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Our Home, Our Heart, Our Singapore

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As we’re approaching the end of August, let’s recap the month of our Golden Jubilee celebrations!  Our Alphas were asked a series of questions related to our good ol’ lady as part of our Nation’s birthday special. We received a mix of rather interesting answers in which some were really hilarious!

So….here goes!

#1. What do you miss most about Singapore when you’re overseas?

Aside from food, family, friends, safety, cleanliness, convenience and even the plenty of dustbins we have, here’s what else our Alphas added…

  • Mum’s cooking + kaya @iamnatho
  • Having been overseas for nearly a year now, I miss everything. The heat, the food, the smell, the kiasu aunties on the bus but most of all I miss the safety, security and convenience that we take for granted. @nicshields
Changi Airport
  • I miss Changi Airport! No airport in the world compares. Whether you’re leaving or coming home, Changi makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. I can’t stand a bad airport, it ruins your travel experience and sets the tone for your expectations of the location. Changi never disappoints. @kellylatimer
  • Spices!! You really can’t get spices anywhere else in the world like you do in Singapore… That unique blend of Singaporean flavour. Think curry chicken and mee siam! And of course, my family. @missamandaleong
  • Our all-in-one rojak language which is all too familiar to a local (and all too foreign to a foreigner). We can easily recognize a fellow Singaporean loh! @jazreeltan
  • …being able to drink (clean) tap water. And my nephews! @diyatangugu
  • The fooooooood! Once Diya and I went to Taiwan for 2 months, we were so desperate we got someone to mail us instant laksa noodle to get a taste of home. @carrieyeo
  • …the fact that almost everyone can speak English (in Singapore) hahaha (: @jocinaaa


#2. You know you’re in Singapore when…

  • You hear Singlish; lah! leh! lor! Wah lao eh! @decadentdrama @aaaaaileng @iamnatho@briannawonggg @dancexpression & @jasminedanker
  • You can’t make it to the bus stop without sweating a bucket @forthegerbera
  • You hear the kopitiam auntie shouting, “kopi siew dai!” @bbernice
  • Packets of tissue paper (to chope) the hawker centres’ seats and tables! @joannemariesim
  • You complain about having to travel 45 mins or from one side of the island to the other. In reality, it’s not far at all. @nicshields
  • You see construction workers staring into your car from the back of their truck! @jhwphay
  • There’s more to eat than just McDonald’s at 2am. @kathleenkong
  • My phone signal says “Singtel” or when I can see HDB flats. @diyatangugu

Credits: @missgoob

  • You smell durian in the air this time of the year! @missamandaleong
  • You can easily enjoy a feast of fabulous hawker fare without burning a hole in your pocket. Hipsters have no fighting place here. Please bow to our hawker heroes.@jazreeltan
  • You take a maximum of two hours to travel from the west to the east. @Corlisstann
  • I see clean and wide roads with clear signs. It’s something we take for granted but they are truly beautiful. @carrieyeo
  • I am hugging my cat 
@ohohlawrence (he travels often!)
  • You can sit anywhere and not worry about getting gum stuck to your pants! @kellylatimer


#3. Your all-time favourite food in Singapore!

Such a tough question ehhh but the tribe has spoken, the title goes to…*Drumroll*


1. Bak Chor Mee
2. Chicken Rice
3. Hokkien Mee
4. Chilli Crab
5. Laksa

Woohoo ~ Let’s see what else our Alphas have to say when it comes to their fav Singapore food…

  • There’s a little Nasi Lemak stall that used to be on upper Thomson road, it’s my favourite shop though it has moved to town now, the makciks treated you like their own children. Also the prata stall at Sin Ming Blk 22 is one of the best in Singapore. @nicshields
  • YONG TAU FOO! It’s good either way, soup or dry! @missgoob
  • Bak Kut Teh! Malaysia and Singapore share a lot of common local food but the pepper bak kut teh is truly uniquely Singapore! @carrieyeo
  • Popiah!! Especially from the LTN coffee shop at Siglap. @kellylatimer
  • Crispy peanut pancakes with a lot of condense milk and corn @jasminedanker #fitnessmotivations? haha
  • Wow. Tough. Currently, it’s Lor Mee. The one at the food court in Thomson plaza (previously Yaohan). @diyatangugu


#4. Share with us your favourite pastime growing up here

  • I have fond memories of going to the playground growing up. There used to be sand and the playground and I would pick up different rocks, dig holes and bury my “treasure”. Nowadays, playgrounds just have rubber mats – it’s not the same anymore. @iamnatho
  • Playing catching and hide and seek with my cousins. And going to the bookshop every recess time to look look see see. @fiza_o
  • As local as it gets… Pepsi cola! @missamandaleong
  • If I wasn’t busy playing block catching with my neighbours, I was probably on neopets.com. @forthegerbera
  • Playing with five stones and “golli” (marbles) @decadentdrama
  • My favourite past time was collecting those erasers with the different country flags on them and playing with them with my pri sch classmates! @ruthmiaoru
  • Playing in those sandy playground! Eating all those ‘Sng baos’ (popsicles) & playing w my neighbors at the corridor! @dancexpression
  • I enjoyed watching all the local sitcoms such as Phua Chu Kang, the Noose and all! @brenwho
  • Going to the old playground to play – there used to swings at most playgrounds and also sandpits. It’s slightly sad that they removed everything now and replaced it with playthings which they consider to be safer. After playing, me and my friends would usually go for ice cream at the ice cream man’s or MacD’s soft cone, which used to be only 50 cents. @nakedgloryvera
  • Hanging out at Far East Plaza after school, checking out shops like 77th Street and not buying anything! @jhwphay
  • Growing up in the 90s was really fun! There were sand pits at playgrounds and I spent lots of time building sand castles as a kid. My sisters and I also loved drawing hopscotch outlines on the HBD corridor ground and jumping around all day. Cleaning up was easy too, we just wiped everything off with a wet mop! @missgoob


  • My favourite past time when I was younger was watching Huang Zhu Ge Ge at 7pm on channel 8. I loved that show and watching it helped me improve my mandarin! @kellylatimer
  • I loved going to the community swimming pools. Every time after the swim, we’d eat the nasi lemak at the co-op! That’s the taste of my childhood! @carrieyeo
  • Waiting for the Channel 8 drama at 7pm to start while having my dinner after school @kathleenkong
  • I used to play soccer with the boys from the neighbourhood at the park nearby every evening. I had a nickname. They called me ‘Escobar’ (the Columbian soccer player) because I once scored an own goal. @diyatangugu
  • Chase boys around the block and play hide and seek but obviously I grew out of it unfortunately… But I remember when we all use to play outdoors! @jasminedanker
  • I have always loved singing to the familiar tunes of our patriotic songs (I still do!) and 新谣 (aka 新加坡歌谣 “Singapore songs”, a genre of songs that is unique to Singapore). Hit me up with any of these tunes and I’ll be sure to throw a lyric back to you. COUNT ON ME SINGAPORE~~~ @jazreeltan


#5. Go ahead with your wishes for Singapore!

I’m privileged to call this place home. I hope that we mature as one but never forget where we came from. @forthegerbera
Hey singapore, thank you so much for giving us such a safe and comfortable environment for us to live in xx @decadentdrama
It takes a lot more to build a nation than tall buildings and perfectly lined trees, and in so many ways, we have come together to show the world that the people of Singapore are united as one. Happy Birthday Singapore, and to all of us! May we continue to fly our flag proud and high!  @joannemariesim
Here’s wishing a happy 50th birthday to Singapore! So proud of how far we all have come.@nakedgloryvera

Happy birthday Singapore!!! May you prosper and please stop being so hot even at 50 years old. @brenwho

Good one, Brenda! Haha

So blessed to be living in this beautiful metropolitan dream and onward to #SG100! @missamandaleong

I count it as my blessing to be born and bred in this beautiful country. Singapore will always be the place I proudly call my home, regardless of where I am. Happy 50th birthday Singapore! @missgoob

Happy 50th National Day, Singapore! May we always strive to make our home a safe, clean, comfortable, and peaceful place to live in! @kathleenkong


I wish this little red dot another prosperous 50 years. Thank you for always having your door open for me, the table full of food and a place for me to carve out my future. @nicshields

May Singapore continue being one of the safest cities to live in and also be one of the world’s prosperous nations! @fiza_o


Happy SG50! May Singapore continue to prosper, be safe and secure, clean and green forever. @aaaaaileng


Happy 50th, my dear Singapore! I may not always be based here cos’ of work, but you’ll definitely always be Home. @iamnatho

Wishing Singapore another fifty years to come! May we enjoy a clean and green city, ever prosperous with happy citizens! @bbernice


Happy birthday Singapore! You’ve been nothing but an amazing home to all. I’m really honored and glad to be Singaporean. May you prosper even more in the years to come! @briannawonggg

Thank you for giving us independence & security throughout these 50 years! At the heart of it all, may Singapore continue to blossom and inspire generations after generations. @corlisstann

Happy Golden Jubilee Singapore! You’re gold, my precious home, where all the people and things I love are. @ruthmiaoru

Happy birthday Singapore! May the future be brighter than ever! @ohohlawrence

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE! Thank you for giving me the best that you’ve had even when I had nothing to offer in the past.
Count on me to make you proud. The best for you is certainly yet to be. You’re fifty but certainly very nifty.
Happy birthday Singapore and thank you for being a safe place that I can proudly call home. @jazreeltan


It’s been 50 years and this tiny county never fail to make big names for itself! @jasminedanker

I am so glad to be born here in Singapore. If I were given a chance to choose, I’d still choose to be born here! I love you Singapore @dancexpression

Happy 50th birthday Singapore! Thanks for being such a safe haven for all of us! You’ll always be the cleanest and safest place for us! @minhuahahaha

My wish for Singapore is that she would continue to grow stronger and happier!!! @carrieyeo

What can I say? You’ve given me and my family, a home, dreams, and a future. Let’s grow up together Singapore, and learn to define and redefine ourselves. And while we may not always agree, may we always choose to stick together as one country, as one people from a dozen lands, and as one Singapore. @diyatangugu

Happy birthday Singapore!! Here’s to more wonderful years and times ahead, thank you for being such a great place to grow up in with the safe and clean spaces, and meritocracy system where everyone can have equal opportunities and chances to fulfil their dreams! @jocinaaa


50 down, plenty more to go. Keep growing, keep striving… Majulah, Singapura. @kellylatimer

As much as we love to complain about how stressful and hectic life is in Singapore, at the end of the day we still feel immense pride carrying that little red book of ours wherever we go. This is SINGAPORE, my home, my life. Here’s to another 50 fabulous years as an amazing place to be, to grow and to love. @jhwphay

From all of us here at ChurpChurp, Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!
Cheers to many more years and milestones ahead!


Stay beautiful!