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Top 10 Things to do onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises!

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If you haven’t heard about #TheRoyalChurpSGInvasion then hop on over to our Dayre to read all about it! We often get the common misconception that “cruising is boring”, “there’s nothing to do!”… Well, we were onboard for 5 days and couldn’t be happier, let us show you how we cruise!

Here are the…


1. Chill out on the deck





And perhaps a cocktail in hand? 😀 That’s practically all we need for a day out on the deck. It’s the perfect place to people watch and get that glowy suntan you’ve always wanted, and when the weather gets a little too hot, have a dip in the pool and soak up the sun!

It’s hard not to miss the gorgeous sunset!

2. Breakfast in bed 

Breakfast in bed

Feeling hungry but don’t wanna leave your bed? With 24 hours room service, get comfy in your PJs and have your breakfast (lunch or dinner) under the sheets or take it out to the balcony overlooking the great blue sea!


3. Watch a movie under the stars

movie under the stars

Source: Cruiseweb

When night falls, the fun doesn’t stop there. Get comfy in the hot tub and catch a flick set against the pitch darkness of the open seas.

4. EAT! 

You’ll never go hungry onboard! With food available all day long at various eateries, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Dine in style at Chops Grille ($), Mariner of the Seas’ most premium restaurant, where they take pride in serving the best steaks.

Dress to impress on formal night and reenact that timeless scene in Titanic as you enter the Main Dining Hall.


5. Get physical!

For all you fitness enthusiasts out there, sweat it out at Royal Caribbean’s sports deck where you can…

Channel your inner Spiderman at the rock climbing wall

Shoot some hoops with your pal

RunningRun, Vera, run…

Get a 360 degrees view as this track loops around the entire deck!

Lift some weights like our muscleman @jhwphay at the state-of-the-art fitness centre where you can also sign up for yoga classes and more!

There’s something for everyone, so pick your sport or try it all!


6. Entertain the kids!

Well, although we didn’t sail with kids, we thought this might be useful for families out there.

Check out the award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program that offers activities that are both fun and educational.

On top of that, there’s even an arcade area, inline skating track and mini golf course to spend some quality family time!

I like to move it move it!

The kids and adults will enjoy these flash performances by DreamWorks’ Madagascar, held at the poolside and in the Royal Promenade during various timings of the day!


7. Watch Ice Skaters in awe

Be mesmerized and wow-ed by the twists and twirls of professional figure skaters in ICE Under the BIG Top. Don’t miss this spectacular circus on ice!


8. Catch a Broadway performance

broadwaySource: SmartCruiser

If you are in the mood for drama and the arts, head down to the majestic Main Theatre in the evening for a night of singing and dancing set to a live orchestra. What’s more, the Main Theatre also screens movies throughout the day if you’re just looking for some chill time indoors!


9. Explore the ship’s bow

helipad2 helipad
Who knew the helipad could provide such good photo-taking opportunities!

Look out into the horizon as the ocean breeze runs through your hair and bask in the moment.

Yet another Titanic moment as shown here by @missgoob!

10. Party the night away at Dragon’s Lair

Pop some champagnes, put on your dancing shoes and groove to the beat!

So that wraps up our top 10 things to do onboard Royal Caribbean’s Marina of the Seas! In case you’re a little lost on how to go about each day, fret not as you’ll receive a programme sheet daily to help you keep track and be on top of the schedule. There’s definitely something for everyone! 😀

Royal Caribbean’s extensive fleet of ships caters to all. While Mariner of the Seas’ sailing season starts from October through to March with 40 over sailing dates to choose from, the next sailing period to look out for would be in May 2016!

Voyager of the Seas, sister ship of Mariner of the Seas, will be back in Singapore for a special new season offering a 3-, 4- and 7-night cruise. On top of all the exciting onboard features such as the Royal Promenade, ice skating rink, full-sized sports court and DreamWorks Entertainment, this ship also has the FlowRider surf simulator and Virtual Balcony staterooms. This ship is 15 decks high, carries 3,840 guests and is the largest cruise ship in the region! The following cruise routes might interest you!

3 May 2016

4-night cruise to Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang) and Phuket

7 May 2016

3-night cruise to Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang)

10-May 2016

7-night one-way cruise to Bangkok (Laem Chabang) (overnight), Nha Trang and Hong Kong

Package that includes one-way airfare from Hong Kong to Singapore is available

Visit www.royalcaribbean.com.sg or call 6305 0033 for more info on the attractive promotions.


We hope you enjoyed cruising with us! Have a good month of March everybody 😀

#FeatureFriday – Jazreel Tan, the “Happiest Jewelry Maker on Earth”

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Whether or not we’ve fulfilled last year’s resolutions, it’s a brand new year & brand new start for us all! Today, we meet the lovely @jazreeltan, founder of online jewelry store, Sensibar. Passionate about what she does, Jazreel stays true to who she is with her down-to-earth personality and positive mindset. Let’s find out what’s been going on in her life… 🙂

Slide1 (words)

1) Happy New Year Jazreel! Tell us how you spent your new year.
Happy new year, all of you! It’s barely been 40 days into 2016 but things have been going fiercely for me (enjoying every bit though!).

I’ve been caught up with lots and lots of work over at Sensibar. Early January saw me going through a series of intense brainstorming (and handiwork) for our first outdoor event. It was such a physical and mental challenge but I’m really happy to have made it through!

To celebrate this achievement? I’ve decided to become one with my bed for the next 2 days.
Moving forward, it’s just been more work. The season of gifting does not stop at Christmas. Work for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day started once Christmas ended!

At this point, you might think I’m a workaholic. You’re probably not wrong. :p

As cliché as it sounds, when you love what you do, you don’t really know when to stop. You don’t just stop loving what you love, right?

So.. Yes! I just keep working because fortunately for me…. I love my work! 😀

Apart from “real” work, there’s just even more waiting to be done for upcoming “big things” like a new home and a wedding.

So far, I think I’ve been spending 2016 creating lists after lists of to-dos and busily striking out the items.

What’s a human to do?



2) What was your biggest takeaway in 2015?
Can I have 2?

The big takeaway:

You can’t please everyone so fend for yourself. Be brave.

The world doesn’t always agree with your decisions. You just need to know how and why you arrived at making that decision. Stick to it.

The bigger takeaway:

Happiness is not overrated.

Do what makes you happy. You don’t have to be incredibly happy all the time but surely you shouldn’t  be feeling upset. Your happiness does matter so always choose happy.


3) Since CNY is round the corner, tell us your favorite part about the Lunar New Year?

It’s a fine combination of people, food and atmosphere. I think I have about 8-10 louhei sessions every Lunar New Year yet every new plate of yusheng appeals to me. I know many people ‘aim’ for the raw fish/crackers but I love the vegetables. My first and favourite phrase to say during a louhei is 身体健康. Nothing beats health, right?


4) Congratulations on your engagement last year! How does it feel like being a fiancée?
Awww thank you so much! 🙂 I do feel equally incredible whether I’m a girlfriend, fiancée or wife. My wonderful partner makes my life very enjoyable, with equal parts being challenging haha! As with all status progressions, there will also be added responsibilities. I feel the need to be even more grown up than I already am with the thought of being a forever wife and taking ownership of a house.

With beer in one hand and a chicken wing in another, Leroy (my fiancé) always tells me that “Life is good!” and I can’t agree enough. Life has its challenges but I’m sure we’ll make it fab together! So far, I think we’re doing a great job apart from the need to step up on our wedding preparations hehehe 😀

I do look forward to the day where I go from being fiancée to wife. Going from being girlfriend to fiancée is probably just a small step as compared to the great leap from being fiancée to wife. Life is going to be much fun!


5) What is the one food you can’t live without?
Oatmeal. It is fast becoming my ultimate comfort food. I loveeeeee a healthy (or unhealthy hehe) dose of carbs and I can actually finish an entire loaf / baguette in one sitting! I don’t think I can ever eliminate carbs from my diet. But these days, I do choose my carbs wisely and I think it has to do with age (and the lack of a youngster’s metabolism).

6) How was your trip to New Zealand last year!

For the first time in my life, I actually felt small. Very very small. There were plenty of opportunities to interact with nature’s goodness and I saw how God is indeed in the details.

I’ve also shared many firsts in New Zealand. Here’s a quick list off my head:

  • Skydived from 12,000 ft and INTO A FULL CIRCLE RAINBOW
  • Lived in a campervan like a boss for almost 10 days
  • Drove a big campervan (in my standards) which I initially feared but grew to love
  • Freedom camping* in winter and sleeping with bags of heat packs pasted all over myself
  • Writing a more-than-50page travellogue for 10 days, complete with illustrations good enough for my own viewing pleasure
  • Being in the midst of it all while snow falls from the sky
  • Snowboarding
  • White and black water rafting in the winter freezing waters
  • Trout fishing

Due to some last minute hiccups, my close friends and I also ended up having close to zero connectivity for 2 weeks. Yet, that proved to be the best thing that ever happened. Unplugging was truly refreshing. Everyone should do it once in a while.

Looking out to rolling mountains, sipping on wine and savouring the trout that we’ve caught by ourselves? Ahhhhh, life is good.

I do have so much things but so little time to say about my trip. Too glad that I kept a travellogue this time!

*Freedom camping, in my definition, means sleeping outdoors in a campervan without any heater. Fortunately or unfortunately, this means having to brave through some cold, dark winter nights


7) If there’s anywhere in the world you could visit, where would that be?
Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan. Japan.


8) What is it like growing up in a BIG family?

This is what I first say whenever someone asks this question.

I clearly remember one incident where my entire family was in the car and my dad suddenly shouted “Keep quiet! I cannot hear the radio!” #truestory of what it’s like growing up in a family of 7. Maybe my dad could have heard the radio if it was a car full of boys. But no… my lucky parents have 5 daughters (read: girls talking non-stop), me included :p

On the brighter side for me, a big family is always fun. I grow up having many play partners. Being the middle child, I also get the best of both worlds with lots of experiece in learning to love a younger sibling(s) and to be loved by an older sibling(s).

Travelling as a family also proved to be difficult. I do hope that we have more opportunities to bring my parents to travel now that we’re less young and can take care of ourselves 🙂

Above all, I am thankful that even though we’re a big family, we’re always supportive and harmonious. I count my family as my greatest gift and blessing.


9) What inspired you to start Sensibar and what are some lessons you have learnt from this?
Sensibar and I… We go a long way back. I actually started Sensibar in 2006 when I was 17. Since young, I’ve always enjoyed making things and Sensibar became a secret outlet for me to satisfy my needs – aka make things.

As much as I like making wearable accessories, I also enjoy communicating with customers. Over the years, I have become friends with one too many customers and before anyone could realize, we were exchanging emails in essay-lengths! Just imagine the amount of time spent writing an email!

While some may find it weird talking with a “stranger”, I actually enjoy and appreciate it. Through Sensibar, I had the opportunity to chat with countless people and find it truly humbling that people trust me enough to share their heartfelt moments with me.

I really like making things but it’s the people that keeps me and Sensibar going.

My greatest lesson would be to love and serve all.This quote by Mother Theresa stuck with me for the longest time, “We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

Ultimately, I do want to keep Sensibar as an avenue for me to share the word of love with people through the humble works from my hands. There are many ways to express love and I guess this works best for me.

10) Any goals and resolutions for 2016?
Wayyyy too many things to complete in 2016 but I guess only one will do for this entry..

Always making it a point to choose “happy”.

Happy 2016, everyone!


Hop on over to Jazreel’s Dayre for more on her day-to-day life and musings!

Love is in the air at Faber Peak Singapore

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Good day y’all!

It’s the month of feasting and extra tender loving care from (and for) that special someone in your life.

If you haven’t got a clue on where to bring your loved one, allow us to take you through on our very own Valentine’s Day dining experience at Spuds & Aprons @ Faber Peak Singapore!

Yum yum let’s get started!

Table’s set for a romantic evening ahead hehe

100m above sea level…Check out that sunset view!

Tian of Mud Crab with Avocado, Tomato, Crispy Oyster Fritter and Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

The combination of shredded crab and avocado was soooo good!

Consomme of Silken Hen Chicken Roulade and Black Truffles which was really flavorful right from the first sip!

Slow Roasted Black Angus Beef with Pan Fried Gras, Breaded Dumpling and Merlot Jus

Portion was huge but it was tender with every bite

Confit of Salmon and Prawn Parcel, Quinoa Risotto, Asparagus, Baby Carrot and Fennel Cream Sauce

@missgoob’s favourite salmon! Notice there’s a heart in every dish, truly cooked with love 😀

When things got a little too dark, it’s flash light to the rescue!

An Apple Puff Pastry Heart with Rum and Raisin Ice Cream and Chocolate Fudge Sauce to end our meal. Boy, were we full but overall, we had a great meal complete with the perfect ambience!

Hop over to @missgoob’s Dayre to read all about her foodie & photoshoot journey at Spuds & Aprons (:

This menu is available from the 12th to 14th February!

12th & 13th February – $168++ per couple (3-course set meal)

14th February / Valentine’s Day – $238++ per couple (4-course set meal)

Inclusive of a glass of Sparkling Cocktail as well as a box of Vday chocolates for every couple : )

Brenwho vdayCheck out @brenwho & @decadentdrama’s post on their magical Dining on Cloud 9 (sky dining) experience!

There’ll be activities for all at Faber Peak on Valentine’s Day itself too. Decorate a cupcake for your valentine, pen down your message on Love Rocks, make a wish with the Wishing bells, cosy up and watch a movie under the stars (for diners), and don’t forget to capture all these memories at their photo booth!

For bookings and more information, visit www.faberpeaksingapore.com

Have a Sweet Valentine’s at Faber Peak Singapore! But like what everyone who’s truly, madly, deeply in love says, EVERYDAY is Valentine’s Day hehe <3