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#FeatureFriday – Isaac Lim

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Hello & TGIF Churpers! Whether you’re getting ready for your Halloween party or still stuck at work or school, let’s spare a bit of time to get to know this month’s Featured Alpha, Isaac, a little better! You’ve probably came across his bright and vivid feed, and kept anticipating “What next?”, well behind all that colours, we caught up with him amidst his busy schedule. So let’s….get…started!

FF Isaac


1. What’s up Isaac! How has things been for you lately?

Hey! Things have been crazy! Busy ever since starting my new job. Although exciting as it may be, with the new environment, new adventures and people, there’s a lot to be done.

Keeping a positive attitude helps me get through each day with a smile and still have some energy left over.



2. Tell us your top 3 favourite things to do. 

I must say online shopping! I cannot stop buying shoes and looking out for the latest fashions and trends available. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, hunting for the coolest cafes and food around.

Travelling and discovering new places and adventures also tops my list. Exploring new cultures and environments makes me appreciate what I have right now and also encourages me to work towards what I don’t!



3. How would your friends describe you in 3 words! 

(1) Likable – I am a very happy-go-lucky kind of person and am really easy to get along with (2) Oblivious – sometimes my mind wanders off into my own thoughts that I miss out on things happening in reality (3) Straightforward – I am one who speaks my mind and can be upfront with people, there’s no point hiding or holding things back.
4. Share with us more on your blog (lookfourteen.com) that you started earlier this year.

My blog is a reflection of my clothes and styles, things that I like – from fashion accessories all the way down to yummy food! I must admit that I haven’t had the time to update the blog, but will definitely be putting in more effort towards maintaining it.


5. What inspired your bright, colourful feed? How fast do you usually take to edit your photos?

To me colours represents vibrancy and happiness. The use of colours in my feed captures attention and allows each photo to be very unique compared to another. The time taken to edit really depends on the background and the lighting.

Usually, I choose the colours based on my mood and my momentary inspirations while I’m using Photoshop.



6. Seems like you’ve been travelling a lot this year, any interesting stories/recommendations to share? 

Yes! I’ve been travelling to Ho Chi Minh City a lot this year. It is very different from Singapore, it’s a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cafes there are amazing and so is the food. Vietnamese food is one of my latest favourite cuisines! Banh Mi for breakfast is a must! You can’t leave Vietnam without trying their Banh Khot (Miniature fried pancakes) dipped in some oyster sauce – Scrumptious!



7. You just turned a year older! What’s your ideal birthday celebration like? If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? 

The perfect scenario for me would be having a gathering with a long table filled with all my friends and loved ones. Age to me is just a number, what matters most is that I am happy and healthy, living the life that I choose.





8. We saw that you went sky-diving in recent years, how was the experience? What’s next on your bucket list! 

Sky-diving was amazing. I never thought that I would have the courage to do something like that but was so thankful that I got the opportunity to. It was a breathtaking and humbling experience that I will treasure forever. The next on my bucket list would be bungee jumping off the tall bridge in New Zealand – The Pipeline Bungy.

9 8 7


9. Being a style lover, what are some of your favourite fashion brands and why? 

I love fashion that are monochromatic and minimalistic. This kind of contradicts the feed that I have online but it’s what defines me. I do not have a favourite brand but  I do like some styles from COS.



10. Halloween is just tomorrow! How did you celebrate Halloween in previous years? Any plans to go trick or treating this year? 😀 

Last year’s trend was definitely “The Walking Dead” – with that theme in mind, I decided to dress up as an zombified Prince Alibaba. Celebrations usually include attending themed parties at my friend’s place.


Sadly, for this year, I will be spending Halloween at work! Have a great spooky Halloween, everyone!


That’s all the time we got with @Isaaclim, follow him on his social platforms and he’ll be sure to brighten up your day 😀

Till next time, Churpers!



Let’s be Spooktacular!

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Hallo-allo! It’s that time of the year! Either you’re still fretting over what to wear or have your outfit all perfectly planned out from top to toe, perhaps you’re even working on getting into character right now.

Well if you belong to the former, let us provide you with some outfit inspirations for Halloween! Why…don’t…you…

Play with Puns!

holyHoly Guacamole! Holy Cow!

Source: Emma Gray

Be a chick magnet! Geddit geddit?

A toned down version of the Spice Girls!

Cereal Killer 😱😱😱

Gang up & rock this year’s Halloween together!

Scooby Dooby Doo where are you???

treasure trolls
Treasure Trolls! Seems like an awesome last minute costume?

Source: brit.co

80s aerobics
80s aerobics group. Think headbands! Leotards! Leg warmers!

Source: jarredslivelyinfo.blogspot.com

Party Animals! If you think it’s sucha hassle to get all the nitty gritty parts of the costume, how about turning up in onesies! ☝🏼️Just a warning, it gets really warm inside; tried and tested by the talent and community team!

Let’s throwback to what our Alphas wore!

“I always try to be current with my costumes and so happens that my demon of choice back in 2013 was Miley! It was right after the VMAs and this was definitely the costume that I had most fun with yet.” – @missamandaleong

Caleen Halloween 2
@caleen (top left) was crazy over the show, Vampire Diaries, and so…tadah ~

A bruised Aladdin? @Isaaclim not looking too pleased after a battle

Meee-owww! Cat power from @mongabong! Check out her channel for how she got her kittycat makeup!

If all else fails, you can always count on @missgoob for her yummy cuppycakes! Perfect for your Halloween party 😉


Hope you got a little inspired by our mini Halloween Special! Ready to go trick or treating? 🙂

5 Reasons why you should Nuts for Coconuts

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Dubbed as nature’s energy drink, coconut water has gained massive popularity of late with nutritionists and health gurus alike advocating its benefits of daily use.

So is coconut water really the world’s best kept secret or is all this hype just a product of fancy advertising and catchy slogans. After all, what is wrong with good ol’ mineral water? Let’s put on our reading glasses and do some research into what this fad is all about. Before you run down to the supermarket to stock your fridge with this tropical delight, here are 5 reasons why you should go nuts for coconuts!

1. All-rounded health drink

Contrary to popular belief, healthy food can taste good as well! Apart from being rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are quintessential to your body, studies have also shown that coconut water has the following health benefits:

  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Lowered Cholesterol
  • Prevents Indigestion
  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders
  • Helps diabetics by slowing sugar release into blood stream
  • Digestive and urinary health

For all the science geeks out there who want to know the exact breakdown of what coconut water actually contains, click here!

And for everyone else who don’t know how much Vitamin K or Fluoride we need to stay healthy, we can take comfort in knowing that doctors and scientists have conducted extensive research and given a two thumbs up in recommending coconut water as an excellent healthy beverage. 😀

2. Shed some weight


Yes, you read it right. To all the calorie counters out there hard at work trying to get that beach bod, here’s something you can try! Low in calories and easy on the stomach, coconut water is an ideal drink if you’re trying to shed those extra pounds.

Its high level of potassium helps to balance out excess sodium which is the main culprit of water retention, probably something most people trying to lose weight would have heard of. Various bioactive enzymes contained in coconut water also help to aid digestion and boost fat metabolism.

3. Clearer skin all day errday

Clear skin@jasminedanker

Wanna get rid of those stubborn zits? Regularly applying coconut water can actually clear up and tone your skin. If ingested orally, it increases the moisture level as well as reduces the oiliness.

4. Get sporty and hydrate yourself


The next time you go for jog or do any physical activity, try hydrating yourself with coconut water instead. It’s said to be more effective than those sports and energy drink and contains 294mg of potassium and 5mg of natural sugar which is of a healthier range!

5. Cures your hangover


“I got a hangover, woahhhh”

Some of us have probably been there, well you know how it feels – Not. Good.

Prepare some coconut water if you think you’re gonna have a crazy night out, this will help your tummy issues and reduce those frequent urination and vomiting. Yikes!

Now that you know how awesome coconut water is, why not make a trip to the store and get yourself some Vita Coco!

vita coco edm

Vita Coco is having a social media contest where one lucky winner will receive a pair of plane tickets to Bali!

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Grab yourself an unopened coconut
  2. Snap a photo of yourself trying to open it CREATIVELY
  3. Post the image to a photo sharing site, and describe HOW you are trying to open the coconut, along with these hashtags (#HydrateNaturally, #PoweredbyCoconuts, #VitaCocoSG)
  4. And don’t forget to follow @Vitacocosg for refreshing updates!

Remember to set your account to “Public”.  apply.

You get to also earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 2/10/2015 to 18/10/2015

So get kooky, creative and start cracking those coconuts! Terms & Conditions apply.



#FeatureFriday – Jonathan Phay, Your Everyday Gym Buddy

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FF Jon Phay

It’s the start of October, time’s been flying so fast that we’re already into the last quarter of the year! This month, we checked in with fitness junkie and avid traveller, Jonathan Phay! If you came across his social platforms, he might strike you as this stylish & fit dude with eye-catching pictures and animated captions, but how much do you really know about the young and adventurous Jon? Read on and see what we’ve got to ask him, you might just gain some tips on how to stay fit too!

1. Hello Jon! How’s life lately?

Hello! I am very well! Just busy with work and trying to balance that with working out and hanging with friends. Also planning for the upcoming holidays!

2. We know you’re into fitness and working out, what’s your exercise routine like? Any tips on staying fit?

I work out 6-7 times a week. It might sound a bit excessive and some fitness professionals out there might not even approve, but it works for me. Ultimately, everyone’s body is different, and it is important that you learn (sometimes by trial and error) what works best for you. Do this within the limits of what your body tells you, and you should see improvements in your fitness.

Jon 2

I break my work out up by body parts as follow:

Monday (Legs) – Bb Squats, Bb Lunges, Smith Calve-raisers, Seated Leg Press, Seated Leg Extensions, Seated Leg Curls.

Tuesday (Back) – Overgraft Pull-ups, Bb Deadlifts, Bb Standing Rows, Lat Pulldowns, Seated Rows, Db Standing Row.

Wednesday (Arms – bis/tris) – Hammer-grip Pull-ups, Seated Db Bi-Curls, Seated Db Tri-Curls, Db Preacher Curl, Bb Skull Crushers, Handing Dips, Cable Rope Bi-Curls, Cable Tri-Extensions, Bb Bi-Curls.

Thursday (Shoulders) – Lateral Db Fly, Lateral Bb Raise, Db Shoulder Press, Plate Truck Diver, Plate Lateral Raise, Cable Shoulder Fly (Front), Cable Shoulder Fly (Rear).

Friday (Legs) – As Above.

Saturday (Back) – As Above.

Sunday (Chest) – Incline Pec-fly, Db Bench Press, Wide Grip Hanging Dips, Single-hand Db Bench Press, Cable Fly (Up), Cable Fly (Down), Db Pullover.

Most exercises consist of 8-10 reps x 5 sets of 75% ORM (one rep max).

3. Aside from frequenting the gym, do you do any sports? Or are there any sport you wished you could have excelled in?

Jon 1

I have recently restarted dragon boating after a 2 year hiatus! If you ask me, I really wished I was a gymnast. Always awe-inspired looking at the professionals do their thing.

4. We see you’re a real foodie too! What are some of your favourite cuisines? Any recommendations?

Jon 3

My most favourite cuisine has got to be Japanese! As cliche as it might be, I love it for the generally ‘clean’ macros it offers. Of course, I can’t say no to tempura and ramen, but nothing beats a fresh, juicy slab of ‘maguro’. I also love seafood a lot! Crabs and lobsters have got to be my favourite.

My personal favourite place for Japanese food would have to be Kuriya Dining at Great World City. If you have the chance, you’ve got to try the sashimi grade tempura and uber creamy uni sashimi. My current favourite Japanese dessert place has got to be Karafuru Dessert at Jln Klapa. The eclairs are all very exquisite and come in very special flavours like champagne and umeboshi! The parfaits are also extremely yummy!

5. Being an avid traveler, share with us your favourite destination thus far. 

Two of my favorite destinations come to mind, Prague and New Zealand. While one offers visitors a slice of Eastern European charm and history, the other takes one’s breath away with spectacular scenes of waterfalls and glaciers. On my trip to Prague, I had wondered onto one of the ancient streets in the old walled city. There, I spent an entire day at a cafe just reading a book, watching people go by, and enjoying a cup (or a couple cups!) of Hot Chocolate. It’s something that we rarely get to do on a holiday, but the magical vibe of the city makes you want to soak in the atmosphere, just because.

6. What’s your idea of a perfect holiday and what’s next on your travel list?

My tastes for travel destinations change with the season (and perhaps with age too!). For now, I just want to kick back by the beach and get some sun, all while having a sweet cocktail or bubbly in hand! I will be heading to Bali next month, then perhaps Hong Kong and Bangkok. Maybe planning for something Down Under too! Who knows?

7. You seem like a really stylish guy too, what’s one wardrobe accessory that you can always count on to complete your look?

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I think shoes always complete the look! That’s why I sometimes plan the outfit around the choice of footwear. Weird you might think, but shoes can either make or break the look.

8. You’ve got a really nice social media feed, any photo-taking tips? What editing apps do you usually use?

Thank you! I try my best to capture the things which I think are important, or at least important enough to be shared with my friends and followers. I am lucky to have a good camera with me everywhere I go, so it makes taking ‘good’ photos relatively easy. The go-to apps I would recommend (although everyone’s probably already using them) would have to be Snapseed and VSCOcam. I’m currently addicted to making cinemagraphs and I use the Flixelphoto app for it.

9. What were you like as a kid and in your growing up years?

I was a chubby kid who loved to eat! Growing up, my parents would always give in to my every dietary whim. From KFC 5 days in a row, to late night hotel buffet suppers – the now defunct Phoenix Hotel along Somerset used to be my favourite place for that!

10. Lastly, if you can be a superhero, what would you be?

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I don’t need to be a superhero. Just let me be able to eat and not get fat!

Hope you enjoyed this one-on-one session with our Alpha, Jon, because we sure did! Check him out @jhwphay and keep up with all his travel, food and fitness adventures! See you next time and have a happy Friday ahead! 😀