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#CNYChurpOut @ The Mushroom Pot

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Earlier this week, just like all other families during CNY, we had a little gathering with some of our Alphas for a Chinese New Year celebration, courtesy of The Mushroom Pot.

To start things off, we had a Lou Hei session, setting us all in the right mood for CNY.

We had so much fun saying all the auspicious CNY phrases, wishing everyone good health, good fortune, good luck and everything good. And of course, we created a huge mess on the table which was quickly cleared away once we were done and ready for the steamboat!

We had 2 different kinds of broth, including their newly launched Shark’s Bone Soup (the white based one) which wasn’t included in their menu yet.

We had a superb time chatting with the Alphas and catching up with them over a warm, cosy steamboat dinner. We’d like to thank the Alphas for making time to join us for our little celebration!

Jie Hui (@missgoob) and Jie Ling

Sheila Sim and Nat Ho

Jessica (@Shiberty) and Sam

Esther and Steve

Nadia and Skai

Yida, Billy (@blackalogy), Felicia and Nic!

And lastly, a group photo of everyone who turned up!

Once again, we’d like to thank The Mushroom Pot for our dinner that night, as well as all Alphas who took time out of their schedules to meet up with all of us!

That aside, we’d like to wish all Churpers a Happy Lunar New Year! May the year of Horse bring you and your family good health and prosperity!

Mid-Autumn Festival #ChurpOut

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Hello Churpers! If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen our updates about our Mid-Autumn Festival #ChurpOut that happened last Friday!

Traditionally, the Chinese would have reunion dinners together during Mid-Autumn Festival, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to gather our own family, the Alphas, to have a reunion dinner as well. It was a modest gathering, but we all had fun catching up with one another!

Dinner was kindly sponsored by Pizza Hut. Wondering why there’s a bulge in their pizza? This is their new creation, the Fully Loaded Pizza. It is filled with creamy, cheesy and meaty stuffing. Mmmmmm just looking at it makes us want to have it again!

We had the opportunity to taste moon cakes from one of Hong Kong’s leading moon cake brand, Meixin. Thank you Meixin for generously sponsoring us traditional moon cakes, custard moon cakes as well as snow skin moon cakes which our Alphas couldn’t stop raving about!

We prepared some Chinese Tea to go along with the moon cakes, and Churpie, the amateur moon cake and tea pairing guru, taught our Alphas what tea to have with the different types of moon cakes.

Of course, what’s a Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration without lanterns and sparklers?!

Here’s Benjamin with his sparklers!

We’d like to thank the Alphas for taking time out to spend the night with us! We hope all of you had a great time catching up with one another and piggin’ out on dinner and moon cakes together.

Here’s Billy and Felicia

Esther and Nadia

Carrie and Diya

Miao Ru and Luke

Kelly and Wen Hao

Erica and Marvin

And a group photo around our dinner table!

So, how did you spend your Mid-Autumn Festival? Drop us a comment and share with us!


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