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#FollowFriday: 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow!

   Category: Follow Friday, Social Media Scene |

It’s Friday! And a relatively quieter day in office, so the Churpies were just doing what they do best: browsing through Instagram. We discovered lots of interesting accounts that we’d love to share with you guys, so here’s 5 to kick-start our #FollowFriday!

Health/ Fitness


Tempted to pick Yoga up too?



Beautiful Destinations indeed. Looking at this account just makes us wanna drop everything we’re doing and book a plane ticket somewhere. Anywhere.



The way to Churpie’s heart is through his stomach, hehehe! @loveandlemons got us there!



These photos are enough to make a grown man coo! Or at least those in our office.

Parenting/ Fashion


Just one last one to make your heart go awwwww. This mother shows her 4 year-old daughter’s dress-making adventures, with inspiration from diverse sources. Which of her dresses do you like most?

We hope you found an account you’d like to follow here! Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for our next #FollowFriday!

TGIF, folks!