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Stay beautiful the natural way & stand a chance to win St Ives products!

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Good day all, we hope the month of August has been good for you so far! Now that the National Day holiday’s gone and passed, we’re back to the daily grind. Well, we all need that little booster to get us by and keep us refreshed for the days ahead; some of us exercise while some choose to pamper themselves with a facial!

Here’s our Bloggerati, Zoe, working it!

At times, we prefer to DIY our own beauty remedy with gifts from good ol’ Mother Nature! Let us share with you some of our favourite tips which might come in handy! Stay tuned to the end to find out how you could possibly walk away with St Ives’ products as well 😉


Straight from the stem, rubbing aloe vera over your skin not only provides a cooling effect & relief for sunburns, it can also help refine pores too.


Honey contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that can serve as a treatment for acne. Dab a little over those pesky zits and let it work its magic! It also calms redness and irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties.


StIves1How Bloggerati, Sheila Mandy, stays in the pink of health!

When life gives you lemons, use them to lighten scars! Mix 1 part lemon juice with 3 parts water and dab onto skin. Leave it for a good 10 minutes before washing it off and you’ll probably see the results in a week!


Mash some avocados and apply them on your face for a moisture boost! You could even use the leftovers to make some guacamole dip! 😀

With all that said, what’s your favourite beauty remedy? We’d love to hear and you could even stand a chance to win St Ives products too. Here’s how!St Ives IG Contest Poster

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Upload a relevant photo
  2. Caption it with your favourite natural beauty remedy (e.g. honey and sugar scrub) and tell us why you love it!
  3. Include #StIvesSG #StIvesNatural #FeedYourSkin

30 sets of St Ives products (pictured above) will be given away!

Remember to set your account to “Public”. Terms and conditions apply.

Contest Ends: 31st August 2016

Have fun & we wish you luck! 😉

Create with Danone & Win a Staycay!

   Category: Contest, Singapore |

“Don’t play with your food!”

“Eeeek! You see, your hands are dirty now!”

Remember hearing those words by mum? Hehe. Not sure about you, but for some of us we always found joy in messing up our dishes and creating “fancy” art pieces out of them.

Well we’re never too old to play with our food and this time it’s ok to explore our creativity without getting caught by mum because…Danone will be rewarding you with a staycation for the best-looking bowl of yogurt created! We all know the benefits of yogurt, how it contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and aids in digestion too, and with the variety of toppings we can add to make it even more delicious, it’s no wonder yogurt is such a hit with everyone.

Here are some inspirations for your winning masterpiece!


Ahh just look at those pretty colours!


It’s Frosty the yogurt man!


Give your best animal yogurt impression perhaps?


No bowls? No worries! Use a coconut!

Photo: Our Alpha, Jucia!


How about some stars for dessert?


In berry wonderland ~

Managed to get some ideas? Now it’s your turn to get creative for you might just win a staycay at Sofitel Sentosa!


Contest Mechanics: 

  1. Snap a picture of your own yogurt creation (it can be in the form of anything like a smoothie as well!)
  2. Post a picture on your social platforms and hashtag #CreateWithDanone #DanoneYoghurt

Remember to set your account to “Public”. Terms and conditions apply.

Contest Period: Now till 24 June 2016


Good luck! May the most creative win! 😉

Get FACE READY this Christmas!

   Category: Contest |

Let’s all welcome December, the most magical month of the year! While we’re all busy marking dates in the calendar for our annual festive gatherings, don’t forget to plan your outfits as well as your face of the day! You read it right, it’s time to be face ready this season!

Get some inspirations from our Alphas!

See how ENCHANTING @missamandaleong can be with those flutter lashes paired with her fuchsia lips!

Be SOPHISTICATED like @kellylatimer…just add a pop of red to your lips and voila! Your look is complete (;

Kathleen 2
GLOW like @kathleenkong…keeping your makeup simple and nude will do the job especially if your outfit’s gonna be dramatic.

Be BOLD and rock this Christmas like @limaranagustina with her smokey silver-grey eyes and plum lips!


Ready to dazzle? We hope you’ve gathered some ideas for your upcoming #FOTDs (Face Of The Day) this festive season hehe.

To make things much easier for you, Colour Face Academy brings you their Limited Edition Pandora Box! The Pandora Box is perfect for the glam chic who wants to have her hands on the latest beauty products every month. With a different box being featured monthly, you will be able to try and test what is buzzing at beauty counters. This month, 8 lucky readers will stand a chance to get their hands on this Limited Edition Pandora Box! To find out more about the Pandora Box, watch the Make Up Made Easy videos here.


Contest Mechanics:

  1. Snap a photo that shows your Christmas look
  2. Publish the image to a photo sharing site, and simply tag and follow @MakeUpMadeEasySG
  3. Hashtags (#PandoraBoxSg, #MakeupMadeEasySg)

Remember to set your account to “Public”.  Terms and conditions apply.

You get to also earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 4/12/2015 to 15/12/2015

Stay lovely ladies! Get snapping and good luck!

5 Reasons why you should Nuts for Coconuts

   Category: Contest |



Dubbed as nature’s energy drink, coconut water has gained massive popularity of late with nutritionists and health gurus alike advocating its benefits of daily use.

So is coconut water really the world’s best kept secret or is all this hype just a product of fancy advertising and catchy slogans. After all, what is wrong with good ol’ mineral water? Let’s put on our reading glasses and do some research into what this fad is all about. Before you run down to the supermarket to stock your fridge with this tropical delight, here are 5 reasons why you should go nuts for coconuts!

1. All-rounded health drink

Contrary to popular belief, healthy food can taste good as well! Apart from being rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are quintessential to your body, studies have also shown that coconut water has the following health benefits:

  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Lowered Cholesterol
  • Prevents Indigestion
  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders
  • Helps diabetics by slowing sugar release into blood stream
  • Digestive and urinary health

For all the science geeks out there who want to know the exact breakdown of what coconut water actually contains, click here!

And for everyone else who don’t know how much Vitamin K or Fluoride we need to stay healthy, we can take comfort in knowing that doctors and scientists have conducted extensive research and given a two thumbs up in recommending coconut water as an excellent healthy beverage. 😀

2. Shed some weight


Yes, you read it right. To all the calorie counters out there hard at work trying to get that beach bod, here’s something you can try! Low in calories and easy on the stomach, coconut water is an ideal drink if you’re trying to shed those extra pounds.

Its high level of potassium helps to balance out excess sodium which is the main culprit of water retention, probably something most people trying to lose weight would have heard of. Various bioactive enzymes contained in coconut water also help to aid digestion and boost fat metabolism.

3. Clearer skin all day errday

Clear skin@jasminedanker

Wanna get rid of those stubborn zits? Regularly applying coconut water can actually clear up and tone your skin. If ingested orally, it increases the moisture level as well as reduces the oiliness.

4. Get sporty and hydrate yourself


The next time you go for jog or do any physical activity, try hydrating yourself with coconut water instead. It’s said to be more effective than those sports and energy drink and contains 294mg of potassium and 5mg of natural sugar which is of a healthier range!

5. Cures your hangover


“I got a hangover, woahhhh”

Some of us have probably been there, well you know how it feels – Not. Good.

Prepare some coconut water if you think you’re gonna have a crazy night out, this will help your tummy issues and reduce those frequent urination and vomiting. Yikes!

Now that you know how awesome coconut water is, why not make a trip to the store and get yourself some Vita Coco!

vita coco edm

Vita Coco is having a social media contest where one lucky winner will receive a pair of plane tickets to Bali!

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Grab yourself an unopened coconut
  2. Snap a photo of yourself trying to open it CREATIVELY
  3. Post the image to a photo sharing site, and describe HOW you are trying to open the coconut, along with these hashtags (#HydrateNaturally, #PoweredbyCoconuts, #VitaCocoSG)
  4. And don’t forget to follow @Vitacocosg for refreshing updates!

Remember to set your account to “Public”.  apply.

You get to also earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 2/10/2015 to 18/10/2015

So get kooky, creative and start cracking those coconuts! Terms & Conditions apply.



Love it, win it, Hong Kong!

   Category: Contest |

Hong Kong has always been a popular tourist destination in Asia. For its cheap food and shopping, the metropolitan city hits all the right notes for couples looking for a short getaway. Here are 4 ways you and bae can bond right in the Pearl of Orient should you win in the Michael Trio Contest!

1. For the Thrill Seekers

Thrill seekerSource: Wikipedia

We always hear and see of the Victoria Peak on various social media platform, but how many of you know that there are several other hiking trails you and bae can embark on?

From the breathtaking scenery from The Lion Rock above, to even traditional villages, Hong Kong has many surprises for fun-loving nature-lovers (pun not intended).

Thrill seeker 2Source: annatam

Standing in Yuen Leung, Lau Fau Shan is one of several villages in the outskirts of Hong Kong, showcasing fishermen’s lifestyle and also boosting renown oyster farms.

2. For the Penny Stretchers

Hong Kong is known for its street food carts and cheap eateries available around every corner. Moreover, the best way to immerse in the local culture is to make a trip to the wet markets, where lower prices and freshness are guaranteed!

Located in Tai On Building is this family-run little cart noodles serving comfort food for many locals. And the Sai Wan Ho wet market is just around the corner!

Penny StretcherSource: Wikipedia

3. For the Artsy Fartsy

Living up to its metropolitan status, Hong Kong has many museums, galleries and performing arts institutions that are open for public.

Artsy FartsySource: SCMP

Also, if you are travelling during the festive periods, being in Hong Kong would present you the great opportunity to be part of many lively celebrations around the city! Imagine a spectacular fireworks display by the Victoria Harbour right over the heads of you, bae and the stunning Hong Kong skyline.

4. For the Urbanites

UrbanitesSource: @hkfoodiexblogger

Humans are creatures of habit. Many urbanites would be pleased to know that Hong Kong as an urbanised city also has many shopping malls (Times SquareIFC Mall) and restaurants serving a wide array of cuisines. Sound just like Singapore doesn’t it? Except there is a much smaller chance to run into your dreaded gossipy neighbours or colleagues now. And guess what? Most goods and services in Hong Kong are tax free! No worries about rushing to the airport earlier to claim tax refunds!

Urbanites2Ocean Park Hong Kong
Source: Joutrip

As city kids, it is also a must to set aside a day or two to visit the Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong. Hop on the thrilling rides and yell your urban stress away!

So, which of these 4 ways would you enjoy Hong Kong with your significant other?


Michael Trio is giving away a pair of tickets to Hong Kong for you and your loved one! Just follow these simple steps…

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Post a candid picture of your other half or a picture together and share why he/she is the one
  2. Hashtag #michaeltrio AND #whyyouaretheone
  3. Remember to set your social media account to “Public”. Terms & Conditions apply.

What’s more? Earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 20th July to 10th August 2015

So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and say cheese!


Restaurant Addresses:

Tai On Building – 57-87 Shau Kei Wan Road

Tai Wing Wah – G/F & 1/F, 1 Stewart Road, Wan Chai 

HK Cafe R&C – G/F, 22-24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay 

Catalunya Hong Kong – G/F Guardian House Morrison Hill 32 Oi Kwan Road Wan Chai

Uptop Bistro – 19/F, 117 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Nocte –  9 Warren St, Hong Kong

Smile, Daddy, Smile!

   Category: Contest |

When was the last time you made your dad smile? Kudos to you if he’s always been flashing his pearly whites whenever you’re around but if you’re still wondering, perhaps these suggestions could help you achieve that smile of his!

1. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed 2Source

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Why not surprise him and start his day well with a simple breakfast made with love?

2. Laugh at his jokes

fake laughSource

Yes we all know how bad dad’s jokes may be but let’s just show our appreciation for them every once in a while. Hushhh don’t let him know this!

3. Get good grades

Good Grades2Source: quickmeme.com

Attention all students out there! This will probably require more effort but it’s what most parents want. All the best!

4. When you didn’t wreck the car on a night’s out


Well done for the smooth journey! As long as his car is concerned, do not mess up! Most importantly, he’ll be relieved that you’re back safe and sound.

5. Graduation

Digital Image by Sean LockeDigital Planet Designwww.digitalplanetdesign.comSource: Shutterstock

Finally seeing you all grown up and ready for the world, probably one of his proudest moments.

With all that mentioned, why not brighten his smile even more with Oral-B?


Take part in Oral-B’s Father’s Day Social Media Giveaway Contest and show how the Oral-B Power brush would be a good Father’s Day gift. 3 lucky participants will be selected to walk away with a set of Oral-B Power brush for their dad!

Contest Mechanics

  1. Post a photo of your father in his best smile on social media (any photo-sharing platforms)
  2. Tell us why you would like to win an Oral-B Power Brush for your dad!
  3. Hashtag #oralbsg AND #powerofdadsg
  4. Remember to set your social media account to “Public”. Terms and Conditions apply.

Contest Period: 8th June – 21st June 2015, 12pm

May the greatest smile win. Good luck!

Take #OOTDs like a Pro!

   Category: Contest |

Those four letters…pretty sure we’ve heard or used it countless number of times but what exactly makes a good OOTD shot? Well, everyone has their own style of dressing, own signature pose and now some even have their own favourite wall as backdrop!

Wall huggerSource

Perfecting your OOTD shot requires skills and here are some tips on how you can achieve that:

1. Don’t be a wallflower

Wallflowerunless that’s the direction you’re going for

Otherwise, take note of the colours of your own outfit and the background you’re posing against and make sure they complement well. If you’re dressed in complicated colours and patterns, a neutral-coloured wall or backdrop would do just fine.

typicalbenootdHere’s how @typicalben’s outfit stand out against the plain backdrop

2. Avoid distractions

Remember that YOU should be the main focus, not the clutter in the background or the people surrounding you.


3. Strike a pose

Instead of the typical “hands on hips, smiles on lips”, take some pointers from our influencers!

speishiootd@speishi’s leg tilt instantly adds some girlish charms to her pose

Keep it cool like @randyys

speishiootd2The “Caught in the Moment” pose – get your friend to take multiple/burst shots of you and there will definitely be one that is #ootd social media-worthy!

typicalbenootd2Just keep walking with @typicalben

typicalbenootd3and walking…

OOTDs are reaching greater heights these days!

Now with all these tips and inspirations, get playful and creative with your OOTDs and make it yours!

AEO contestAmerican Eagle Outfitters will be opening its first store in Singapore at VivoCity on 19 June 2015. They will be launching a social media contest where you can stand a chance to win a styling date with your favourite influencer! To top it off, each of the 9 winners selected will walk away with $50 AEO voucher and exclusive AEO merchandise! Check out Ben, Peishi and Randy’s social media platforms, and here’s how you can be part of the fun!

Contest Mechanics:

  • Simply post a playful OOTD and hashtag the influencer you support! #AEOxBen / #AEOxPeishi / #AEOxRandy

Contest Period: 22nd May – 4th Jun 2015

Good luck! Now get snapping!

5 personalized items you can DIY yourself!

   Category: Contest, Uncategorized |

Even though Christmas has just passed us, Valentines’ Day is just round the corner. We’ll definitely advise you to start planning your gifts!

If you’re on a budget, we’re here to help you out. Here’re 5 items you can personalise on your own, and the best part – it doesn’t burst your wallet!


1) DIY Picture Monogram

Credit: here 

This would make the perfect sentimental gift to your love ones! We reckon, it’ll look beautiful as a wall piece by your door! It actually looks harder than it really is, but the time and effort used for this would make it all worthwhile when you see the priceless look on their faces!


2) Chocolate Bouquet

Credit: here

Boyfriends, if you want to get a flower bouquet for your girlfriend but prices are jacked sky high and you don’t have the budget for it? Why not try your hand at something unique yet at a cheaper price?


3) Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Credit: here

This is the most versatile gift ever! You are able to personalise the gift accordingly to the receiver and you can be sure of one thing – he or she will definitely love this gift filled with their favourite items!


4) Sending a Personal Hug

Credit: here

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or you’re living far away from your family, this gift would be so personal and heartwarming. You can even personalise it by adding a photo of your face, so it brings the extra comfort to your love ones receiving this!


5) Photo Coasters

Credit: here

Having photos of your love ones around the house when you’re away from them – best thing ever! These photo coasters are so personal and you can personalise each of them accordingly as well!




If you’ve ran out of time to start DIY-ing your gift, why not win a personalised cream from Ioma Paris by joining their contest?

Contest Mechanics

  • Post a selfie and personalise it ( stickers / overlays etc)
  • Hashtag #personalisewithioma
  • The winner will walk away with:  a set of Ma Creme with Ioma Paris

Head over to their page for more information!

Contest starts: 12th Jan – 1st Feb

Good luck!

5 ways to take the perfect couple photos

   Category: Contest, Uncategorized |

A picture speaks a thousand words. So here’re some tips for you to create some picture-perfect moments for your better half!


1) Try something unique & unconventional. 

By incorporating something out of the box yet meaningful to the both of you, the memories of these photos will last forever.


2) Wear your love story on you. 

Have a couple wear? Grab those and take a photo while you’re at it! It’s the only time you can be cheesy and get away with it.


3) Silhouette. 

Try your hand at some artsy photos with the help of some light hitting against you. These photos give off the mysterious vibe as well!


4) Go back to the place where your love story first started. 

If you’re out of ideas of a nice picturesque location, heading back to the place where sparks first flew is always a good idea. It also doubles up as an additional memory behind the photos!


5) Include your favourite festive season into your photos.

There’s no better way to show your affection than through your favourte season that you both love spending time together!



With these tips, you are all set to show the world your amazing love story through pictures!

Goldheart has collaborated with Inked Fingers (considered one of the popular online photographers from Austin, Texas) to develop a Pure Love Photo Diary, which depicts romantic and artistic moments in a pure and true love journey, to inspire and uplift all romantics. Pure Love Photo Diary can be found here: www.goldheart.com.sg/le-pure.

You, too, can create your very own pure love photo diary, and submit your MOST favourite couple moment in the ‘Favourite Pure Love Moment’ photo contest by:

  • Upload your favourite photo of you & your better half on your photo-sharing platform
  • Follow @goldheartjewelry
  • Your caption must tell of your Favourite Pure Love Moment with the hashtag #favouritepurelovemoment #goldheartjewelry

The most creative 3 posts will stand to win $500 Goldheart gift vouchers each!


Here’s an example of how a post would look like:


“This is my Pure Love Moment because this was a candid shot, even though we were posing for a photo.

I was trying to get him to take a photo with me, and in the midst of him refusing, he swooped in with a kiss, thus my huge smile.

That’s how we are in reality; he always makes me smile no matter what.

What’s your Pure Love Moment? Share your #favouritepurelovemoment with #goldheartjewelry! “


Check out the Social Share Contest for more details as well!

Contest runs from 31st Oct to 14th Nov 2359!


So why wait? Grab your better half and say…

Tips to take the perfect #selfie

   Category: Contest |

Taking a selfie is not for everyone.

So, we came up with some tips!


1) Selfie Stick is your BFF

After multiple failed attempts in trying to get your face into the frame, you’ll understand the wonders of owning a selfie stick. Don’t try to run away from it.


2) Never tilt your head so low for a selfie. 

Well, unless you’re going for this look….

Not judging.


3) New shoes? 

Flaunt it like you mean it girl!


4) Learn to use the hashtags correctly. 

#selfie #nofilter #nomakeup

Well, we think you’re doing it right.


5) First date selfie

Going on a first date with a cute guy?

There’s no perfect time for a selfie than now!



Time to put your selfie skills to good use with Nutritea Contest happening now!

Purchase a F&N NUTRITEA Lemongrass with Ginger of any size.

  • Take a selfie with the product.
  • Upload the picture onto your photo-sharing platform with the hashtag #Nutriteasoothes.
  • Your caption must answer “Why do you think you deserve a soothe package from F&N NUTRITEA?”.

The most creative picture and caption will be picked by our judges, and you might just win a staycation!

Contest ends 15 November, 2359. 

So why wait? Take your camera now and say…




Here’s a funny video to make your day! Grab a F&N NutriTea Lemongrass to chase those stress blues away!

Credit: ReelityTV