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It’s not too late to wrap up the best of 2016!

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We say this all the time, but TIME REALLY FLIES! In a blink of an eye, here we are, done and dusted with 2016 and near the end of the second month of 2017 already. Still, it’s not too late to reminisce over the happenings in 2016 as we recount the highlights and reflect on all the fun moments that we had here at Churp Churp 🙂



Started the year off by invading Royal Caribbean with our Alphas, Jon, Jie Hui, Brenda and Vera as we travelled to Langkawi and Penang 🙂 We were onboard for 5 days and with plenty of activities for us to do, we simply couldn’t be happier! #TheRoyalChurpSGInvasion

We blogged the whole experience on Churp Churp’s Dayre here at bit.ly/churpxroyalcarribean if you want to find out more!


In February, Brenda  & Jie Hui enjoyed their very own Valentine’s Day dining experience at Spuds & Aprons at Faber Peak Singapore! It was indeed a lovely meal with a great ambience, read our full review of the food here at bit.ly/churp16xvday 🙂



We also tied up design & lifestyle store, Naiise with our Alpha, Brenda to pick 10 items based on a specific theme that she absolutely adored!  Our readers got to enjoy discount codes when they purchase from Naiise’s online website too 🙂 #churpsgx10naiisethings


Up next, we were stoked to be invited down to Lepark in May for yet another food-tasting session! All those dishes certainly brought us to food heaven….


We were served their new menu back then and one memorable dish was this Satay Marinated Angus Beef Cheek Stew with fried buns. It was our personal favourite! The beef cheek was so tender that it melts in our mouth and the fried buns went so well with the stew. (it’s making us hungry again!)

Check out our full review here at bit.ly/churp16xlepark


In light of Father’s Day celebration, we listed some recipes on how to whip up some easy dishes for you to cook up a feast for your father to celebrate this occasion. Hopefully this came in handy for those of you out there who wanted to impress your parents with a lovely meal!


Once again, Netccentric partnered with the National Day Parade (NDP) in 2016 to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday! This meant that we got to attend several social media events and received first dibs (such as a peek into the fun packs!) on how Singapore will be celebrating her birthday! <3


During the social media event, they explained to us the theme, concept and winning logo for 2016, which made us hyped up for #NDP2016 itself! It was certainly interesting to hear how the judges chose the winning logo & how they tried to engage the younger generations to join in the celebrations 🙂

Our Alphas definitely had an exciting time watching the National Day Parade last year, read all about Brianna’s experience on her blog!nuffnangmm

Moving on, we are excited to share with you one of the main reasons why 2016 means so much to us – our celebration of Netccentric’s 10th Anniversary! We gathered our Alphas, Bloggeratis, long-time clients and beloved staff to join us at our #welivesocial party as we celebrate all the success that we have achieved throughout the years 🙂


As we were down to the last quarter of 2016, our Alphas & Nuffnang Bloggeratis from Singapore and Thailand rocked #ITSTHESHIP2016! This is the 2nd largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival out at sea and it is our honor to be the official social media partner! 3 days of non-stop dancing to tunes from DJs all around the world, our crew surely had the time of their lives partying all night !


Also, Nuffnang & Churp Churp are proud to be the official social media partners for 2017’s M1 Singapore Fringe Festival yet again! This event focused on local artistes, with participation from fellow international artistes spanning across four categories namely: Fringe Highlights, Live Fringe, Fresh Fringe and Fringe Activities.


All of us at Netccentric come together to contribute to the community every year without fail. We strongly feel that it is important for us to help the less fortunate and in a way, ensure that our community can grow from strength to strength! In 2016, we worked with Singapore Children’s Society to help paint colourful wall murals in Bukit Merah and help to spring clean one of their student care centres. It was a fun-filled afternoon that allowed us to bond while coming together for a wonderful cause too!


Ending the year off the way we know best — Christmas at the Netccentric Office! We had so much fun playing games prepared by each room at the office, all documented nicely in our Dayre post here!  As we gather together as one tonight to celebrate Christmas, we are also reminded of how we should always stand by each other and support one another even more in the New Year.


It’s always great to look back and reflect on all the opportunities that we got to experience in 2016, to remember the fun that we shared and for it to be a source of motivation for us to work harder in the upcoming year. Onward with the rest of 2017, Churpers!

#FeatureFriday – Meet Positive Ray of Sunshine, Cheyenne Chesney!

How was your Valentine’s Day celebration, Churpers? Whether you celebrated it with your loved ones or by yourself, you can always find out how Valentine you are just for the fun of it!

As for our Featured Alpha of the Month, Cheyenne Chesney, she spent Valentine’s Day in school! Currently a student taking her IGSCE and a part-time model, Cheyenne works hard to juggle all her responsibilities while having fun at the same time. We had a chat with her to find out how she started her modeling career, and how her perception on social media has evolved. Let’s get right into it!

1) Hi Cheyenne, hope 2017 has been good to you so far! We saw from your social media that you headed down to Gold Coast last December, so what did you love most about the land down under?

Well first off, I absolutely loved the weather there! Even though there was only a few degrees difference, it felt a lot colder than Singapore. The sky was also so blue, it was incredible.

Furthermore, the theme parks there were huge and had such amazing rides, it was so fun! And I also got to visit my grandma which I only get to do about once every year 🙂

2) The photos on your Instagram feed follow such a consistent theme! Any tips on how to edit your photos & keep up with a specific theme?

Well, when I take my photos I try to follow the same colour palate. Since my theme is white I try to take pictures with a white-ish background. If I had a darker feed I would take photos with a darker background. I also edit all my photos using the same filter and settings so that the photos all match.


3) We know that you’ve been investing more time to build up your modeling career, but what sparked the interest in you to pursue modeling?

I had never thought about modeling before but when an online store approached me and asked if I wanted to model for their store I decided to try it out, because why not? It ended up being so much fun! After I posted about the online store I modeled for, others approached me as well! I was just doing it for fun really, when a modeling agency approached me on social media and told me they were interested in signing me! I was overjoyed that I could make money for myself doing something that I found fun.

4) Share with us more on how you juggle between your academic responsibilities & modeling at the same time!

So far it’s been a little tough, but I make sure I have at least one or two hours to study every day. Be it before I sleep or in the morning when I wake up. During photo shoots sometimes, there are a few models on set so we take turns or they take a lot of time to set up. So I bring my study books to study any time I can squeeze it in.


5) What do you usually do during your free time?

This year, I have to spend my free time studying. Any free time I get I try to study as much as possible. I love to make colourful notes so I try to do it for all my subjects, especially since colour helps you to remember things. This year I’m taking my IGCSE (which is like the international school version of O-level) so I really have to study as hard so possible In order to reach my goal grades.

6) How did your social media journey start off? Has your perception of social media changed ever since?

I started social media in secondary 1. My friends encouraged me to join the different social media platforms when I first joined my secondary school.

Since secondary 1, my perception of social media has changed a lot. For starters, as I used social media more I started receiving hate. The first time I received hate I was so upset by it. I thought it was the end of the world, that someone online didn’t like me. As my following began to grow, the number of haters did as well. They would comment that I’m “overrated” or “boring” or “ugly” but I started not to care. At some point, I realised that their opinions didn’t matter to me. Everyone has haters, no matter what you do, someone isn’t going to like it. So, at the end of the day the only person whose opinion of you matters is yourself. Just keep your head up and ignore those who wish to bring you down.


7) If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be & why? 🙂

Positive. No matter the situation, I try to look on the bright side. I try to tell myself, looking back in the future, would I rather have a happy, positive childhood or a sad, emo one. I like to think that any rough time I’m going through will be over before I know it and that I’ll be happy again and stronger than before.


8) Lastly, we want to know some of your upcoming plans that we can look forward to!

Well as of now, I have a big project that I worked on that I’m really excited about!! But I can’t release any information about it as of yet so stay tuned 😉

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with us, Cheyenne, we are truly excited for what lies ahead of you!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Cheyenne on a more personal level because we sure did 🙂 Don’t forget to follow her on her social media platforms and Dayre!

Onwards with the weekend, Churpers 🙂

4 Social Media Trends to look out for in 2017!

We regularly question and discuss around this topic: What will the future of social media look like? You might already be familiar with the way our social media industry has changed in 2016 — several new features added, a change in consumer preferences etc. Looking forward into 2017, we have analyzed and narrowed down a few of the social media trends that you should keep your eye on this New Year!


  1. The rise of live video content


It is clear that there is now a real shift in social media storytelling. As seen from the success of YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live etc., live video content is now prioritized as the authentic way to connect with followers and it has gathered more engagement than any other content format. Even news sources nowadays are beginning to cite Facebook Live for real-time coverage of major events! More developments that you should get excited about would be Live 360 on Facebook that was recently launched, whereby viewers can totally immerse in the surroundings of what they watch — even from behind their screen.

Last month, Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Charlotte Lum, has also hopped onto the bandwagon and did an interactive Q&A using Facebook Live on Nuffnang´s Facebook page! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/livexcharlotte


  1. The Battle of the Artificial Intelligence lenses & filters

From the iconic (or perhaps, over-used?) dog filters to puking rainbows, there is no doubt that Snapchat’s selfie lenses have created an overwhelming sensation in 2016.

And of course, we can expect other social media platforms to catch up with the trend and compete with these filters once unique to Snapchat. We have already seen Facebook experimenting with lenses and masks for their Facebook Live users, and we believe that the battle of the facial filters could really heat up in 2017!

Here are some of our Churp Churp Alphas & Bloggeratis by Nuffnang having fun with the Snapchat facial filters when they take selfies! ☺




  1. The Mainstreaming of Chatbots

Customer service through social media is huge already, but we believe that it would grow even bigger in 2017. The convenience of social media also means that people bring their complaints onto social media when they are on the go, without further hesitation. Any delay or unresponsiveness to these complaints on social media would reflect badly on the company! With this, more companies are turning to Chatbots to communicate with their customers or answer frequently asked questions. This allows customers to reach the assistance that they need faster and easier, rather than being placed on hold or having to wait for a returned email.


  1. Social Media Advertising becomes more powerful than it already is

Thankfully, the internet has given small and big businesses the opportunity to expand their sales volumes and reach out to their customer base even more effectively. People come onto social media to follow personalities as well as brands so engaging in social media advertising might just be one of the best moves you can do for your business this year!

Even brands such as Sony have worked with our Alpha, Brianna (@briannawonggg) to reach out to their target audience using social media campaigns!

Hope these social media trends gave you a head start to where your company´s marketing strategy should invest in and got you all geared up for what’s to come in the social media world in 2017.

We´re excited about new changes and trends this year and we hope you are too!

Till next time, Churpers 🙂

#FeatureFriday – Breaking into the New Year with Jamie Pang!

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Happy 2017! How has the New Year been? A brand new year also means that a fresh new chapter awaits to be written for all of us! We hope 2016 has been an exciting and fulfilling year for you, just like it was for our Featured Alpha of the month, Jamie Pang! More than just a pretty face, Jamie shares with us about her life as a fitness junkie and a globetrotter. Read on to find out more 🙂


1.  Hi Jamie, hope you’ve started 2017 on a happy note 🙂 Share with us how 2016 was and what are some of your top moments!

2016 was a great year!  I think the highlight of 2016 for me was probably graduation and stepping into the workforce. It was something I was really excited about, though it did wear off a little during my graduation trips.

2.I’m sure one of your highlights in 2016 is your travels! Which trip was the most memorable for you and why? 

It definitely was. This year’s trips had been pretty exciting for me. I traveled to Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Korea.

I think my trip to India after graduation was the most memorable. I know it is not conventionally popular as a holiday destination, but I think India is definitely more than meets the eye. The thing I love most about traveling is observing how people of different cultures behave, and more often than not, I get to see new perspectives and think to myself ‘When I get back home, I want to do that too.’ Or ‘I want to see things that way too’. In India, I had many of these moments and I got to learn a lot about myself while I was there (not to mention an extremely weak stomach!).

3.Now that 2016 is done and dusted, what are your plans for 2017? Have you set any New Year Resolutions this year?

1.Definitely to ensure work-life balance. I just started work this year, so this has been going on pretty well. I can foresee that career may increasingly form a larger portion of my priorities in the near future, so I hope I can remind myself that while career success may give me a huge sense of accomplishment and belonging, quality of life is most important.

2.Resume traveling (however hard it may be). I used to let wanderlust take me everywhere, anytime. I could travel even way before school called on us. I guess it was the privilege of being young and free. I was feeling nostalgic when I looked at my travel pictures recently, and I guess I missed that feeling.  I definitely want to get away this year – at least once!

3.On a more solemn note, while 2016 had been a good one, I’ve lost a couple of people whom I hold very close to my heart, due to various reasons – sickness, unfortunate events. Ever since, I’ve made a mental note to self to appreciate the people around me, show gratitude, and not to hold back from displaying affection to people whom I really love. Entering 2017, I want to do just the same.

4.Any travel destinations you’ve set your mind to?

Bhutan – I’ve always had a nature child in me, so I guess for Bhutan, I’m completely sold to the Himalayas. I read the book ‘Dreams of the peaceful dragon’ quite some time back at a book exchange shelf in a dormitory in Philippines, and it described Bhutan to be an otherworldly place. Even though it was a writing dated years ago, I’m still interested to see the largely untouched Bhutan today!

5.You always seem to make time for the gym. What’s your biggest motivation when it comes to working out? Do you have any fitness tips to share? 

My biggest motivation is making a habit out of it. Habits are the worst to kick! When I don’t get myself to the gym in the morning, I tend to brood about it a lot throughout the day, and I think it makes the day and its progress much less efficient than it could have been.

My favourite fitness quote would be: “Little progress is still progress”. I think many people (including myself) have those days when we just think ‘I’m so goddamned lazy today! It’s so hard to move, to run fast, to squat heavy.’ And then you proceed to drop it all down, and make a U-turn and head off from the gym. I used to be an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of person when it comes to working out, but these days I found comfort in ‘little is better than none’.

 6.We know that when it comes to staying fit, it requires dieting too. What do you usually eat when you’re sticking to a diet and what’s your favourite cheat meal?

I always say I don’t diet, but my friends disagree.  I guess I do have certain foods I particularly dislike, which actually make healthy diet habits. For one, I hate canned/sugared drinks or food. I prefer my food fresh! I do indulge in higher carb intake than people my weight/age do, and I prefer white meats to red meats.

However, I do love cakes and chocolates – A LOT. I think it is the main reason why I work out so much. I can’t imagine how overweight I would be if I hadn’t exercised daily!

 7.Chinese New Year is coming up in just a couple of weeks! What are your fondest memory of CNY? 

I think it had to be the year when my younger brother threw my stack of angpao out of the window after a fight. It was literally raining money for the people who walked by below. We talk about it EVERY Chinese New Year. It’s hilarious and timeless.

8.What’s one thing people don’t usually know about you?

I drink a glass of wine before going to bed every night.

9.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

To become a warmer person in general. I tend to take more time to open up to people, and it can come off as being very offstand-ish.

10.Lastly, what are a few of your favourite places to take outfit shots in Singapore?

Rooftops, like the ones at Kallang Stadium, or People’s Park. I think they’re pretty picturesque and saves me a lot unnecessary curiosity from passerbys!

We’re excited to know what new adventures are coming Jamie’s way this year! Be sure to check her out on Dayre and her social media platforms for more updates on her fitness journey and daily musings.

We hope that this year would be brighter for you than the one that has gone by; enveloped with bliss, well-being and happiness.

Till next time!

Top 5 Christmas Content Ideas for all you aspiring writers!

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As we draw closer to the festivities, we’re all too familiar with cracking our brains for festive content to put up on all our social media platforms. Just one week away to Christmas, everyone’s surfing the net looking for inspirations from outfits to gifts and if you’re stuck on the content to create this festive season, fret not because we’re here to give you some ideas and hopefully spark a light bulb moment for you 😉

Carry on reading for inspirations on what to write on your social media platforms for the coming festivities!

  1. Arrive stylishly to parties

What comes to mind when we think of Christmas and New Year? Parties! The first few thoughts that float around in most people’s mind when we talk about parties are “what should I wear?” and “how should I do up my hair/makeup?!”

Year-end parties are not just a great time for everyone to wind down, anticipate for the New Year and catch up with friends, but also to doll up and look their best!

Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Mong Chin, also known as Mongabong, did up an easy hair guide for any festive occasion so that you don’t have to get your hands twisted for a glamourous night out.


With five hair styles to choose from, mix and match the different styles with your outfit for a polished and sophisticated look!

We know how hard it is to recreate hair or make up tutorials just by reading so click in for Mongchin’s hair tutorial on Youtube where you can easily follow her tutorial step by step.

If you have your own styling tips that will be useful when it comes to dressing up this festive season, share about it on social media like Mong! Surely, someone in need of a fashion tip or two would be grateful 😉

  1. Indulge in good food this Christmas

After dolling up, the next thing on the list would be… FOOD! Indulge your readers with a few simple food recipes that are easy for them to recreate. You can even write about your home recipes so that we can all stuff ourselves in yummy food this festive season! People who are looking to host house parties or are attending a pot luck party will definitely keep a look out for food inspirations.

Our Alpha, Cee often shares quick recipes on her blog. She recently posted a yummy orange popcorn cupcake recipe that’ll be the star of any party.


Here is a simple recipe creating 12 cupcakes so that you can be on your way to serving Cee’s zesty popcorn confectionary:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C Line a muffin tin with paper cases.
  2. Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat until pale and fluffy.
  3. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into the bowl.
  4. Beat the eggs and vanilla and add to the bowl. Beat until just combined.
  5. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases.
  6. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes until risen, golden and firm to the touch.
  7. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

And the ingredients you require are:

  • 110 g butter, softened
  • 110 g caster sugar
  • 110 g plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

We can’t wait for Cee to share with us how her biscoff cake went!

  1. New Year Resolutions

As we approach the New Year, a popular blog content you can dish out is to write about your resolutions next year together with your highlights of the year. It’s not only interesting for your readers to know what you commit yourself to but also thought-provoking for you and your readers on whether you (and them) have actually fulfilled the current year’s resolution. Make it personal by celebrating your victories and struggles with your readers as every milestone will build a connection with your readers and let them understand you a little better.


You can include a timeless template for your readers to use. An example of a few New Year resolutions would be:

  1. Bad habits I’m going to break:
  2. I’m going to work harder at:
  3. A destination I’d like to visit:


Recounting on the year that has gone by is a good way to take stock of what you have accomplished and also be forward thinking in what you want to accomplish next! We personally love reading such posts, stay tuned to Tiq’s Dayre as she’ll be sharing her New Year resolutions soon 🙂

  1. Gift guides

It’s the season of giving and that means you get to be Santa! Though it’s a jolly role to play, some of us might find it stressful to gift the perfect present to their loved ones. If you are an excellent gift giver, come up with a gift guide to make shopping for presents an easier task for all of us!

You can challenge yourself by coming up with a variety of gift guides such as one for different groups of people, sticking to a colour theme or under a certain budget.


One gift guide that we enjoy reading this year is Audrey’s! Audrey shared the presents that she got for her boyfriend’s family and the thought behind it. If you’re running low on ideas on what to get for friends and family, check out Audrey’s version of a gift guide. May your Christmas shopping be fulfilling this year!

Audrey was also put in the hot seat in our monthly Feature Friday segment and she talked about how she will be spending Christmas this year, her favourite Christmas tunes and more.

  1. Christmas home decorations

If listening to Christmas playlist on repeat still doesn’t get you into the celebratory mood, one way to start hyping up for Christmas is to bring the decorations to your living space! Channel your creativity and share some festive home decors that are easy to do for your readers as not everyone has a flair for DIYs.


Especially in Singapore where we’re unable to fully soak in the Christmas mood with cold weather and Christmas markets, it will be great to be able to spruce up one’s room or home! Most useful for those who’re hosting a Christmas party, you can come up with ideas to create a great photo-worthy backdrop for guests. Time to put up the fairy lights and Christmas trees!



One cheeky decoration you can share with your readers is this fabric Mistletoe!

What you’ll need:

  • mistletoe template (available from source)
  • one sheet of green felt
  • sharpie or fabric pencil
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue or fabric glue
  • ribbon of your choice

Step 1: Print, cut and trace the mistletoe sprigs from the mistletoe template to the sheet of green felt. Do this more than once if you’d like a couple of mistletoes hanging on top of different areas to maximize the romance.

Step 2: Glue the stems and leaves where they overlap.

Step 3: Glue the cotton balls onto the mistletoe to resemble clusters of mistletoe berries.

Step 4: Tie a ribbon bow around the stems. Then, cut your desired length of ribbon to create a loop as a hanger. Glue it to the back.

There you have it, many smooch corners 😉


We know it is sometimes challenging to create content for your social media platforms so we hope these few ideas got your gears moving 🙂 Let us know what are your favourite topics to write about during the festive season!

Here’s wishing you a joyous Christmas, spent with the people who bring lots of happiness and love in your life from all of us here at Churp Churp.

#FeatureFriday – Christmas and Chill with Audrey!

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Before we know it, it is already December which also means our last Feature Friday of 2016. There’s only 3 more Sundays till 2017, are you ready for the New Year?! We’re not sure about you but Audrey definitely is!

This December, we have Audrey, also known as Audreyxaudrey as our Featured Alpha of the month. A self-acclaimed carefree and easy-going woman, Audrey loves sharing her beautifully taken OOTDs, flat lays and mouthwatering food pictures on social media. Now let’s take a peek into her life 🙂


  1. Hello Audrey, tell us something not many may know about you!

I started my social media journey by sharing my outfit photos. Slowly, my follower count started to build up and it motivated me to start sharing my #OOTD on a daily basis! I have made quite a number of friends during my social media journey and I am so thankful for them.

Other than social media, I also love playing darts! I am not a professional player but I can be found at the darts café during the weekends.

A funny fact about me is, I can’t pronounce the word “grille” or “thrill” or any word that has “rill” in it!

  1. How would you describe your social media journey thus far?

I am enjoying every part of it! I enjoy taking pictures, posting pictures and sharing about my life. I have friends asking me, “how does it feel that people whom you don’t know personally knows so much about you?!” I think it’s really fine to be sharing stuff online. Fortunately, I don’t get many inappropriate comments online. I have also learnt that most people actually do keep bad comments to themselves. So, things are good!


  1. Christmas is approaching, what is on your wish list this year?

I wish to have an endless supply of all kinds of make-up to play with. All my life, I had been wondering, what’s with girls spending so much on so many types of make-up. Now, I am not so proud to say that I am one of them!

I also wish to be in the pink of health and… I wish for a life time of happiness. Cliché, but #fact. Last but not least, I wouldn’t mind adding one more bag to my collection! Haaa!

  1. What are your favourite Christmas songs and why?

My favourite Christmas song is not the most exciting one… it is “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Aside from that, I like “When Christmas Comes to Town”, the soundtrack for The Polar Express.

I really love Christmas movies though, and my favourite is “Christmas with the Kranks”! It’s a very old movie but it does the perfect job in getting me into the Christmas mood.

  1. Share with us how Christmas was like when you were young versus now!

Christmas when I was young was all about the excitement I get when receiving presents! However, nowadays Christmas is all about gatherings and picking out gifts for my loved ones. I really enjoy doing it because I feel that it’s a very thoughtful process. PLUS! I love to wrap and decorate presents. Here are two of the gifts which I have prepared for this Christmas!


  1. Do you have any tips on dressing up this festive season?

Christmas is all about that sheen on your dress and WINE RED/FOREST GREEN! In other words, Christmas is the season to go bold or go home.

I have a new pair of sequin heels this season and I’m so in love with them, they’re perfect for this season!


  1. Describe your skin type and what your beauty routine is before a big night out.

I have oily skin but thankfully it’s under control now. My beauty routine consists of a 6-step skincare, followed by make-up and HAIR! Styling my hair is the most important thing to do before heading out. Just a fun fact, if I can only pick ONE thing to do before I head out, I’ll pick hair-styling. I’m actually debating if I would pick hair-styling or sunblock but I think I’ll go with the former.


  1. What are some fashion or beauty items that you are loving currently?

My latest addition to my vanity area is the Urban Decay Basics palette. I love it because the colours are neutral so it’s perfect for an eyeshadow beginner like me!


Next would be my Valentino Lock bag in the perfect shade of dusty pink! I carry it almost every day because its so small and convenient. Most importantly, it goes well with almost all my outfits!


Last but not least, the Laneige BB cushion. This product covers uneven skin tone perfectly and gives me a perfect dewy finish. Absolutely loving it!


  1. As a happy go lucky person, how do you overcome challenges and obstacles that come your way?

I try to face all challenges and obstacles with a positive mindset. There are no problems which can’t be solved. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of courage to make things right.

  1. Lastly, what are your hopes and wishes for the New Year?

In the New Year, I wish to have peace in my life. I also hope to master swimming, so I that can head to Cebu and swim with the whale sharks. Haha!


With that, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Merry Christmas from all of us at Churp Churp to Audrey too! May the New Year bring lots of love and happiness to her loved ones and we can’t wait to embark on new adventures next year with Audrey. Head on over to her blog as she shares her festive gift guide and follow her on social media and Dayre for all things fashion, food and fun!

#FeatureFriday – Bren Who?

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No stranger to the social scene, November’s Featured Alpha of the month is the one and only Brenda! She might be a little shy at first but get to know her better and she’ll gradually open up 🙂 Lately her creative streak’s been taken to the next level and her love for fashion can be seen in the way she styles her outfits. We had a chat with her to find out her future plans and the exciting things that’s been happening in her life for the last couple of months. So read on for more! 😉


  1. Hi Brenda! Haven’t caught up with you recently, what have you been up to?

Hello! I’ve been traveling a little bit – and my most recent trip was to Korea with Korea Tourism Organization! Other than that, I’ve also recently completed a 2-month public speaking and hosting class with Speech Academy Asia. And oh yes, I also had my first acting gig for a local band’s music video!


2. Share with us your recent experience with filming for a music video! How was that for you?

I was actually VERY nervous because I had no prior experience in acting and have always been more comfortable being the one behind the camera. Thankfully though, the director, production crew and casts were super fun to work with and that really helped. The MV is already out so you can check it out below!

Here are some behind the scenes from the filming!


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

3. Yay for completing the first phase of classes at Speech Academy! Tell us some things you learnt and what you hope to take away after the completion of all classes?

To be honest, I learnt way more things than I’ve expected at Speech Academy Asia! Initially, I was pretty apprehensive about classes because public speaking has never crossed my mind (I’m pretty shy!) but through the course of 2 months, I’ve learnt more than just how to host but also things like our body language, tonality and the way we present ourselves in front of an audience.

The next phase (acting classes) will begin very soon and I’m actually kind of nervous yet at the same time, excited to learn more! Through these classes, I really hope to pick up new skills such as video production and at the same time, build my confidence level!

4. If you only had 10 minutes to get ready, what are the three beauty products you’d apply on your face?

I would go for… concealer for my under eyes, lipstick for my super pale lips and maybe highlight/contour palette!


6. Describe your personal style and your favorite places to shop.

My personal style is actually pretty minimalistic and simple, and I’d always opt for simple colors such as black, white and grey as they’re very easy to mix and match! Recently, I’ve been pretty into muted tones like mauve pink, khaki and camo green too! I quite like shopping at Forever 21, H&M and some of my favorite online stores would be Young Hungry Free and ASOS. I also like shopping on Taobao because it’s so affordable and seriously, who doesn’t?!


7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would have soup for the rest of my life! I mean, I can always opt for different soups each day right?

8. How will you spend your time if you only had 24 hours left on Earth?

I would probably spend 10 hours doing things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to (such as trying food I’ve never tried, going to places I’ve never been) then spend another 10 hours of quality time with my loved ones! Then spend another 3 hours on my make up, hair and outfit because I read this quote somewhere “Every time you get dressed, remember that if you die, that’s going to be your ghost outfit forever” and lastly, spend the last hour updating my social media platforms for the last time (LOL being very real here).

9. Share with us some upcoming plans of yours! 

I’m planning to get a job or an internship and hopefully return to school next year!


Keep inspiring and doing what you do best, Brenda, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for you! Wanna know more about Brenwho? Check her out on her social media platforms and Dayre 😉

That’s all the time we got, have a good weekend ahead y’all!

#FeatureFriday – #Girlboss and Fashionista, Samantha

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It’s the end of October and as we gear up for the last two months of the year, remember to pause and reflect on what can be done better. This month, we commemorated World Animal Day and featured our Alphas’ cuddly fur friends on Dayre! Be sure to check that out if you’re an animal lover. It is also the month of Digital Fashion Week so stay tuned to what we have to share. But before that, here’s our Featured Alpha of the month!

October’s Feature Friday is none other than Samantha – whom many may know as Societyofsnobs! Read on to find out all about Samantha, she’s more than meets the eye.


  1. Hey Samantha! Hope October has been great so far J Your well-curated feed’s so lovely. Share with us some of your favourite photo editing apps you use!

Hello and thank you! I spend a lot of time on styling and shooting my pictures with a DSLR camera. They don’t turn out the way you see on social media unless I process them through Snapseed, VSCO, and ColorStory.

My favourite function from each app is selective saturation, S2 filter (for a clean look), and lens flare respectively. I’m still trying to master photography so that I don’t have to rely on such functions.

2. Travelling can be very stressful for the skin. What beauty tips or hacks do you have to combat that?


My top recommendation would be to take oral sunblock instead of applying sunscreen. With sunscreen, you have to constantly reapply to get protected from UV rays, are usually greasy, and makes you feel uncomfortable. Oral sunblock protects your entire body from harmful UV rays with just 2 tablets in the morning.


In addition, I recommend bringing makeup remover wipes and hair oil capsules instead of your usual makeup remover oil/cream and bulky bottled hair oil to reap the same benefits without the extra hassle.


3. Online or in stores – where do you normally shop for your clothes and accessories?

I’ve stopped shopping for apparels, shoes, and accessories at physical stores since I prefer to shop online! I love ZALORA and ASOS as there are always huge discounts and free returns. If I’m unsure of the size, I would order 2 sizes and decide which to keep once I’ve tried them on. My favourite brands such as MISSGUIDED are only available online so I’d much rather shop online!


4. What is your best buy this year in terms of fashion and your favourite fashion trend!

My best fashion buy this year is my almost brand new Celine Luggage Tote that I got from a friend at only $1K! Such a steal – she needed money urgently and I thought that I NEEDED the bag. I’m always a sucker for roomy bags. This tote can fit my DSLR camera, extra pair of shoes, outerwear, water bottle, and brolly.


I just have to exclaim that I love the satin trend! From shirts that are pajamas-inspired to slinky dresses to bomber jackets, they exude luxurious vibe and are the most comfortable and lightweight thing that you can wear. I especially love them in blush and champagne tones.


5. Has studying psychology change your perception or shaped you into who you are?

As psychology is all about human behaviour and mind, I believe that it has helped me become more aware of other people’s situations as well as look beyond the surface to understand their problems and empathize with them. I have learnt to control my emotions better and to avoid committing cognitive biases that might pose as a hindrance to my work and lifestyle.

6. Many people know you as Societyofsnobs on social media, but not many know that you are also a director of a construction firm. Share with us what you do at work 🙂 

It’s not common knowledge but yes, I am the director of my construction firm, Hock Chuan Seng Pte Ltd. We distribute building materials and hardware. The business was handed over to my grandfather to my father, and my father to me. I do everything including attending to the cash register and arranging delivery, as well as heavier duties such as contributing to my employees’ CPF and applying for my compound to be leased out.

7. How has being a director challenged and helped you grow as a person?

I became a more responsible and driven individual as I felt the need to expand my business to ensure that I can pay my employees enough. Previously, I was contented to only understand procedures and learn skills that were relevant to me – now, I realized that it is better to try out everything in case these experiences come in handy next time.


8. Tell us what your ideal weekend is like!

My ideal weekend involves a short getaway to a nearby island for scuba diving. Since I’ve recently gotten my Advanced Open Water Diver Course, I anticipate more time to take footages of marine life and wrecks during my leisure dives using my GoPro. Meanwhile, I have an upcoming diving trip at the Open Ocean habitat of S.E.A. Aquarium that would allow me to view giant manta rays and leopard sharks up close. Can’t wait!


9. As a content creator, do you ever feel stuck doing what you do? How do you ensure that you are consistent with updating your social media platforms?

I never had a problem with bringing new content to my social platforms since there are always new fashion trends, beauty products, picture-worthy cafes, and events to attend. The only problem that I sometimes encounter is drafting beauty and technology-related posts since they require more research. Despite my busy schedule (I go to the office every Monday to Saturday, full day), I allocate time on Sundays to shoot pictures of my outfits and beauty hauls. Sometimes, I might even bring 2 outfits out to ensure I have enough images to last the upcoming week.


10. Lastly, it’s Halloween this month! What are some plans you have this year?

I don’t usually party during Halloween since my friends prefer to take it chill. We are going for Halloween Horror Nights 6 though – I attend it every year because it’s so much fun! Have been trying to scare the actors instead but I haven’t been able to. Guess they are really well-trained.


Thanks Samantha for such an insight into your life! We hope that you continue to be able to challenge and push yourself – whether at work being a #girlboss or creating such inspiring feed. To keep up with Samantha, check out her social media platform and her Dayre!

It’s a wrap; the third quarter of 2016!

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In a blink of an eye, we are down to the last three months of 2016! Our Alphas definitely had a really busy yet fun-filled third quarter of 2016 with many exciting activities and happenings. Without further ado, lets dive straight into it 😉

1. A food-filled celebration with VivoCity!
We celebrated VivoCity’s 10th Anniversary through a way we love best — EATING! Together with 8 Days, our Alphas, Jovelle, Shufeng, Melina, Jie Hui, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Jucia and Brenda explored yummy food at ten restaurants including Jamie’s Italian, The Chop House and The Dancing Crab.


Everyone ended the day with happy bellies & happy faces, and enjoyed a great afternoon bonding with friends over food 🙂

img_4025Congrats to our Alphas, Jie Hui, Brenda & Cheyenne who won food vouchers for having the best pictures & reviews. How great is it to be rewarded with even more food after all that eating!

2. Nuffnang ChurpChurp goes to Japan with ABC Cooking Studio

Jie Hui also embarked on a media trip organized by ABC Cooking Studio to Japan along with other Nuffnang Bloggeratis, Mongchin, Juli and Yina. The girls did many activities together to learn more about the Japanese culture through food; such as berry picking and a cookout session at ABC Cooking Studio itself where they made yummy makis and teriyaki chicken!

dayre-4We are glad Jie Hui thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Japan, you can read about what went down on her Dayre posts.

3. Celebrating 51 years of nation pride, Singapore!
Netccentric partnered with National Day Parade (NDP) 2016 once again so we got the opportunity to receive first dibs on the year’s NDP and attend the preview shows as well! Everyone enjoyed the show at the revamped National Stadium. Definitely memorable to be back!

dayre-5Our Alpha, Melina, looking good amidst the huge stadium!

dayre-6A heartwarming experience, made better with fellow talents turned friends! Of course, the highly anticipated NDP goodie bag did not disappoint. Here’s Brenda and Jie Hui donning this year’s bag in style!

4. Netccentric turned 10! #welivesocial, do you?
Apart from our nation’s birthday, we also celebrated our 10th anniversary! It was a night of fun, looking back at Netccentric’s achievements while aiming for many more milestones as a family.


It was also a night where our Churp Churp Alphas got together to catch up and to know one another better! An enjoyable evening for everyone, staff and talents alike 🙂


Head on over to NuffnangSG & ChurpSG’s Dayre for more on what went on that night!


To another 10 glorious years!

5. Bare Your Sole 2016
Bare Your Soul is a charity walk where participants have to cover a distance BAREFOOTED! We are honored to be part of this year’s walk once again.

dayre-10It was a meaningful experience, where we walked over different terrains – grass, mud and even stone trails without our shoes to protect us – something that we usually take for granted.

Together with our Nuffnang Bloggeratis, Valerie and Kelvin, we managed to complete the 2.5km walk! It was pretty challenging but made more fun with one another.


Our dear cheeky monkeys did really well for the walk! 😉

6. Keep up with the stylish Jocina!
We spy with our little eye Jocina in Style Files by Reebonz! Have a read at how her personality matches the pantone colour – airy blue, more over at http://bit.ly/jocinaxreebonz 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

7. Alpha updates!dayre-13Our heartiest congratulations to Tiq for her union and celebration of #zultiqwedding! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so elated for Tiq to have found her happily ever after.

dayre-14Amanda also announced her pregnancy and we can’t wait for the arrival of her baby boy! Congratulations to our hot mama, looking really radiant and still as gorgeous as ever 🙂

dayre-15Last but definitely not least, we have a new bundle of joy in Cindy’s (@cindypau) family, Edith. We wish Cindy and her family all the best; we know she will make a wonderful mommy!

8. Welcome to the Churp Churp family!
We are glad to present our two new additions to the family, Cheyenne  and Gayle!


Our youngest Alpha in Churp Churp, Cheyenne is fun, sporty and ever so gorgeous! While studying, she also does part-time modelling and enjoys hanging out with her friends. Follow her at @cheyennechesney (on her social media platforms) and we look forward to seeing her achieve greater things in life!


An actress and musician at heart, Gayle is a resident actress in the Channel 5 series, Tanglin. She channels her passion for music in music videos filmed both locally and overseas. Don’t let her mysterious façade throw you off! A joyful and personable girl, we anticipate the exciting projects that she will be embarking on.


That’s all we have for now! We’re only a few months away to 2017, let’s make our time count before a new year begins 🙂 In the meantime, follow us on Dayre to get weekly updates from us.

See ya next time!