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2015 in a Flash…Happy New Year Churpers!

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Whooshhhh time’s been passing way too fast, can you believe 2-0-1-6 is just in a matter of days?! With 2015 coming to an end, let’s put aside some time as we reflect on all the moments we had this year, whether they’ve been good or bad 🙂

As for Churp Churp, we are glad to say it’s been pretty smooth-sailing for us…here are some highlights of the year and the fun times we had!

Netccentric IPO
A new milestone was reached for the Netccentric team as we got listed on ASX!

Amidst our busy schedules, we still made time for some fun and bonding with our Alphas at Churp Churp’s community events – Get high at Amped Trampoline ParkScrapbook making with Paper MarketLaser Tag with G Warfare 🙂

The year where SG50 dominated all day err day! Proud to be part of our nation’s grand birthday celebration as the exclusive blog community & agency :D
The year where SG50 dominated! We are proud to be part of our nation’s grand birthday celebration together with Nuffnang Singapore as the exclusive blog community & agency. We had first-dips at NDP2015 and also had the chance to contribute meaningfully by packing NDP Fun packs with our alphas, bloggers and Netccentric staff altogether!

Our alphas too shared their heartfelt wishes for Singapore on this significant day.

Our Alphas and their furbabies made it to Clubpets’ Furnomenal issue! Boy was it a crazily fun shoot with so many adorable pets in the scene!
Our Alphas (@missamandaleong, @missgoob, @caleen, @constancelaujm, @decadentdrama, @jocinaaa and @dorasoh to name a few) and their furbabies made it to Clubpets’ 50 Furnomenal issue! Boy was it a crazily fun shoot with so many adorable pets in the scene!

Nuffnang had its first ever Bloggers Conference which was a success! Our Alphas and Bloggeratis were given a greater insight into the ever-changing digital landscape and how they can be on the ball of things.
Nuffnang had its first ever Bloggers Conference which was a success! Our Alphas and Bloggeratis were given a greater insight into the ever-changing digital landscape and how they can be on the ball of things.

Ahoy mates! We spent our Christmas on board…A SHIP! A really cosy & special #NuffnangChurpmas with our fellow Alphas and Bloggeratis :D
Ahoy mates! We spent our Christmas on board…A SHIP! A really cosy & special #NuffnangChurpmas with our fellow Alphas and Bloggeratis 🙂

Spotted our Alphas @brenwho @missamandaleong @missgoob @jhwphay @nakedgloryvera in 8 Days & iWeekly? In partnership with Mount Faber Leisure Group, they got to be High on Celebrations!
Spotted our Alphas @brenwho @missamandaleong @missgoob @jhwphay @nakedgloryvera in 8 Days & iWeekly? In partnership with Mount Faber Leisure Group, they got to be High on Celebrations and join in the festivities 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Ended the year with a bang at our annual Christmas cookout & party! It was a cosy gathering indeed together as one Netccentric family.


Happy New Year Churpers!
Cheers to a GREATER & BRIGHTER year ahead for you & your loved ones!

#FeatureFriday – Brianna Wong

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Tis the season to be jolly because we have @briannawonggg as our Featured Alpha of the month! If you’ve been an avid follower of hers, you’ll know she’s a go-getter and co-owner of popular online store, The Closet Lover. Being a frequent traveler, she’s often out of town so let’s catch up with this young lady before the new year comes and she’ll probably be jetting off again!



1. Hey Brianna! How has life been for you recently?

Hey hello! Life’s been good, I have been busy for good reasons so no complaints! I have also travelled more than I ever did my entire life in the recent months! To be able to travel and work at the same time, escape from the humidity here occasionally (haha), I think I’m pretty happy about that! I also did adventurous colors to my hair, stepping out of my comfort zone, and just doing things I always wanted to, but never dared to. It’s about YOLO-ing. Haha.



2. The Closet Lover (TCL) has been around for quite awhile now, what sparked you to start an online fashion business?
Honestly, TCL started as a hobby. My sis and I were still students then, but we LOVED shopping already! So the thought of being our own bosses was cool, in the sense where we can get clothes at cheaper price, pretend to “work”, and you know, earn some extra pocket money! We did not expect that simple thought out of nowhere to lead us to where we are today, and we are extremely thankful for these blessings! 🙂



3. It’s been months since the first TCL brick-and-mortar shop opened at Bugis Junction, where do you hope to see TCL in future?
Opening a brick and mortar shop has always been my dream. But I had never thought it was really achievable? I have heard and seen how costly it is to open one, that it is no easy feat, so I wasn’t really expecting much, until the opportunity came by. We have a pretty strong online presence so we are looking to focus a bit more on the offline part.


4. What is your favourite quote in life?
I loveeee inspirational quotes cos, it just makes you feel more certain about life, about what you are doing. It gives you assurance that you are on the right track when you have bad days. One of my favorite quotes is “Love what you do and you never have to work a single day in your life.”

I see many “complaints” people have about their jobs. I am sure it’s not easy to feel 100% happy about your job, there are bound to be unhappiness, conflicts and times where you feel life isn’t fair. What I do not understand is why pick a job, and whine every other day? If you’re not happy, quit it. Not saying quit it immediately with no plans, but look for another one that caters to what you want more? You really have to find a job you love, so you will not feel as though you’re working. That really brings about a lot of positive vibes! As an entrepreneur, I have learnt that we work more than a full-time employed staff. It’s my business, my job, my passion. Because of these, I don’t feel like I’m even working cos I really do love what I’m doing. 🙂

5. We know you’re a pretty busy lady, what are you usually up to during your free time?
I’m a boring person, I really am. I’m either catching up on sleep, actually I’m sleeping most of my free time. Or playing mahjong, HAHA. Or simply just hanging out with friends.


6. What is Christmas to you?
Christmas is a really warm feeling to me, it’s the season to receive and give. I think it’s a blessing to be able to give, not so much about receiving. I really like it when I can afford to get a small gift for people who matter, and imagine how they would feel when they open it up! 🙂

7. For some, Christmas is mostly about the presents, what are some of the most memorable gifts you’ve received?
I don’t really have huge Christmas parties since I was young, my family is small, and I do not have that many close friends too. Christmas is just about soaking in the atmosphere, and spending some quality time with my family. No specific memorable presents, except for last year! I attended a party organized by my mahjong pals, and forged new friendships. That is something I’m really thankful for, cos this bunch of friends is now one of my everyday-also-whatsapp-and-talk-crap people. 🙂

8. If there’s anywhere in the world you’d like to live in, where would that be?
Cliché as it may sound, I feel so proud to be a Singaporean. I guess I have always felt this way, but this grew stronger with the frequent trips this year. I have seen more from other parts of the world to make me realize Singapore is a top-notch country. Sadly, not every Singaporean feels the same. You gotta travel more to be appreciative of what you already have in life.

That said, if I can, I wouldn’t mind staying in UK just for a short time. I love the life there, the people, and the weather of cos! Add in the shopping part, haha. The only bad thing I don’t really like about Singapore is the humid weather, so to be able to escape to somewhere colder will be a good idea! :p

9. As the year is coming to an end, what are some memorable moments in 2015? Did you fulfil any resolutions?
This year was extremely fulfilling for TCL and we celebrated quite a few happy things! I think opening our first retail store was the most memorable of all. It felt like it was my wedding day LOL, receiving all the congratulatory messages and flowers, hugs and all the endless love from family, friends and customers!

10. Are you excited for 2016? 😀
OMG YES. We have many plans rolled out for TCL and I’m really excited for what’s to come. TCL is a huge part of my life as you can see, haha so I really hope for all good things! :p

We hope you had fun getting to know Brianna, be updated with her life on Dayre too where she shares her travel, work and shopaholic adventures! 😉

Have a Merry early Christmas y’all! Hohoho!

Get FACE READY this Christmas!

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Let’s all welcome December, the most magical month of the year! While we’re all busy marking dates in the calendar for our annual festive gatherings, don’t forget to plan your outfits as well as your face of the day! You read it right, it’s time to be face ready this season!

Get some inspirations from our Alphas!

See how ENCHANTING @missamandaleong can be with those flutter lashes paired with her fuchsia lips!

Be SOPHISTICATED like @kellylatimer…just add a pop of red to your lips and voila! Your look is complete (;

Kathleen 2
GLOW like @kathleenkong…keeping your makeup simple and nude will do the job especially if your outfit’s gonna be dramatic.

Be BOLD and rock this Christmas like @limaranagustina with her smokey silver-grey eyes and plum lips!


Ready to dazzle? We hope you’ve gathered some ideas for your upcoming #FOTDs (Face Of The Day) this festive season hehe.

To make things much easier for you, Colour Face Academy brings you their Limited Edition Pandora Box! The Pandora Box is perfect for the glam chic who wants to have her hands on the latest beauty products every month. With a different box being featured monthly, you will be able to try and test what is buzzing at beauty counters. This month, 8 lucky readers will stand a chance to get their hands on this Limited Edition Pandora Box! To find out more about the Pandora Box, watch the Make Up Made Easy videos here.


Contest Mechanics:

  1. Snap a photo that shows your Christmas look
  2. Publish the image to a photo sharing site, and simply tag and follow @MakeUpMadeEasySG
  3. Hashtags (#PandoraBoxSg, #MakeupMadeEasySg)

Remember to set your account to “Public”.  Terms and conditions apply.

You get to also earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 4/12/2015 to 15/12/2015

Stay lovely ladies! Get snapping and good luck!