through social media is huge already, but we believe that it would grow even bigger in 2017. The convenience of social media also means that people bring their complaints onto social media when they are on the go, without further hesitation. Any delay or unresponsiveness to these complaints on social media would reflect badly on the company! With this, more companies are turning to Chatbots to communicate with their customers or answer frequently asked questions. This allows customers to reach the assistance that they need faster and easier, rather than being placed on hold or having to wait for a returned email.


  1. Social Media Advertising becomes more powerful than it already is

Thankfully, the internet has given small and big businesses the opportunity to expand their sales volumes and reach out to their customer base even more effectively. People come onto social media to follow personalities as well as brands so engaging in social media advertising might just be one of the best moves you can do for your business this year!

Even brands such as Sony have worked with our Alpha, Brianna (@briannawonggg) to reach out to their target audience using social media campaigns!

Hope these social media trends gave you a head start to where your company´s marketing strategy should invest in and got you all geared up for what’s to come in the social media world in 2017.

We´re excited about new changes and trends this year and we hope you are too!

Till next time, Churpers 🙂

#FeatureFriday – Breaking into the New Year with Jamie Pang!

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Happy 2017! How has the New Year been? A brand new year also means that a fresh new chapter awaits to be written for all of us! We hope 2016 has been an exciting and fulfilling year for you, just like it was for our Featured Alpha of the month, Jamie Pang! More than just a pretty face, Jamie shares with us about her life as a fitness junkie and a globetrotter. Read on to find out more 🙂


1.  Hi Jamie, hope you’ve started 2017 on a happy note 🙂 Share with us how 2016 was and what are some of your top moments!

2016 was a great year!  I think the highlight of 2016 for me was probably graduation and stepping into the workforce. It was something I was really excited about, though it did wear off a little during my graduation trips.

2.I’m sure one of your highlights in 2016 is your travels! Which trip was the most memorable for you and why? 

It definitely was. This year’s trips had been pretty exciting for me. I traveled to Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Korea.

I think my trip to India after graduation was the most memorable. I know it is not conventionally popular as a holiday destination, but I think India is definitely more than meets the eye. The thing I love most about traveling is observing how people of different cultures behave, and more often than not, I get to see new perspectives and think to myself ‘When I get back home, I want to do that too.’ Or ‘I want to see things that way too’. In India, I had many of these moments and I got to learn a lot about myself while I was there (not to mention an extremely weak stomach!).

3.Now that 2016 is done and dusted, what are your plans for 2017? Have you set any New Year Resolutions this year?

1.Definitely to ensure work-life balance. I just started work this year, so this has been going on pretty well. I can foresee that career may increasingly form a larger portion of my priorities in the near future, so I hope I can remind myself that while career success may give me a huge sense of accomplishment and belonging, quality of life is most important.

2.Resume traveling (however hard it may be). I used to let wanderlust take me everywhere, anytime. I could travel even way before school called on us. I guess it was the privilege of being young and free. I was feeling nostalgic when I looked at my travel pictures recently, and I guess I missed that feeling.  I definitely want to get away this year – at least once!

3.On a more solemn note, while 2016 had been a good one, I’ve lost a couple of people whom I hold very close to my heart, due to various reasons – sickness, unfortunate events. Ever since, I’ve made a mental note to self to appreciate the people around me, show gratitude, and not to hold back from displaying affection to people whom I really love. Entering 2017, I want to do just the same.

4.Any travel destinations you’ve set your mind to?

Bhutan – I’ve always had a nature child in me, so I guess for Bhutan, I’m completely sold to the Himalayas. I read the book ‘Dreams of the peaceful dragon’ quite some time back at a book exchange shelf in a dormitory in Philippines, and it described Bhutan to be an otherworldly place. Even though it was a writing dated years ago, I’m still interested to see the largely untouched Bhutan today!

5.You always seem to make time for the gym. What’s your biggest motivation when it comes to working out? Do you have any fitness tips to share? 

My biggest motivation is making a habit out of it. Habits are the worst to kick! When I don’t get myself to the gym in the morning, I tend to brood about it a lot throughout the day, and I think it makes the day and its progress much less efficient than it could have been.

My favourite fitness quote would be: “Little progress is still progress”. I think many people (including myself) have those days when we just think ‘I’m so goddamned lazy today! It’s so hard to move, to run fast, to squat heavy.’ And then you proceed to drop it all down, and make a U-turn and head off from the gym. I used to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of person when it comes to working out, but these days I found comfort in ‘little is better than none’.

 6.We know that when it comes to staying fit, it requires dieting too. What do you usually eat when you’re sticking to a diet and what’s your favourite cheat meal?

I always say I don’t diet, but my friends disagree.  I guess I do have certain foods I particularly dislike, which actually make healthy diet habits. For one, I hate canned/sugared drinks or food. I prefer my food fresh! I do indulge in higher carb intake than people my weight/age do, and I prefer white meats to red meats.

However, I do love cakes and chocolates – A LOT. I think it is the main reason why I work out so much. I can’t imagine how overweight I would be if I hadn’t exercised daily!

 7.Chinese New Year is coming up in just a couple of weeks! What are your fondest memory of CNY? 

I think it had to be the year when my younger brother threw my stack of angpao out of the window after a fight. It was literally raining money for the people who walked by below. We talk about it EVERY Chinese New Year. It’s hilarious and timeless.

8.What’s one thing people don’t usually know about you?

I drink a glass of wine before going to bed every night.

9.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

To become a warmer person in general. I tend to take more time to open up to people, and it can come off as being very offstand-ish.

10.Lastly, what are a few of your favourite places to take outfit shots in Singapore?

Rooftops, like the ones at Kallang Stadium, or People’s Park. I think they’re pretty picturesque and saves me a lot unnecessary curiosity from passerbys!

We’re excited to know what new adventures are coming Jamie’s way this year! Be sure to check her out on Dayre and her social media platforms for more updates on her fitness journey and daily musings.

We hope that this year would be brighter for you than the one that has gone by; enveloped with bliss, well-being and happiness.

Till next time!

6 things you NEED to know about Influencer Marketing

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Happy Tuesday! It’s been incredibly interesting reading all of your #WeLiveSocial stories on Dayre for the past weeks ☺ Though submissions for the best social media stories have ended, you could still share your story just for the fun of it and join us in the hashtag! While we were all writing on our social media stories, you probably thought about how much social media has changed over the past 10 years. Social media not only impacted our personal lives, it has also changed the way brands reach out to us. Though traditional marketing like newspaper and television advertisements are still widely popular, influencer marketing, on the other hand, has reached its peak in recent years. If you’re still unsure on what influencer marketing is all about… you need to get out of the rock you’re living under!

But it’s still not too late as we’re here to share with you the 6 things you need to know about influencer marketing to survive in this time and age. So, here goes!

1.The evolution of influencer marketing


Since 2011, influencer marketing spiraled into what we now deem as mainstream advertising. Ever since the rise of social media marketing in recent years, statistics have shown that the adoption of social media all around the world has skyrocketed and it’s no wonder that a couple of interesting personalities started to sprout and shine on these platforms we use regularly and from there, garner a good amount of following.

2.So what exactly is influencer marketing?

“It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.”  – Wikipedia


Who are your favourite influencers? Could you name a few online personalities that you resonate well with or look up to? Perhaps it could be that you admire their #ootds and follow them to gain fashion inspirations or it could be that you love the way they curate their feed with perfectly done up flatlays or seek their opinions on the latest beauty products.

So how do brands come into play? Brands are able to share their new launch by approaching these personalities you follow online to get them to talk about the products in their perspective! You are then introduced to the brand from someone that you admire and trust, and thus, feel more compelled to purchase it. Slowly, as the popularity of these personalities rises, so do their influence and that’s how the term “influencers” came about.

Want to know who some of our favourite influential people are? Read all about it on our Dayre!

3.Influencer marketing vs Traditional marketing

Now the challenge is… with all the various marketing solutions available, which marketing strategy is most suitable for a brand and gets the most ROI (Return of Investment)?



Influencer Marketing is a form of inbound marketing! If you ever feel like the ads nowadays are IN YOUR FACE… yup you’re right. Wherever you go, advertisements are everywhere and on the social media platforms you use.

Most importantly, partly why influencer marketing works is because:


– The right influencer endorses the brand

Brands don’t engage just any popular influencer with a high following. They look beyond the numbers. They look at their engagement rates by taking into consideration how many comments and likes the influencer gets, ensuring that their popularity is not bought.

– They know the audience they want to reach out to

By selecting an influencer with a specific type of followers, you know you’re getting your message across to the right people with the highest possibility of converting to sales!

– It’s more authentic than an ad

People trust people more than a beautifully curated advertisement that’s endorsed by celebrities who are paid thousands of dollars.

4.How to differentiate an ad with an honest review

But when brands pay influencers to talk about their products, isn’t it also an advertisement? Technically… it is. There are cases whereby the ad is sooo apparent that the influencer loses the trust of his/her followers. But those are extreme cases, most influencers stand by their principle of only endorsing a product or brand that they personally would pay for or don’t mind trying!

So how do you differentiate between an advertisement that the influencer feels nothing for VS an honest review?

By their captions 🙂

Source: Jiehui’s McDonald’s creation!

Alpha influencer, Jie Hui (@missgoob), enjoys all the McDonald’s and McCafe’s social media campaigns! She shares with us why in our latest Dayre post on our all-time favourite advertisements.

5.How important is it to stay authentic?

One question that has been popping up recently is the authenticity of the influencers. As they are becoming more commercialized, some of them might even lose themselves in the process of finding fame. Let’s hear it from our Alpha Tiq, Jamie and Samantha on their take of authenticity.

tiq authentic

Source: From our Alpha, Tiq!

As much as we deny it, an influencer is an Internet celebrity. And in this industry, to make sure you stand out, you have to be original. You can’t be doing every single thing others are doing. You have to keep evolving so brands can trust you enough to create unique content for them. You also need to stay true to yourself. Your personality is yours to keep, don’t change it.

Source: From our Alpha, Jamie!

Hmm… I think being and staying authentic has its importance, influencer marketing aside. Sometimes we forget that while we can reach many people on social media, we connect with people in real life too. Being authentic in appearance is easier than being so in mind. If we are only working on the former, the lack of the later easily reveals itself when we communicate with people on a daily basis and it erodes away the trust people have in you. Truth be told, influencing people is a wonderful thing but I guess we must not forget that it should not be an empty expression. People do use/buy products according to recommendations of influencers. To me, it’s sort of a relationship between the influencer and his/her followers and it’s an important one whereby influencer marketing is founded upon.

Source: From our Alpha, Samantha!

Everyone is unique in their special way and that’s what attracts people to you. Always stay authentic because nobody wants to see something that has been done before.

6.Alphas’ thoughts on influencer marketing

Want to know what our Alphas feel about influencer marketing? You know your side of the story so what do the people who have been engaged for social media campaigns think about it?


I’ve seen a lot of backlash on influencer marketing recently. Sometimes you can’t blame these viewers because I’ve seen so many influencers taking up jobs that are wrong or doesn’t suit them at all. But this is the new technique of marketing and you can’t deny that it’s useful because it works. No matter how some people hate it, it’s here to stay. And it will keep changing so people need to keep up.



I think it’s great that it helps companies and brands to achieve a more personal touch to getting product and service information to its customers. From a consumer point of view it’s definitely more relatable to see an influencer using and recommending a product, than watching a demonstration through a superstar advertisement. I guess influencer marketing fills the gap between consumers and advertisements. If the right people are engaged, it brings us closer to the ideal of honest marketing too


Can you imagine catching all of the Pokémons from the comfort of your home? That’s what influencer marketing is about. We show you what we love while you do your favourite activity – browsing through social media on the go and at home.

We hope we managed to drop you some insights into influencer marketing. That’s all the time we have as we’re busy getting ready for Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary party later on! Join us on Netccentric’s social media page where they’ll be streaming live from the event.

See ya there! 😉

Let’s wrap up the second quarter of 2016!

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We’re embarking on the second half of 2016 already and before we look forward to the future and step up our game to conquer whatever that comes our way, it’s equally important to take time to rewind and reflect on the good and the bad; learn from the mistakes made and give yourselves a pat on the back for the accomplishments! Let’s relive some of those moments we had through the past months:


  1. We got up close and personal with our friends on Dayre!

Just a month back, Dayre (@blog), in collaboration with General Assembly, held its first “Meet The Influencer” event where the audience were able to meet some of their favourite Dayre personalities. We headed down to support our sister company as well as the invited panel speakers, Gillian, Jie Hui, Bertilla, Shuying & Mong, where they discussed how Dayre impacted not only their lives but their readers as well. It was such an insightful session and the audience were really participative. Well done all!


  1. #NetccentricxNDP2016

We are once again proud to partner with the National Day Parade (NDP)’s committee this year where we get to receive first dibs on all things related to our nation’s birthday celebration! More than just the fun pack, there were so many interesting elements to this year’s NDP media event that we couldn’t help but share it on Dayre. As 9th August nears, stay tuned for more on our platforms!


  1. Naiise opens at The Cathay

Just last month, our partner, Naiise, opened its sixth & largest store. So what went on at the opening party? In true Naiise style, there were so many interesting hands-on activities and what’s more? Complimentary Maki-san rolls, drinks and even live music to entertain us all night long!

Kudos to them as our Alphas, Jocina, Tiq, Brenda & ourselves had a really NAIISE night 😉 Check out their latest stores at:

📍The Cathay

2 Handy Road, The Cathay #B1-08

Singapore 229233

12pm-10pm daily

📍Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard,

Suntec City North Wing #01-477

Singapore 038983

11am-10pm daily


  1. Lepak-ed at Lepark!


Together with our Alphas Brenda, Jie Hui & Isaac, we were invited down for a food-tasting session at Lepark where we enjoyed every single item from their latest menu. Loved the chill vibes of the place too! Thanks again, Lepark 🙂


  1. Vera on HerWorld!


Spotted Vera‘s SK-II feature on HerWorld? She shared her journey to success and the struggles she faced along the way. For all the aspiring style bloggers out there, here’s where you can gain some insights on tackling obstacles & getting your name out there! Head on over to http://bit.ly/CCVeraxHerWorld for more & on how you can #changedestiny 😉


  1. Alpha Updates!


Biggest congrats to our mum-to-be Kelly! We can’t wait for the arrival of #jellybean (derived from the hashtag she shares with her husband, Justin! J + elly = #jellylove)  and we’re pretty sure Kelly’s gonna rock being a mum!

We’re so happy for Jazreel who recently tied the knot with her uni sweetheart! We wish them a blissful marriage ahead filled with great adventures as they embark on a new phase of their lives together, may their love for each other continue to blossom every day.

In partnership with Garuda Indonesia, Liting Brianna and Bloggeratis Mong & Charlene embarked on their first media trip to Medan! It was definitely an interesting cultural experience for them and the key takeaway? The friendships forged! Read more about their travels on their platforms.


Huge thanks to Cebu Pacific, some of the Bloggeratis and our Alpha, Jason experienced a taste of Davao City! They tackled a series of challenges from sliding down huge water slides to cycling on air and more. No idea what Davao City is all about? Let Nuffnang SG and Jason share with you their take on Davao!


  1. Let’s welcome the babies of the Churp Churp family!

Melina Irwan

Melina channels both sweet & edgy styles, her mixed looks (of Chinese & Malay descent) easily makes her stand out from the crowd. Check out her social media feed & blog for all things fashion & beauty as well as a touch on her personal life.

Jucia is greatly adored for her demure demeanour and girlish charms. She exudes elegance and has an eye for the finer things in life that includes her taste in fashion and her flatlay curations online, something she’s always been passionate about. Currently working on her clothing label, life is starting to get more exciting for Jucia!


Kai stands out from the crowd with his model good looks and style. He has an eye for the finer things in life and enjoys playing up his fashion choices. In addition to his several online retail businesses on hand, he’s currently on his way to creating his own clothing label.

Jamie exudes elegance and confidence wherever she goes. Her down-to-earth and carefree personality transcends her exotic good looks that stand her out from the crowd. An accountancy graduate from NUS, she’s looking to explore the depths of the earth, satiating her wanderlust.

Shu Feng is well-loved by her followers for her sweet demeanour. Look out for Shu Feng’s social platforms, blog and her Youtube channel as she documents everything fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

Samantha aspires to be the ultimate #GirlBoss. Her ambitions are translated across her well-curated feed where she takes charge of everything and constantly seeks perfection. Stay tuned to her feed for all things fashion, beauty and also a sneak peek into her luxury lifestyle.


We hope you had a good second quarter of 2016! Let’s work hard & play hard, there’s still time to make your year count. Have an awesome week ahead, Churpers!

Wrapping up the first quarter of 2016!

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So in a blink of an eye, we’re done with the first quarter of the year! Can’t believe how fast time has passed, it feels like it was only yesterday that the year began. Before we move on to the next quarter, let’s have a quick throwback and recap the months’ happenings!

1. Netccentric in Guangzhou


Early in January, the teams from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand were flown in to Guangzhou (China) for our annual company retreat. Through our daily team bonding games (laser tag!), sight-seeing, meals together, shopping and tons of photo-taking, we came to love the city and got to bond with our fellow Netccentrics even more ;D


And on the last night, everyone gathered as one to…PARTAYYYE like there was no tomorrow! The 4 days of non-stop fun and activities were amazing, hop on over to Nuffnang’s Dayre for a recap! Let’s raise our glasses to another great year ahead! #netccentricsaroundtheworld

2. ChurpSG x Royal Caribbean


Together with our four Alphas @brenwho, @jhwphay, @missgoob and @nakedgloryvera, we embarked on #theRoyalChurpSGInvasion where we visited Penang & Langkawi and got to enjoy the wonders of cruising onboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas! Check out our blogpost on the Top 10 Things to do on RCC and Dayre for more on our everyday sailing 😉

3. February…the month of love!


In collaboration with Mount Faber Leisure Group, our Alphas, Brenda and Jie Hui, were featured on 8Days & iWeekly for their Valentine’s Day special. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of the shoot! Jie Hui’s all smiles and enjoying her lovely “date” despite the heat and wind in hair 😛


Managed to spot them? 😀

4. Welcoming Netccentric x National Day 2016!


Our Alphas Brenda, Xinlin, and Kelly were invited to the first NDP media event for the year! Netccentric will be partnering with NDP once again this year and through these media events, we’ll be receiving first dibs on how Singapore will be celebrating her birthday come 9 August 2016! Check out our Dayre  for what went on and stay tuned for more!


5. Now for some Alpha updates!  


Congrats @cindypau! As many of you would know, she’s pregnant with her first child 🙂  This is why she hasn’t really been very active on her social platforms but do follow her Dayre for more updates as she preps for life as a mummy!


Now that she’s halfway through her second trimester, gone are her morning sickness and she has since started to dress her bump! Looking beautiful as always and exuding that pregnancy glow, Cindy!


Come this weekend, @caleen will be flying over to Sydney to study culinary at Le Cordon Bleu, she is indeed chasing her dream and has come a long way from baking her first bread during her tertiary days to starting Project Kitchen Lust!


Want to know more about her baking journey and the best street food she’s ever had? Stay tuned to our Feature Friday this week where she answers all that and more!

6. Let’s welcome our new Alphas to the family!

A round of applause for Cee Tay (@ardaisy_), Tiq (automatiqhigh) and Liting (@gnitil)!


A final year undergrad, Cee’s well-curated feed showcases her take on finer things in life where she dabbles with food, fashion, DIY tutorials and all things beautiful. Follow Cee for her fun edventures (edible adventure) where she comes up with “photo-worthy” recipes for you to feast your eyes and belly!


A beauty junkie, Tiq is living her beauty dream as a junior buyer at a cosmetic chain. One of the perks of her job involves experimenting with the latest beauty products in which she enjoys sharing with her readers. Aside from make-up, she adds edge to hijab fashion, standing out from the rest. Follow Tiq for the latest tips and tricks on makeup, dressing up the hijab and more!


Liting is the epitome of young, wild and free! Filled with sass and spunk, Liting, an ex-gymnast and thrill seeker, is always up for adventures. Like most teenagers, she enjoys spending time with her friends and her relationship with her boyfriend is most adored by her followers. Follow Liting and her blog for a greater insight into her personal life as well as anything beauty and fashion-related.

We hope your first few months into 2016 has been good thus far! Go on and rock the rest of your year!

Have an awesome mid-week, Churpers 🙂

The very new Facebook Seeding

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Hello Churpers!

It’s been a while eh? Well, we’re back with something exciting for you guys again! Like… A new way to earn some extra rewards!
We’ve recently launched something called the Facebook Seeding, which is very similar to Social Seeding. Let Churpie walk you through the process!

1. If you’re the lucky chosen Churper, you’d see the campaign on your Rewards Page

2. Read through the instructions, and don’t forget to authorize your Facebook Page!

3. Draft your sample message as per how you’d draft a Social Seeding message (but YAY! No word limit this time round cause it’ll be posted onto Facebook)

4. Send in for approval and check back for email for approval

5. Once approved, copy message and post it to your Facebook timeline (Please ensure that your post is set as “Public”!)

6. Retrieve the permalink of your post (to retrieve, look for timestamp of your posting and click into it) and submit it via the campaign page

7. TADAH! Wait for your rewards to be credited!

Easy peasy. Get started now!

The new, reimagined Churp Churp site!

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Saying goodbye is always hard, but change is necessary because new is ALWAYS better.

So let us all bid goodbye to the old, outdated Churp Churp website, and welcome the newly revamped ChurpChurp.com!


What do you think? AMAZING isn’t it? This is our cleanest, sleekest and most elegant design yet, and we’re really proud of it!

Check out how much we’ve improved since the beginning of time (okay maybe since Churpie was born):

We’ve also made sharing campaigns easier and cleaner too, with straight-to-the-point, step by step guides for you Churpers!

Once you’ve shared campaigns and earn some moolah, click over and check out some of our new features:

1. Discover Page

Our Discover Page has gone from cool to AWESOME! Now you can view multiple interesting posts at one go!

2. About Us

Who or what is ChurpChurp? How big is our community? What do we actually DO?! Find out all you need to know here at the ‘About Us’ page!

3. Alphas

Alphas unite! Say hello to our new and sleek Alpha page!

4. Advertise

Keen to work together with Churp Churp? Check out our Advertise page where we walk you through Churp Churp with info graphs and case studies!

We have A LOT more new features, so feel free to explore the newly redesigned site yourself right here: www.churpchurp.com.

5. Our very own Churp Churp SG Facebook Page

We now have our very own Churp Churp SG Facebook Page! Like our page to follow our daily updates as well as upcoming events!

To celebrate our new site revamp and new Facebook Page, we have decided to give away 3 Churpie plushies to you guys!


1. Like our Facebook Page

2. Tell us which of the updated features in the new Churp Churp site is your favourite and why on our Page.

Example: For us, we love ALL the new features! the new Discover Page because we can see all the awesome posts at once now!

The 3 best comments will each win one Churpie plushie so type away now!

We hope you’re as excited about the makeover as we are! Share this exciting change with all your friends (invite them to join Churp Churp too!) on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let’s hashtag all the updates with #TheNewChurp2 – The new chapter of Churp Churp.