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#FeatureFriday – Bren Who?

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No stranger to the social scene, November’s Featured Alpha of the month is the one and only Brenda! She might be a little shy at first but get to know her better and she’ll gradually open up 🙂 Lately her creative streak’s been taken to the next level and her love for fashion can be seen in the way she styles her outfits. We had a chat with her to find out her future plans and the exciting things that’s been happening in her life for the last couple of months. So read on for more! 😉


  1. Hi Brenda! Haven’t caught up with you recently, what have you been up to?

Hello! I’ve been traveling a little bit – and my most recent trip was to Korea with Korea Tourism Organization! Other than that, I’ve also recently completed a 2-month public speaking and hosting class with Speech Academy Asia. And oh yes, I also had my first acting gig for a local band’s music video!


2. Share with us your recent experience with filming for a music video! How was that for you?

I was actually VERY nervous because I had no prior experience in acting and have always been more comfortable being the one behind the camera. Thankfully though, the director, production crew and casts were super fun to work with and that really helped. The MV is already out so you can check it out below!

Here are some behind the scenes from the filming!


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

3. Yay for completing the first phase of classes at Speech Academy! Tell us some things you learnt and what you hope to take away after the completion of all classes?

To be honest, I learnt way more things than I’ve expected at Speech Academy Asia! Initially, I was pretty apprehensive about classes because public speaking has never crossed my mind (I’m pretty shy!) but through the course of 2 months, I’ve learnt more than just how to host but also things like our body language, tonality and the way we present ourselves in front of an audience.

The next phase (acting classes) will begin very soon and I’m actually kind of nervous yet at the same time, excited to learn more! Through these classes, I really hope to pick up new skills such as video production and at the same time, build my confidence level!

4. If you only had 10 minutes to get ready, what are the three beauty products you’d apply on your face?

I would go for… concealer for my under eyes, lipstick for my super pale lips and maybe highlight/contour palette!


6. Describe your personal style and your favorite places to shop.

My personal style is actually pretty minimalistic and simple, and I’d always opt for simple colors such as black, white and grey as they’re very easy to mix and match! Recently, I’ve been pretty into muted tones like mauve pink, khaki and camo green too! I quite like shopping at Forever 21, H&M and some of my favorite online stores would be Young Hungry Free and ASOS. I also like shopping on Taobao because it’s so affordable and seriously, who doesn’t?!


7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would have soup for the rest of my life! I mean, I can always opt for different soups each day right?

8. How will you spend your time if you only had 24 hours left on Earth?

I would probably spend 10 hours doing things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to (such as trying food I’ve never tried, going to places I’ve never been) then spend another 10 hours of quality time with my loved ones! Then spend another 3 hours on my make up, hair and outfit because I read this quote somewhere “Every time you get dressed, remember that if you die, that’s going to be your ghost outfit forever” and lastly, spend the last hour updating my social media platforms for the last time (LOL being very real here).

9. Share with us some upcoming plans of yours! 

I’m planning to get a job or an internship and hopefully return to school next year!


Keep inspiring and doing what you do best, Brenda, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for you! Wanna know more about Brenwho? Check her out on her social media platforms and Dayre 😉

That’s all the time we got, have a good weekend ahead y’all!