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What to expect at M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2017?

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We’re looking forward to the latest installment of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival (M1SFF) as it returns next year for its 13th edition! Happening from 4 – 15 January 2017, explore matters revolving identity, beauty, intimacy and many more through the theme Art & Skin.

M1SFF 2017 will focus on local artists, with participation from fellow international artists being involved in categories namely, Fringe Highlights, Live Fringe, Fresh Fringe and Fringe Activities.  Read on to find out what to expect 🙂


Skin in SIN, one of the three artists that will be featured in the Fringe Highlights, is Singapore’s first diverse and politically progressive burlesque troupe. Excite your senses with the debut performance of Foreign Bodies that seek to delve into controversial topics such as racism and xenophobia – topics usually swept under the carpet.


Labels by Worklight Theatre

As a female, sister, doctor, music lover – labels define us, but are we really all these? Explore Joe Sellman-Leava’s mixed heritage, multi culturalism and self-identity with this light-hearted show. .


Si Ti Kay by Akulah BIMBO SAKTI (I am the MAGIC BIMBO)


Under My Skin by Alessandra Fel

Continuing with the theme of Art & Skin, the Live Fringe segment includes performances and talks by artists such as FIGHT! PALAST #membersonly by PENG! Palast, Si Ti Kay by Akulah BIMBO SAKTI (I am the MAGIC BIMBO), Under My Skin by Alessandra Fel and many more!


Chrysanthemum Gate by Andrew Sutherland and Chanel Ariel Chan

New to M1SFF 2017, Fresh Fringe serves as a platform for works in development. A collaboration between Australian theatre-maker Andrew Sutherland and Singaporean Chanel Ariel Chan entitled Chrysanthemum Gate and works by Nidya Shantiniti Thong Pei Qin (Bitten) and Kaylene Tan (Deep in the Heart of Me) will also be presented during Fresh Fringe.

Get involved in 2017’s M1SFF as it goes beyond what’s skin deep! Tickets are already available and can be purchased through the SISTIC Website, Mobile App, Hotline (+65 6348 5555) or any SISTIC authorized agents island wide.

Prices range from $12-25 (excluding ticketing fee), M1 staff and customers will receive 20% off $25 tickets too 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about M1SFF, head on to www.singaporefringe.com, we’ll see you there!

#FeatureFriday – Bren Who?

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No stranger to the social scene, November’s Featured Alpha of the month is the one and only Brenda! She might be a little shy at first but get to know her better and she’ll gradually open up 🙂 Lately her creative streak’s been taken to the next level and her love for fashion can be seen in the way she styles her outfits. We had a chat with her to find out her future plans and the exciting things that’s been happening in her life for the last couple of months. So read on for more! 😉


  1. Hi Brenda! Haven’t caught up with you recently, what have you been up to?

Hello! I’ve been traveling a little bit – and my most recent trip was to Korea with Korea Tourism Organization! Other than that, I’ve also recently completed a 2-month public speaking and hosting class with Speech Academy Asia. And oh yes, I also had my first acting gig for a local band’s music video!


2. Share with us your recent experience with filming for a music video! How was that for you?

I was actually VERY nervous because I had no prior experience in acting and have always been more comfortable being the one behind the camera. Thankfully though, the director, production crew and casts were super fun to work with and that really helped. The MV is already out so you can check it out below!

Here are some behind the scenes from the filming!


Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

3. Yay for completing the first phase of classes at Speech Academy! Tell us some things you learnt and what you hope to take away after the completion of all classes?

To be honest, I learnt way more things than I’ve expected at Speech Academy Asia! Initially, I was pretty apprehensive about classes because public speaking has never crossed my mind (I’m pretty shy!) but through the course of 2 months, I’ve learnt more than just how to host but also things like our body language, tonality and the way we present ourselves in front of an audience.

The next phase (acting classes) will begin very soon and I’m actually kind of nervous yet at the same time, excited to learn more! Through these classes, I really hope to pick up new skills such as video production and at the same time, build my confidence level!

4. If you only had 10 minutes to get ready, what are the three beauty products you’d apply on your face?

I would go for… concealer for my under eyes, lipstick for my super pale lips and maybe highlight/contour palette!


6. Describe your personal style and your favorite places to shop.

My personal style is actually pretty minimalistic and simple, and I’d always opt for simple colors such as black, white and grey as they’re very easy to mix and match! Recently, I’ve been pretty into muted tones like mauve pink, khaki and camo green too! I quite like shopping at Forever 21, H&M and some of my favorite online stores would be Young Hungry Free and ASOS. I also like shopping on Taobao because it’s so affordable and seriously, who doesn’t?!


7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I would have soup for the rest of my life! I mean, I can always opt for different soups each day right?

8. How will you spend your time if you only had 24 hours left on Earth?

I would probably spend 10 hours doing things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to (such as trying food I’ve never tried, going to places I’ve never been) then spend another 10 hours of quality time with my loved ones! Then spend another 3 hours on my make up, hair and outfit because I read this quote somewhere “Every time you get dressed, remember that if you die, that’s going to be your ghost outfit forever” and lastly, spend the last hour updating my social media platforms for the last time (LOL being very real here).

9. Share with us some upcoming plans of yours! 

I’m planning to get a job or an internship and hopefully return to school next year!


Keep inspiring and doing what you do best, Brenda, we’re excited to see what lies ahead for you! Wanna know more about Brenwho? Check her out on her social media platforms and Dayre 😉

That’s all the time we got, have a good weekend ahead y’all!

Fashion with Social Media

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The month of October was not only about Children’s Day, Halloween and World Animal Day (psst, we featured some of our Alphas’ pets on Dayre, do check that out), cos if you don’t already know, Digital Fashion Week just took over our weekends!

You might already know how social media today is not just for personal use as big fashion names are also incorporating various social media platforms to allow the general public to be kept up to date with the latest fashion trends. In conjunction with fashion week, we will be unveiling some interesting facts relating to social media and how it is used during fashion events today.

  1. Fashion on Snapchat’s Discovery Channel


Even though Snapchat is one of the newest social media platforms available, it is fast becoming an alternative way fashion brands are connecting to fans because of its unique features that were previously not offered by other platforms.

Still, Snapchat offers users the experience to go behind the scenes of many of these big fashion names by going on board its Discovery Channel. Vogue, for example joined in on this trend just a few days before New York Fashion Week began in September this year. What makes this so unique and different from its printed counterpart is that Snapchat is interactive. Content on Vogue’s Discovery Channel include seeing (and hearing!) Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor in chief, giving tips on how to look fashionable at the US Tennis Open. By utilizing this feature on Snapchat, fans are able to get such content at the touch of their fingertips.



Who doesn’t want to see Miranda Kerr doing her signature catwalk in her apartment? With Snapchat, you can! This exposes Snapchat users to a world of fashion, which would otherwise be quite elusive.

Other than Discovery Channel, corporate brands ranging from clothing make up, and skin care are also having their own Snapchat account to update fans of the latest happenings, product launches and behind the scenes.


Co-founder of The Closet Lover and our Alpha, Brianna Wong, shares with us what it is like to create content for her brand on Snapchat.

“Snapchat has a more casual approach as the content is available for only 24 hours, so we usually try to engage on that platform by posting more videos! Photos/videos on Snapchat are not edited most of the time, hence the content is more “real.” Between Snapchat and Instagram, I think I prefer Instagram! The content is there for a longer time and it’s always good to look back at old content posted! 🙂 ”

2. Gotta Dayre It!

Many of us use social media to share our outfits, so much so that the acronym and hashtag OOTD (Outfit of the Day, if you’re still unfamiliar!) is widely known to everyone. Fashion lovers tap on Dayre as a platform to talk about their fashion hauls and give reviews on them as well; this allows the community to interact with the user for their personal tips and advice – incredibly helpful for making purchases!


We have our very own Dayre star, Gillian who frequently features her hauls from her favourite brick and mortar stores! Looking good in this Ellysage pleated top, G! 🙂


Brands also make use of Dayre to give exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming apparels! Here we have Joyce of The Tinsel Rack show casing new arrivals in her recent trip to Croatia. Hitting two birds with one stone by sharing her travelogue as well as the outfits she wore.


Brianna frequently features outfits from The Closet Lover on Dayre as well! Platforms such as Dayre is slowly but surely a source of fashion inspiration for all of us!

3. Livestream is the way to go

Front row seats at a fashion show are highly coveted as they are only reserved for the most trendy fashion names. While scoring invites to top fashion shows around the world is still highly sought after, many can now livestream and watch it in the comforts of their own home instead.

Live streaming has made fashion shows a more public affair as compared to the past where we would only get images from official photographers as they were rather exclusive and private. Today, fashion is made accessible for all through live streaming services.



An example of a live streaming fashion show was Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 as part of New York Fashion Week 2016. The show was broad casted live on the Tidal web and app. Fans of West need not be in New York’s Roosevelt Island to catch the fashion show.

Indeed, live streaming has changed the way we interact with one another and our Alphas’ are always on the look out to trying their hands on what is new and in! Cheyenne and Liting are actively on Bigo and they share what they enjoy most about doing live stream with their followers.


“Through live streaming on Bigo, I’ve made so many friends. I have inside jokes with my followers and it has also enabled them to get to know me better and for me to get to know them better too! I’ve watched many of their streams as well, interacted with them and sent them “beans”. It’s also a joy to entertain people and make them laugh, to be able to end the day thinking you made someone smile is really something amazing. The Bigo community is also really friendly and supportive if you go onto the app and talk about your problems as there are people who will try to help you and cheer you up!!”

It’s amazing how an online, virtual community can be of immense support to one another. However, Cheyenne cautions to always be careful when interacting with anyone online. Do not give away your personal details or feel that you have to do anything others tell you to, especially if you feel uncomfortable! Always stay safe on the Internet.


“I usually stream about my daily life / when I’m eating or when I’m free. I’m always eating on Bigo haha people always ask me why I’m always eating on big LOL and I answer questions from followers!”

Live streaming has allowed fashion to be more accessible to everyone because of how available technology is to everyone now. In the same way, it has also allowed influencers to interact with their followers in ways that were not possible before.

While Fashion Weeks are dedicated to reach out to the fashion community, social media and technology have made it even more available than ever. Truly, social media is the way to go and we look forward to see how fashion weeks in the future combine social media and fashion seamlessly!