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#FeatureFriday – Missgoob….or Mrs?

Happy Friday! With the release of Logan and Beauty and the Beast, we’ve been busy hitting the cinemas getting caught up in the different universes 🙂 As for our Featured Alpha of the Month, Jie Hui – more commonly known as MissGoob, she’s been busy living her own love story that she often shares on Dayre. Just recently, she got engaged to her beloved Ah Pei and she shares with us more about her relationship, career and of course, some memorable moments that she shared with her dog, Gooby!



  1. Hey Jie Hui, hope all’s been good for you! For the new viewers that want to know more about you, tell us how you would describe yourself as a person.

Hello everyone! Yes I’ve been well thank you! I honestly think I am very…ordinary. I go to work, have a dog, spend time with my loved ones, eat a lot… HAHA. I am a very easy going person; I am easily contented with things in life. My fiancé Ahpei always marvels at how simple things like eating Yong Tau Foo or watching a sunset can make me so happy lolol. I love love love nature! Especially trees. When I feel stressed or when I’m dealing with messy thoughts, I take a walk to get my much-needed nature therapy. It helps to clear my mind. The longest I’ve walked was 5 hours plus, from Bishan to my then-home in Woodlands!

I am also very very emotional. Tears come easily for me when I watch sad films or even when I say bye to Ahpei at the end of an amazing date night sigh. Or when he is really nice to me and I feel touched lololol. I cry to relieve stress, I get attached to things like objects, plants, animals; I even name my laptop & the stray cats in my neighbourhood hahaha.


  1. Tell us a motto that you live by.

No ragrets.

I really really believe that life has no time for regrets, and we should always pursue our dreams. They can be big dreams like starting your own business (which was what I did), or little dreams like eating a pizza all by yourself. Haven’t achieved that though! But someday I will.


  1. We love keeping up with your Dayre, and we saw that you got engaged on Valentine’s Day! Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! How did you know that your fiancé, Ah Pei is the right one for you? 16464119_1943087612578277_876474869447917568_n

Thank you! 🙂 To be honest I wasn’t very sure at first.

When we first started dating, I was very unsure about us, because of self-esteem issues. I felt very inferior in terms of physical appearance compared to Ahpei (since he’s a Navy regular and I’m this bigger-than-normal girl lolol) but he never once minded my physical flaws or extra folds of fats, and loved me all the same.

It took some time for me to open my heart and fully let him in (HENG HE NV GIVE UP LOL), but I’m so glad I did. This journey has been nothing but amazing; Ahpei taught me how to love and receive love, and most importantly, to love myself.

He always tells me that I’m beautiful (although probably only in his eyes hahaha) and that I’m good, I’m enough. I always roll my eyes at him or laugh his words off as a joke, but deep inside I’m really very thankful for his constant assurance and how he accepts me for who I am :’)


  1. How would you describe your relationship with Ah Pei? 17077670_393898154305395_2649268821835120640_n

My relationship with Ahpei… is a miracle to me. From how we met, got together, got engaged… I really can’t thank guanyinma enough for how things turned out. I’ve never dated anyone before Ahpei but he is really worth the 27-year wait. He is the sweetest, filial, traditional, caring, understanding, supportive and gets along well with my family & Gooby. I can’t ask for more!

Other than that, our relationship is probably just like any other couple’s?? I don’t know haha. I don’t think we are any more special than others. A lot of people leave comments on Dayre to say we are ‘relationship goals’ or ‘diabetes-inducing’ lolol and we are always super amused by that haha. I honestly think every love story is beautiful in their own way, so is ours


  1. Describe your ideal wedding! 

My ideal wedding is one where I’m marrying Ahpei. I’ll be wearing sneakers, a dress I can breathe in, no crazy make-up and hair done, and I will look like myself HAHAHA. Our loved ones, my bestfriends & Gooby will be around. The wedding will be held at Saizeriya and all of us will feast on good pastas & pizzas. This is my ideal wedding but I asked Ahpei already and he said cannot.


  1. We also really love your baking creations! What sparked the interest in you to start baking & eventually turn it into your career?  17334228_1823567234562102_2618806079093473280_n

I kind of stumbled into baking after I finished university! I didn’t want to enter the corporate world immediately after my studies, much to my dad’s dismay. I wanted to learn a skill, any skill. I didn’t know how to bake, so I went for an interview at a bakery (without my dad knowing lolol) and amazingly I got the job.

After a month of monotonous baking, I craved for something more creative. So I quit my job & started reading up on cake decorating and started baking from home. I made my family eat so much cake HAHA. It wasn’t an easy journey; my dad wasn’t supportive of my baking and wanted me to work in an office. But I knew I didn’t belong in one.

We made a pact to let me try this baking thing for one year. If it fails, I’ll write my resume and go to work lol. Fortunately for me, things worked out nicely and I started Goobycakes within a year of baking at home. Never looked back since!


  1. What challenges do you face when running your own business & how did you overcome them? 

The main challenge would be work-life balance. I used to work so hard, I didn’t have enough rest. I worked 7 days a week; sometimes I’d leave the shop at 11pm and start again the next day at 7am. It was crazy. I realised I lost a lot of time with my family, friends, and I didn’t have a life. I even started to hate my work, and that was when I realised I needed to let go a bit.

It was hard to reject customers, since every order is potential income. But I knew I had to make time for the things and people who matter, and for myself too; that cannot be calculated with money!


  1. Can you share with us the most memorable moment(s) that you had with Gooby, your miniature schnauzer?  16585497_612014502328197_1923968932826316800_n

Our first meeting will always be a fond memory. We adopted him from a friend of my mum’s, who owns a pet shop. Gooby was already 5 months old and rather large in size, and no one wanted to buy him cos he suffered from really horrible dandruff issues, and he was already adult-looking and not cute anymore. Even I didn’t think he was cute too HAHA.

But we adopted him anyway, and on the journey home, Gooby puked on me, twice, cos the poor boy suffered from car sickness!! I was so grossed out. Gooby was very wary of me initially, and he was so hard to train as a puppy! But puppies need lots of love and patience before they can trust us. It took months but Gooby slowly let me into his world & started to warm up to me! The first time he allowed me to pick him up and hug him was one of the happiest day of my life!

Another memory is not so fond, but still very very memorable. That was when Gooby suffered from a slipped disc and got paralysed in both his hind legs last year. It was a very hard time for us, because Gooby’s condition had complications and he suffered so much before he eventually went for the surgery. So glad he pulled through though!!

He was such a fighter throughout the recovery process :’) He can’t walk normally like he used to; he limps a bit but he never stops trying to run around the house, especially to me when I come through the door every day  He still give me lots of kisses & we always cuddle together after a long day. Just this enough is worth every cent of the 12k I spent on the vets HAHAHA.


  1. How have you changed as a person when we first interviewed you for Feature Friday in early 2014 until now?15538261_259557687793100_3535112067222601728_n

I don’t think I’ve changed much, except I’ve met the love of my life and am now happily engaged!


  1. Last but not least, where do you see yourself 5 years down the road?  

I hope to be living in my own house, that’s the number one most important goal I want to achieve. I also hope that Goobycakes will be more or less doing well so I can have more time with my laogong, aging parents, Gooby and maybe my baby!


We know you just came back from Phuket and have been quite busy recently, so thank you for taking time out to have a chat with us! We loved catching up with you 🙂

Do remember to check out Jie Hui’s social media platforms & Dayre!

That’s all that we have for today. Have a great weekend, Churpers! 🙂