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Wrapping up the first quarter of 2016!

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So in a blink of an eye, we’re done with the first quarter of the year! Can’t believe how fast time has passed, it feels like it was only yesterday that the year began. Before we move on to the next quarter, let’s have a quick throwback and recap the months’ happenings!

1. Netccentric in Guangzhou


Early in January, the teams from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand were flown in to Guangzhou (China) for our annual company retreat. Through our daily team bonding games (laser tag!), sight-seeing, meals together, shopping and tons of photo-taking, we came to love the city and got to bond with our fellow Netccentrics even more ;D


And on the last night, everyone gathered as one to…PARTAYYYE like there was no tomorrow! The 4 days of non-stop fun and activities were amazing, hop on over to Nuffnang’s Dayre for a recap! Let’s raise our glasses to another great year ahead! #netccentricsaroundtheworld

2. ChurpSG x Royal Caribbean


Together with our four Alphas @brenwho, @jhwphay, @missgoob and @nakedgloryvera, we embarked on #theRoyalChurpSGInvasion where we visited Penang & Langkawi and got to enjoy the wonders of cruising onboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas! Check out our blogpost on the Top 10 Things to do on RCC and Dayre for more on our everyday sailing 😉

3. February…the month of love!


In collaboration with Mount Faber Leisure Group, our Alphas, Brenda and Jie Hui, were featured on 8Days & iWeekly for their Valentine’s Day special. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of the shoot! Jie Hui’s all smiles and enjoying her lovely “date” despite the heat and wind in hair 😛


Managed to spot them? 😀

4. Welcoming Netccentric x National Day 2016!


Our Alphas Brenda, Xinlin, and Kelly were invited to the first NDP media event for the year! Netccentric will be partnering with NDP once again this year and through these media events, we’ll be receiving first dibs on how Singapore will be celebrating her birthday come 9 August 2016! Check out our Dayre  for what went on and stay tuned for more!


5. Now for some Alpha updates!  


Congrats @cindypau! As many of you would know, she’s pregnant with her first child 🙂  This is why she hasn’t really been very active on her social platforms but do follow her Dayre for more updates as she preps for life as a mummy!


Now that she’s halfway through her second trimester, gone are her morning sickness and she has since started to dress her bump! Looking beautiful as always and exuding that pregnancy glow, Cindy!


Come this weekend, @caleen will be flying over to Sydney to study culinary at Le Cordon Bleu, she is indeed chasing her dream and has come a long way from baking her first bread during her tertiary days to starting Project Kitchen Lust!


Want to know more about her baking journey and the best street food she’s ever had? Stay tuned to our Feature Friday this week where she answers all that and more!

6. Let’s welcome our new Alphas to the family!

A round of applause for Cee Tay (@ardaisy_), Tiq (automatiqhigh) and Liting (@gnitil)!


A final year undergrad, Cee’s well-curated feed showcases her take on finer things in life where she dabbles with food, fashion, DIY tutorials and all things beautiful. Follow Cee for her fun edventures (edible adventure) where she comes up with “photo-worthy” recipes for you to feast your eyes and belly!


A beauty junkie, Tiq is living her beauty dream as a junior buyer at a cosmetic chain. One of the perks of her job involves experimenting with the latest beauty products in which she enjoys sharing with her readers. Aside from make-up, she adds edge to hijab fashion, standing out from the rest. Follow Tiq for the latest tips and tricks on makeup, dressing up the hijab and more!


Liting is the epitome of young, wild and free! Filled with sass and spunk, Liting, an ex-gymnast and thrill seeker, is always up for adventures. Like most teenagers, she enjoys spending time with her friends and her relationship with her boyfriend is most adored by her followers. Follow Liting and her blog for a greater insight into her personal life as well as anything beauty and fashion-related.

We hope your first few months into 2016 has been good thus far! Go on and rock the rest of your year!

Have an awesome mid-week, Churpers 🙂