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Sales All Around Asia!

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Now that GSS is in full force, have you been shopping your heart out? If the sales in Singapore are not enticing enough, why not think of heading out of Singapore! Many of us travel and do lots of research on factors like the weather and country’s attractions but what about the sales season? As we’re on the topic of sales lately, we compiled a list of popular Asian countries that Singaporeans love to visit and noted down their sales season. So let’s get right to it!

Thailand, Bangkok (June to August)


Source: From our Alpha, Kai!

This city needs no introduction. Singaporeans’ favourite city to visit is none other than Bangkok! With lots of cheap street food and apparels, what’s not to love? Aside from places like Chatuchak Market where it’s shopping season all year round, their shopping malls run the Amazing Thailand Grand Sales during June to August which is very much like GSS back in our little red dot. Local boutiques also participate in the sales so it’s not just the same ol’ international brands but discounts apply to local designer goods too!

Hong Kong (December to February, July to August)


Source: From our Alpha, Brenda!

Ah… Hong Kong, cue the smell of dim sums. Aside from the delicious Hong Kong food, shopping is something you must not miss! Their sales season builds up to Chinese New Year which Hong Kongers take very seriously. The sales typically applies to departmental stores and shopping malls, less so of street markets (‘cause it’s already so cheap!). The summer sales tie in with Hong Kong Tourism Board Festival so be sure to grab the guidebook from the Tourism Board to get some coupons and snag vouchers from information desks at the malls too!

South Korea, Seoul (February)


Source: From our Alpha, Desiree!

With K-Beauty trending, we desperately want to get on the next plane to Seoul! Rich in culture, Seoul is a city that provides the best experience to tourists with their Korea Grand Sale. Not just for shopping, it´s a tourism festival that introduces quality Korean products, cultural experiences and includes a myriad of benefits such as discounts for attractions, accommodations and entertainment. The Koreans are really welcoming to foreigners!

 Japan, Tokyo (July, December to January)


Source: From our Alpha, Jon Phay!

A rule of thumb for sales globally, there´s always clearance sales near the end of summer and winter seasons which I’m sure everyone already knows! Tokyo, with its variety of streets selling a diversity of clothing, there’s definitely something for everyone. What’s interesting is that during the New Year season, Japanese have a culture of selling “Fukubukuro” (also known as mystery bag or lucky bag) where the merchants make grab bags filled with random items and sell them at a much lower rate! If you’re looking to travel to Japan during the end-year period, remember to look out for the Fukubukuro.

China (11 November, Single’s Day)


Source: From our Alpha, Ong Ai Leng!

If you’re not travelling near the end of the year, fret not as you’re definitely not missing out on the Single’s Day online sales that’s widely popular in China! Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma took this opportunity to create the biggest online sales on Tmall and Taobao. So fellow shoppers who’ve discovered the gem of Taobao, mark this date down on your calendar because everything is going to be cheaper than cheap.


Remember to keep the various sales season in mind when you’re planning your next trip out of Singapore! Do you have more shopping tips and tricks you’d love to share with us? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear them. That’s all we have for now!

Till then, have an awesome mid-week and just keep shopping, Churpers 🙂

Easy dishes to whip up this Father’s Day!

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Happy Friday, Churpers!

Before you head out to rejoice for the weekend, don’t forget that this Sunday’s Father’s Day!

Jiehuidad(our dear Jie Hui and her adorable daddy!)

If you haven’t thought of what to do for daddy dearest, how about cooking your way to his heart? We compiled a list of easy dishes you could whip up at any time of the day for even the most amateur chefs hehe.

Let’s start from a good & BIG BREAKFAST, the most important meal of the day!

Don’t you feel dining at cafes can be so pricey sometimes and that you could probably prepare a Big Breakfast set at home at half the price? How about surprising dad with some breakfast in bed!

Big BreakfastSource


  • Eggs x 4
  • Sausages x 4
  • Portobello mushrooms x 4
  • A basket of dad’s favourite bread (& spreads!)
  • Salad: a mix of cherry tomatoes, wild rockets, fruits (up to you!)
  • Vegetable/Olive oil (add a dash of oil prior to any pan-frying), salt/pepper for taste


  1. Fry the sausages till skin is nice and crisp. For a healthier option, you may choose to grill them!
  2. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly & dry them before slicing them up. Heat the pan, add a dash of oil and throw in the mushrooms. Sauté mushrooms till tender and brown.
  3. Whether you want your eggs scrambled or sunny side-up, the choice is yours! Sprinkle some pepper (optional)
  4. Place them neatly/“artistically” (haha) on a plate with a mixed salad on the side


Accidentally overslept? There’s still time for a PICNIC LUNCH in the afternoon!

Make it a fun family affair, enjoy the breeze in hair while savoring some homemade quesadillas.  A light meal, perfect for mid-day munching!



  • 4 whole wheat 8″ tortillas
  • 1 pack (8 oz) of cheddar cheese
  • 1 lb skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 tbsp taco or fajita seasoning (optional)


  1. Pound chicken breast till tender. Grill until cooked thoroughly (approx. 4 minutes on each side). Season chicken with taco or fajita seasoning (optional)
  2. Spread cheddar cheese on half of each tortilla.
  3. Once chicken has cooled, slice up each breast thinly and place on top of cheese. Fold the tortilla in half and brush each side with olive oil.
  4. Grill the quesadillas on each side for 2 minutes until crispy and hot.
  5. Remove from the heat and slice into three sections. Voila! Lunch is served 🙂

Have some quality DINNER conversations with your old man!

You can’t go wrong with some steak and wine to fill dad’s tummy!



  • 2 x 10 oz. NY strip steaks halved!
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Kosher salt & round pepper
  • Potatoes (side dish): 2 lbs baby red potatoes (halved), 3 tbsp olive oil, 2 cloves garlic (minced), 1 tsp dried thyme, 1 lemon (juice), 2 tbsp chopped chives (as garnish, optional)


Potatoes –

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Add olive oil, garlic, thyme and lemon juice in a small bowl then whisk together; season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  3. Lay potatoes onto a lightly oiled baking sheet and pour the lemon mixture (sparingly) over the potatoes.
  4. Place into oven and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until golden brown and crisp.
  5. Garnish with chives (optional)

Steak –

  1. Remove steak from refrigerator, let it come to room temperature (takes approx. 30min)
  2. Season steak on both sides with salt and pepper, rub with olive oil and put aside
  3. Lightly oil pan. For a medium rare finish, place steak on each side for approx. 3 minutes (it should be firm around the edges but tender in the centre)
  4. Serve with potatoes

Lastly, there’s always room for DESSERTS!

Always wowed whenever chocolate oozes out of the Molten Lava Cake, you can impress daddy too! It’s actually really simple to bake!

Chocolate cakeSource


  • 100g dark chocolate (chopped)
  • 100g butter
  • 50g plain flour
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 large eggs
  • 150g confectioners’ sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 200C (400F). Butter four basins/ramekins well and place on a baking tray.
  2. Stir the chocolate and butter until smooth in a heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water. Set aside to cool slightly for 15 minutes.
  3. Mix in the sugar, then the eggs, one at a time. Add vanilla extract, followed by the flour – mix well. Divide the mixture between the basins/ramekins.
  4. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until the tops are firm to touch but the center still feels soft. Carefully (you may use a knife to run along the edges) remove each cake and turn them onto the serving plate. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, berries & sprinkle some icing powder over (optional)

* All recipes stated above serves 4 pax


Sounds easy? Try it! Well, if all that still seem tough and you feel really hopeless in the kitchen (haha), there’s still time to create a card with your words of appreciation. No matter what, we’re sure dad will love whatever you give him, it’s the effort that counts!

Have a wonderful celebration ahead y’all! And to all daddies out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY <3 <3 <3

Create with Danone & Win a Staycay!

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“Don’t play with your food!”

“Eeeek! You see, your hands are dirty now!”

Remember hearing those words by mum? Hehe. Not sure about you, but for some of us we always found joy in messing up our dishes and creating “fancy” art pieces out of them.

Well we’re never too old to play with our food and this time it’s ok to explore our creativity without getting caught by mum because…Danone will be rewarding you with a staycation for the best-looking bowl of yogurt created! We all know the benefits of yogurt, how it contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and aids in digestion too, and with the variety of toppings we can add to make it even more delicious, it’s no wonder yogurt is such a hit with everyone.

Here are some inspirations for your winning masterpiece!


Ahh just look at those pretty colours!


It’s Frosty the yogurt man!


Give your best animal yogurt impression perhaps?


No bowls? No worries! Use a coconut!

Photo: Our Alpha, Jucia!


How about some stars for dessert?


In berry wonderland ~

Managed to get some ideas? Now it’s your turn to get creative for you might just win a staycay at Sofitel Sentosa!


Contest Mechanics: 

  1. Snap a picture of your own yogurt creation (it can be in the form of anything like a smoothie as well!)
  2. Post a picture on your social platforms and hashtag #CreateWithDanone #DanoneYoghurt

Remember to set your account to “Public”. Terms and conditions apply.

Contest Period: Now till 24 June 2016


Good luck! May the most creative win! 😉

#FeatureFriday – Our Makeup & Beauty FanaTIQ!

   Category: Alpha, Beauty, Feature Friday, Singapore |

Happy Mid-Year, Churpers! How time flies, half of 2016’s already gone! How has the year been for you? Be it good or bad, there’s still half a year more to make your 2016 count. For Tiq, our featured Alpha of the month, this year is going to be extraordinary! We got up close and personal with Tiq as she shares her love life, her job that girls would love to have and more.

1. Hi Tiq! Congratulations on your engagement! How’s your wedding preparation coming along and how excited are you?

Thank you! I’m pretty much more or less done with the preps, just need a little bit of touch ups here and there. I can already feel the heat of the wedding! My favourite part of the planning is the decoration. I have a vision of it in my head and I just can’t wait to see it all put together!

Since it’s a combination wedding, trying to get it work for both sides can be quite tough, but I think we did well.

2. Tell us more about your love life! How did the both of you meet?

We met in ITE and were really good friends. It was funny because I had a crush on his friend, not him! But we got really close and we were quite comfortable with each other. When we got together, not many people thought our relationship would last but hey, look at where we are now!

3. Since father’s day is round the corner, how do you usually spend occasions like this? Any plans for Father’s day this year?

My family is really simple when it comes to this. We will usually go for dinner somewhere and just enjoy each other’s company. We don’t really have much time together these days, so a simple dinner out is precious!

4. Your job as a cosmetic buyer is really cool! What’s your favourite job scope and the toughest part about your job that not many people may know of?

My favourite part is the free stuff I get! At times, I don’t really have to buy any more makeup because whatever I want is free. But who am I kidding? Of course I’ll buy more in the end.

Not many people know we deal a lot with data. It’s not all about choosing which products to bring in. It’s about forecasting, looking at sales data and all the dry stuff you can think of.

5. As a beauty lover, what’s your Holy Grail make up and skincare product that every girl must have?


Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator is God-sent! I apply my foundation with this and the airbrush effect is really amazing. As for skincare, I love Leaders Insolution masks. Cheap and really effective.

6. Any particular fashion style you love?

I am obsessed with pastels! Whatever I am wearing these days usually have a lot of pastel or nude colours. I don’t care if I look like a clown but I’ll wear light purple and light yellow together any time!

7. Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes & accessories? Any plans for the upcoming GSS?

I am usually shopping online and I love Zalora and Poplook. This year’s GSS will be me buying whatever I need for my wedding.

8. What’s the top 5 beauty items you’d bring if you know you’re going to be stuck on an island?

Tough. Probably sunscreen because I don’t want to end up with skin cancer, eyebrow pencil because eyebrow needs to be on fleek even if I am in trouble, a lipstick, a lip balm and my night moisturiser.

9. Heard you love reading! Any book recommendations for the book worms out there?

To be honest, it is difficult to find time to read but my favourites are The Hunger Games series, Pendragon series and the Sweet Valley series!

10. If there’s one person you can be for a day, who would it be?

Beyonce! I would love to know how it is like to be in her shoes!


Aww, Tiq’s job is every girl’s dream! Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about our makeup-holic, Tiq. She recently got on Dayre, so Dayreans, do show your support!

Don’t forget to follow her on her social platforms and blog as she shares more on Fashion and makeup.

Onwards to the weekend, Churpers! 😉