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It’s Bonus Wednesday time!

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Heya Churpers!

Don’t we all love Wednesdays? It means we’re halfway through the week, which kind of means we’re nearer to the weekends! To make the week a little more bearable, we’re introducing something awesome today – Bonus Wednesday!

Wait. What?!

Well, Bonus Wednesdays are randomly chosen Wednesdays when we give you 100% bonus reward for selected Social Sharing Campaigns up on ChurpChurp.com.

Look out for selected Social Sharing campaigns with the label “2x Rewards” every Bonus Wednesday to earn double the reward with every unique click!

This Wednesday, share about Lunamer, Macdonald’s The Spicy Faceoff, Little Red Cube and mioTV’s My Wacky Food Creation to be rewarded with SGD$0.40 per unique click!

What are you waiting for? Grab this chance to earn a little more so head over to our Rewards page and start sharing brand stories on your Twitter, Facebook and Blog now!

Remember to follow us on Twitter (@ChurpSG) to keep updated on when our next Bonus Wednesday will be on!

Have a good mid-week everyone!

[Bonus Wednesday] Time to upgrade to iPhone 4, and 5x your Bonuslink Points. How?

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Been using the same ol’ same ol’ phone for quite a while now? You can finally upgrade your phone to the much talked about iPhone 4 by just by upgrading your line to iDiGi RM 138 or to iDiGi RM 238. Or, simply opt to subscribe to DiGi line if all you do is dreaming and quivering about the iPhone 4.

Get started here:

Been religiously flashing your Bonuslink cards wherever you go? Insisted all the shops to take your Bonuslink cards, just cause (when we all know it’s for the Bonuslink Points anyway)? There is even more chance to flash ’em cards now when paying for the DiGi Broadband! Find out how.

Get started here:

Share this awesome news to your friends today and get rewarded RM 0.20 – RM 0.40 (on Bonus Wednesdays) per unique click.

[Bonus Wednesday!] Earn RM0.40 per Unique Click for these 48 hours ONLY! Let’s win ourselves an iPad, or that gorgeous Sony PS3. Find out how easy it is.

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Just yesterday, we asked you this golden question;

Ever wonder what it feels like to come home from a long day of work or from a tiring class to a  gadget or a game console that ;

  1. Will not argue with you
  2. Will always listen and understand you
  3. Will always give you the chance to ‘try again’?

For these 48 hours only, here’s where you come in to become the bearer of good news; let your friends know on how to win these awesome gadgets, and get DOUBLE THE REWARDS from sharing it in this final week, from RM 0.20 to RM 0.40 for every unique click. Imagine doubling up your current earnings, and then more, and then some more, next thing you know your rewards will be snowballed mountain loads!

Who knows you could win so much from Facebook and tagging your friends? Well obviously Milo knows it best. Share the Milo Fuze Jam Pack game and share the game to your friends on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blog about it, do it however you like within these 48 hours and take part in the play, fun and win crazy awesome prizes like Sony PS3, an iPad and a even a Macbook Air!

Milo Fuze

Share the Bonus Wednesday to your friends and go crazy with doubling the rewards when sharing the good news, and thank you so much for diligently sharing it and use this to REAP YOUR REWARDS!

Here’s how you can share it and start playing it : http://www.churpchurp.com/share/milofuze-jampack/

Remember, share it the right way!  🙂


Bonus Wednesday!

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Oh Churpers, it’s Bonus Wednesday again!!

Things that would make everyone happy:

1)     Holidays – now that is around the corner!

2)     Money – steal a little bit of your work/assignment time to Churp this and this to your buddies (don’t get caught)! Since its Bonus Wednesday, these Churps come with a little bit of sparkle – instead of RM 0.20/click, your payout’s now RM0.40/click for the first 2000 clicks!!

P.S. Be quick! Bonus Wednesday will last only for 48 hours!


It’s Bonus Wednesday Day!

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Hey Churpers!

This is going to be epic.

So we’re hanging around in the office thinking of what to do next for you guys when we suddenly had an epiphany and figured, ‘Hey, let’s do something fun and rewarding for the Churpers!’.

Well, don’t dread your remaining days ahead anymore & pull your long faces in place cause it’s Bonus Wednesday for Churp Churp today!

Social Sharing is bringing you exploding deals and it’s too good to be missed! Well, Bonus Wednesday is rewarding you 100% bonus rewards per unique click for campaigns Astro PVR and Nestle Profiler!

We’re giving away 100% bonus for those of you who are  sharing these campaigns and get RM0.40 per click!

Don’t wait! Head over to Churp Churp & share these campaigns to your friends via any Facebook, Twitter or even in your own blog.

Have fun & have an awesome Bonus Wednesday, Churpers!