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6 Tips to Beat the Great Singapore Sales!

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the month of June? School holidays? Travelling?  For us, it screams SALE, SALE, and more SALES! The annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is back again with discounts going on just about everywhere in our little red dot, just take our money already! Some things that’d never get old are useful tips to tackle the GSS mayhem! We asked the good people in our office and even our Alphas to get you ready, so here goes:

Tip 1:  Try the items before the GSS periodGillian

If you have limited time and can only shop after working hours (‘cause you know, werk werk werk werk werk…), then this tip is for you! This year, GSS starts on 3rd June 2016 extending all the way till 14 August 2016. That leaves you with about 2 week to hit the stores, hunt for items that catches your eye, find the right size and note them down. Why all that trouble? So that when the sales arrive, you can avoid the fitting room queues & save time! All you got to do is grab and go.

Tip 2: Dress comfortably

Searching for the best buy requires tons of determination especially when you’re jam packed like sardines in a clothing store. To avoid being a grouch and giving up early in such situations, prepare yourself for the battle! Dress as comfortably as possible (think dresses, shorts & sandals!), carry a small bag with only the essentials. This also makes it easier for you to change in & out quickly in the dressing room 😉

Tip 3: Avoid the crowd, go online!

Squeezing with the crowd isn’t really your thing? No problem! Other than shopping on weekdays to beat the crowd, you could also shop in the comforts of your own home. That means doing some ONLINE SHOPPING! Lots of sites now provide discounts to tie in with GSS and that includes our Alpha, Brianna’s very own online store, The Closet Lover. Stay tuned to The Closet Lover as they’ll be doing a GSS promo too! #goodthingsmustshare But if you’re a hands-on kind of person, you could still browse online to check the catalogues before heading down to their physical stores as you can get a clearer idea of what promotions are ongoing and also decide on which items you fancy.

Tip 4: Check your emails!

It’s happened a lot of times, we subscribe to our favourite brands’ newsletter but instead of reading them, we click on “mark as read” or simply delete them (yup, we’re guilty of that). This GSS, take some time to open up those emails so you won’t miss out on any fantastic deals! In addition, there are some memberships that are totally free of charge with no minimum spending but of course, there not every purchase comes with a discount (boohoo!). The biggest perk of signing up for these memberships is that you get notified via email of their private sales! Before GSS, members get first dibs on promotions so they can get their hands on the items at a discounted rate before everyone else.

Tip 5: Look out for instant draws and rewards programs

Aside from discounted prices, keep an eye out for instant draws and rewards programs especially if you have a credit card! During this period, shopping malls usually come up with instant draws and prizes for shoppers to redeem once they’ve reached a minimum spending. Not to mention, some credit cards have cash rebates or even attractive gifts when you spend above a certain amount too. So if you’re thinking of purchasing some big items (like furniture), wait till GSS to get the biggest gains!

Tip 6: Don’t think, just buy!Brianna

GSS happens only once every year so… Don’t Think, Just Buy! Brianna lives by this motto so if you follow her on Dayre, you’ll know why she buys the same pair of shoes in different colours! But if you keep second guessing yourself on a purchase, then honey, you’re not that into it. So our advice? Save the money for something you’d love!


Now that you have this at the tip of your fingers (pun intended), time to stay on high alert and watch out for GSS updates from your favourite retailers. If you have other tips that might be useful for the Great Singapore Sale, feel free to leave a comment below!

Have fun window shopping this weekend, Churpers! 🙂

#FeatureFriday – Vera Mao: Modern Bohemian Curator

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Now that Mother’s Day has gone and passed, how did you celebrate it with your family? Our Alphas shared their most precious moments they’ve ever had with their mom on our Dayre, go check it out if you haven’t!

This May, we have Vera Mao as our featured Alpha of the month! Vera’s often jet-setting around the world leaving mommy dearest behind in sunny Singapore but that’s what makes their relationship so special, read on as we unveil the person behind the ever-so-stylish @nakedgloryvera:


1. Hi Vera! How are you & how were your recent trips to Paris and Beijing?

I always enjoy Paris – I have friends and family there and going back always feels familiar. I love walking the streets of Le Marais, which is a trendy neighbourhood with numerous vintage shops and independent designer boutiques.

Beijing was lovely as well as it was spring and the cherry blossoms were blooming. I like Beijing for its blend of modernity and cultural relics, and it is always very interesting to explore some of the more hipster cafes there as well.

2. Congratulations on your new job! Been loving it so far? Any advice for graduates looking for their first job?

Thank you, I’m still getting acquainted with the work and learning everyday since it hasn’t been long since I’ve joined. I think for graduates, it’s important to know what you want and then position yourself on your CV accurately to sell yourself to the recruiter. Also, don’t give up that dream and don’t be disheartened if you do not initially receive offers, or if you receive ridiculously low offers. If you invest in yourself and have built up experience and knowledge, someone would eventually recognize that.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words! Go!

Hmm. I would say outgoing, artistic and driven.

4. When it comes to fashion, who do you usually get your style inspirations from?

I love Alexa Chung for her effortless style that is slightly boyish. I also look towards Nicole Warne (garypeppergirl) for her impressive colorblocking techniques, and finally I love French style so I look at some French models and actresses from time to time.

5. Describe your signature style!

I don’t exactly have a signature style, as I dress according to my mood. I can be very sophisticated, ultra-feminine or even slightly boyish at times since I like to incorporate menswear into my wardrobe now and then.

I guess a good way to describe it would be structured, tailored and always well put together with a little bit of street mixed in.

6. Any Fashion tips for your followers?

Always have these staples in your wardrobe: A Breton stripe shirt, leather shorts, a black blazer, a white blazer, a white t-shirt, a little black dress and some good ballet flats. All these are timeless items that would never go out of trend and can be paired in multiple ways to create different outfits.

I like folding my shirt cuffs the Italian way – pulled up to elbow length and then folded so that the cuffs sticks out slightly. It just makes the overall look more chic. Be aware of proportions and silhouettes – if I wear something oversized on the bottom, I would usually pair it with something more fitting on top.

7. Share with us your top travel moments! If you could migrate to somewhere else around the world, where would that be?

Seeing the sunrise atop a hot air balloon in Cappadocia definitely tops the list so far. It was just a really magical experience as you observe the sun rays slowing illuminating the rock valleys, and also the other balloons around you in the horizon.

I would definitely want to move to Paris. I simply love that city and it’s always a treat to be back as I have family and friends there, plus I speak French. And of course – Paris is the fashion capital of the world (I’m very biased) so opportunities in the fashion industry is much more than Singapore.

8. Your social media feed is always so aesthetically pleasing! Any funny behind-the-scenes moments?

I make funny faces to my photographer or do silly dances on camera when I get bored shooting! I’m actually sometimes really childish – I have my moments.

9. What’s your relationship with your mum like, share with us some special moments you had with her.

I have a love-hate relationship with my mum. I think we both miss each other more and have a better relationship when I’m away, as opposed to when I’m there because we’d just annoy the hell out of each other. But at the end of the day, she’s still my mum so I guess that love is unconditional.

10. Flashback! What were you like as a kid?

I honestly don’t recall much but I think one big point was that I was quite bold. I wasn’t scared of bugs, new people or animals, and I would always be stepping on giant beetles or touching something I’ve never seen before. I’m very tactile – that’s one trait I’ve carried onto my adulthood.


Reading all about her travels truly sparked the wanderlust in us! We hope you got to know a little more about Vera and gained some interesting tips on fashion. Remember to follow @nakedgloryvera for all things fashion, beauty and modern-boho.

Cheers to the weekend, Churpers! 🙂

Food Photography 101: Tips from our Alphas!

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With food festivals coming up in the months ahead, it’s time to step up our photography skills! More than just taking a good photo, food photography is all about making the food look as appetizing as possible to excite your followers’ taste buds as they scroll through your feed.

Our foodie Alphas got down to sharing their top 3 tips on capturing the best food shot. Yup, it’s making us hungry already!

We caught up with Caleen right before she flew off to Sydney to embark on her culinary journey. You can read all about her baking story in April’s Feature Friday! Before we savoured all the sweet treats at Plain Jane Café, here are Caleen’s top photography pointers!

Caleen’s tip 1: Visual Recce

Prior to dining at the eatery, head over to their social media platforms, check out their tagged and hashtagged photos from the public, and take a look at the setting of the place. Read customers’ reviews to find out their best-sellers (to avoid unnecessary calories!) and pick out your top 2 favourite spots that you think would be the most photogenic.

Caleen’s tip 2: Timing

Depending on the mood you want to capture for your photo, timing is very important! Plan your trip according to whether you want your shot to be captured in the day or night or whether the place looks better in day or night. Aside from lighting, the scale of the crowd is essential for the perfect photo. Avoid peak hours if you don’t want people to give you the death stare as you spend 10 minutes trying out different angles! (Whenever Caleen’s out with her boyfriend, he gives her the 3-shots rule :D)

Caleen’s tip 3: Subjectivity


Everyone’s perception of beauty differs and that goes the same for photography! Some may prefer a flatlay while others, a close up food picture. Choose a photo that resonates most with you, after all, it’s YOUR feed! But a good camera wins half the battle, and the other half? A good photo-editing app! (Caleen uses Snapseed and VSCO)


Brianna’s a huge foodie and busy entrepreneur, often times travelling in and out of Singapore for work & leisure. As you scroll through her feed, there’s a mixture of fashion and food which are two of her favourite things in the world!

Brianna’s tip 1: Lighting is everything!


One most important tip is to request for a seat by the window or one that is brightly lit! Lighting not only provides light to create a bright or dark photo, they also tone the mood and temperature which helps to create the best pictures!

Brianna’s tip 2: Focus on what you want to show

I personally find bokeh-ed photos more appealing to me. By focusing on the subject and blurring the background, my attention is brought to the food instantly! Keep your message straight to the point via your visual, remove unnecessary things that do not help to enhance your photo.

Brianna’s tip 3: Create appetising images by editing
In order to make your food look appetising, you must first find one that tickles your palate. Then start editing your photos. Brighten, saturate or even sharpen it via editing tools! If you do not have the time to do it on your computer, there are tons of editing apps available for your phone! Add in a filter or two, you’ll be amazed by the results!


A resident writer at a local site, not only does Brenda creates content, she illustrates designs and takes photos for her articles! Her job involves checking out the latest cafés and hangouts which makes her the perfect person to share her secret on ways to take good food photos.

Brenda’s tip 1: Always ensure there’s good lighting!


Good lighting always makes a dish look more appetizing as compared to when taken under unnatural light, so when you’re at the restaurant, do remember to scout for a seat near the windows to ensure there’s optimum light for your photos!

Brenda’s tip 2: Take your photos from a side angle view rather than a top-down view

A side angle view allows the entire dish to be captured, and details such as the layers of the dish / ingredients can be clearly seen. With that said, a top-down view is perfect when you have a few dishes together to form a flatlay!

Brenda’s tip 3: Frame your subject well

This applies not only to food but basically any photos you take! Personally, I like to leave some ‘headroom’ when I take my photos, which is essentially some space between the subject and the frame itself! This ensures the focus is there on the subject (in this case: food) and it definitely looks way more appealing as compared to when taken too close up or far away.


Points taken, Alphas! Hope you Churpers learnt something new from this! We’re itching to try our hand at food photography too. Lucky for us greedy souls, we were invited by Lepark for a food-tasting session to try out their latest menu! Stay tuned to our Dayre to see how it went 😉