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Your Guide To Travel Planning This Holiday Season!

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It’s…..Spring time!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being surrounded by cherry blossoms, taking in the sweet aroma of flowers or being stranded in beach paradise, feeling the soft warm sand, while hearing waves crash against the shore. Bet you can’t wait to get out of Singapore already! I mean, come on the weather’s been cray in our little red dot…

Good news is that it’s still the holiday season and weather in places such as Japan, Bali, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam is splendid at this time of the year! Let us tempt you with more!

Cherry Blossom


Source: from our Alpha, Constance!

As many would know, March to April is Japan’s Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season! Witness the magical sight of these beautiful sakuras with your loved ones as they will be at their full bloom in early April! Can’t think of a creative pose? Get kooky and do the classic para-para dance with the sakuras blooming in the background!


Source: from our Alpha, Jon Phay!

The best time to travel to Bali is from April to June and September! Accommodations and shops offer more discounts during this mid-season and what’s more, the place is less crowded too! You’ll find fewer photo-bombers in your photos.

Aside from Bali, the perfect beach destinations in Asia this season are *drumrolls* Sri Lanka, Philippines and Vietnam! April is one of the best months to frolic in the sun at Tangalla Beach in Sri Lanka, snorkel at one of the many islands in Cebu and unwind at Non Nuoc  Beach in Danang.


There are lots to do in Sri Lanka besides hitting up the beach! Take a cultural walk through their temples and museums, be in touch with wildlife at their national parks (there’s so many to choose from!) and sightsee around the bustling streets of Colombo.


Danang, the fourth largest city in Vietnam, offers unique attractions that bring the best of South Central Vietnam to you. Climb up the steps of Marble Mountains to witness the panoramic views across Non Nuoc Beach or China Beach, explore their series of caves and tunnels and educate yourself on the history of Marble Mountains! Delve in the cultural side of Danang as you ride (or hike!) up to Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain for Linh Ung Pagoda, a divine attraction featuring a 67 meters-tall white statue of the Goddess of Mercy.

If you’re planning for a short vacation next month, we hope we’ve taken a load off your back! Take this time to venture into these countries for a different travel experience. But before we leave you to share this with your friends … probably one of the most important part of travelling is packing! We asked some of our Alphas to give you an insight into their top 5 travel essentials. Soooo here goes!



Desiree shared with us on the nitty gritties that makes a difference when travelling!

  1. Camera –  to document and share what I’ve experience on my social media platforms
  2. Jewelry box to hold my earrings –  this tiny box makes earring switching up a lot easier (psst.. you can get this from Daiso!)
  3. Comb from Tangle Teezer –  my hair gets tangled really easily, so this is a life saver
  4. Make up Bag from Muji –  holding my favourite skin and make up essentials
  5. Earpiece –  cannot live without my music when I travel. It also drowns out the noise on board


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Aside from the usual photo-taking, Cee puts in even more effort when capturing her vacations! Lusting over her marble macbook skin? Go get it from her very own e-store!

  1. My cameras, of course. A regular DSLR and a polaroid to capture extra special moments.
  2. My tech stuff! If I’m travelling for long periods of time, I will bring my laptop along so I can reply to emails and edit on the go. I also need a trusty power bank because I’m always taking photos on my phone thus the battery runs out really quickly.
  3. A pair of basic black sunglasses that will match any outfit.
  4. Makeup, for sure! I usually buy a new perfume for every trip because I believe scents can help take you back in time. For example, when I’m back in Singapore and I use the same scent I get reminded of my vacation. I also bring along a neutral lip colour that will also go with any outfit, an extra hydrating one if I’m going to colder countries.
  5. A backpack! I prefer to travel with backpacks as I usually carry a lot of things with me (and also because cameras are heavy!) I bring along a small crossbody bag for when I am just running to the mall to grab food.

Oh and lastly, my passport!



Jason recently visited Bangkok, a city frequented by many Singaporeans. How did he make his way through the Land of Smiles?

  1. Camera + tripod – My tools used for bringing the stories back home. Love capturing moments of Limaran (Aww so sweet (love eye emoji))
  2. Shades – They sure come in handy in the sun blazing BKK
  3. Travel adapter – To get all my gadgets charged and ready to go
  4. Passport – The best stories of your life is found in this tiny book
  5. Google map – Where there’s Google map, there’s a way… Well sorta



When Jie Hui isn’t busy baking at Goobycakes, she enjoys a holiday filled with sun, sand and sea!

  1. Shades – Shades are important cos they protect your eyes from harmful sun rays! A bit shy to admit, but I got these heart-shaped shades from Minitoons when I was still a secondary school student HAHAHA! I really liked this pair & I’ve been bringing it along with me for years! It was an awesome ice breaker when I met some villager kids in Bintan! 😉
  1. Underwater Camera – My favourite kind of vacations involved lots of chill time exploring islands, beaches & marine life so some time last year, I decided to invest in a proper camera that can go into the water! After asking around for suggestions on Dayre (huge thanks to the ever helpful community!), I finally got the Nikon AW 120! It costs only $429 but takes super legit underwater shots! Brought it along for my Bali trip last year!
  1. Waterproof Bag – Got my Karana Ocean Pack from a local sports shop during my Phuket trip years ago after my best friend recommended it to me. We were there during Songkran; locals splashed water at anyone and everyone so this was a life-saver when we were out on the streets! If you like to do water sports or visit the beach, this is a good way to keep your important belongings safe and dry. Mine is the smallest size – 5 liters, but it is good enough for me to bring along my passport, camera, phone, wallet, bottle of water & even an extra set of clothes when I went on a snorkeling trip!
  1. Travel pillow – I’m the type that needs to hug something when I sleep HAHA. Since I can’t bring my Gooby with me when I travel, I bring along my favourite watermelon travel pillow. Got it for like $5 from Cotton On! What a steal hehe. It’s a really nice size to hug (similar to Gooby lolol) & the best thing is, I can easily squeeze it into my luggage! If it doesn’t fit, I’ll gladly hand-carry it too cos it’s so cute! #notshy
  1. Extra Luggage Can’t stress on the importance of an extra luggage especially if you’re going to a shopping destination like Thailand or Korea! I usually buy lots of local snacks for family and friends so an empty bag/luggage would come in handy for packing the bulky boxes of food! If you’re not particular about the brand, you can get cheap ones at the local street markets! They come in all kinds of sizes and colours; I had such a hard time choosing mine in Seoul hehe. I totally take shopping very seriously. 😉



A well-prepared traveller makes a good travel buddy! Carrie shares with us on how she preps for a trip!

  1. iPhone – What a great device right? All the information at my fingertips. I still remember back when there was no smartphone and I would write down all my itinerary / spots to visit / maps in a notebook or print them out and carry them around. But now, with an iPhone, I don’t even have to prepare for a trip. And I like that I can still work on my music on the go! iPhone takes great picture with ultra fast start up too! As much as I looooove my compact camera, sometimes I still shoot with my iPhone bcause it’s always in my hands.
  1. Local sim card  This is very very very important for me because I like to spontaneously change my travel plan! So I need to be able to search the map, search yelp, or even change my air tickets as I travel.
  1. Medicine pouch (including Vit C) It’s easy to catch a bug during travels and I like to be prepared!
  1. A Good pair of Walking Shoes There’s too much walking when you are traveling to be wearing anything uncomfortable! I’m just glad I found a pair of white sneakers from Topshop that matches EVERYTHING and is super duper comfortable.
  1. My Favourite Instant Coffee – I HAVE to start every day with a cup of coffee. I can’t function without that first cup. But I wouldn’t want to have to spend time hunting for that first cup every morning in foreign land, so I bring my own! Yes, I’m an addict!!! If you are an addict like me, please bring your own coffee, your travel companions will thank me!


Hope you’re all packed and ready to go forth and embark on your next adventure! Till next time, Churpers! 🙂