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Love it, win it, Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong has always been a popular tourist destination in Asia. For its cheap food and shopping, the metropolitan city hits all the right notes for couples looking for a short getaway. Here are 4 ways you and bae can bond right in the Pearl of Orient should you win in the Michael Trio Contest!

1. For the Thrill Seekers

Thrill seekerSource: Wikipedia

We always hear and see of the Victoria Peak on various social media platform, but how many of you know that there are several other hiking trails you and bae can embark on?

From the breathtaking scenery from The Lion Rock above, to even traditional villages, Hong Kong has many surprises for fun-loving nature-lovers (pun not intended).

Thrill seeker 2Source: annatam

Standing in Yuen Leung, Lau Fau Shan is one of several villages in the outskirts of Hong Kong, showcasing fishermen’s lifestyle and also boosting renown oyster farms.

2. For the Penny Stretchers

Hong Kong is known for its street food carts and cheap eateries available around every corner. Moreover, the best way to immerse in the local culture is to make a trip to the wet markets, where lower prices and freshness are guaranteed!

Located in Tai On Building is this family-run little cart noodles serving comfort food for many locals. And the Sai Wan Ho wet market is just around the corner!

Penny StretcherSource: Wikipedia

3. For the Artsy Fartsy

Living up to its metropolitan status, Hong Kong has many museums, galleries and performing arts institutions that are open for public.

Artsy FartsySource: SCMP

Also, if you are travelling during the festive periods, being in Hong Kong would present you the great opportunity to be part of many lively celebrations around the city! Imagine a spectacular fireworks display by the Victoria Harbour right over the heads of you, bae and the stunning Hong Kong skyline.

4. For the Urbanites

UrbanitesSource: @hkfoodiexblogger

Humans are creatures of habit. Many urbanites would be pleased to know that Hong Kong as an urbanised city also has many shopping malls (Times SquareIFC Mall) and restaurants serving a wide array of cuisines. Sound just like Singapore doesn’t it? Except there is a much smaller chance to run into your dreaded gossipy neighbours or colleagues now. And guess what? Most goods and services in Hong Kong are tax free! No worries about rushing to the airport earlier to claim tax refunds!

Urbanites2Ocean Park Hong Kong
Source: Joutrip

As city kids, it is also a must to set aside a day or two to visit the Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong. Hop on the thrilling rides and yell your urban stress away!

So, which of these 4 ways would you enjoy Hong Kong with your significant other?


Michael Trio is giving away a pair of tickets to Hong Kong for you and your loved one! Just follow these simple steps…

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Post a candid picture of your other half or a picture together and share why he/she is the one
  2. Hashtag #michaeltrio AND #whyyouaretheone
  3. Remember to set your social media account to “Public”. Terms & Conditions apply.

What’s more? Earn $5 for your first entry when you submit your post’s permalink through the Snap Share platform on your ChurpChurp account!

Contest Period: 20th July to 10th August 2015

So what are you waiting for? Grab your partner and say cheese!


Restaurant Addresses:

Tai On Building – 57-87 Shau Kei Wan Road

Tai Wing Wah – G/F & 1/F, 1 Stewart Road, Wan Chai 

HK Cafe R&C – G/F, 22-24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay 

Catalunya Hong Kong – G/F Guardian House Morrison Hill 32 Oi Kwan Road Wan Chai

Uptop Bistro – 19/F, 117 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui 

Nocte –  9 Warren St, Hong Kong


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Many of our home-grown talents are creating waves overseas and putting Singapore on the map. This week, we check-in with our talented singer Zhang Minhua who recently represented Singapore in Duets (最美和声) held in China. Having done us proud, we invite Minhua to share with us his experience as a singer and a young adult with many aspirations.

Zhang Minhua

1. Hey Minhua! What are you up to these days now that you’re back from overseas?

Hello! I’ve been sending out resumes and going for job interviews after I came back in early June, haha my bank account is depleting fast.

2. Share with us your experience in the recent singing competition you took part in – Duets (最美和声). Were there any unexpected incidents or surprises?

I think this competition has really been an eye-opener for me given its huge scale broadcast nationwide in China. It feels like singing at your own concert when you’re on the stage (it’s that huge!) Being able to sing duets with A-listers in China was such a huge deal as well! I was so nervous before the first performance, but my mentor Tan Weiwei (well-known for being on 我是歌手3) was very nice and encouraging to all of us. She’s super down to earth and friendly.

I made many friends during the competition as we all lived together in the same hotel for about 2 months. So we saw each other every waking hour. It was quite hard when I had to say goodbye after my elimination. I used to think that the people who cry over other contestants being eliminated were overly exaggerating, but during my time in the competition, I realised the emotions were very real.


3. How has life changed since joining your first overseas singing competition, Superstar (我要當歌手) last year?

I feel like I’m more open to Mandarin pop and the culture and I learnt a lot about the entertainment industry. Let’s just say not everything is what it seems to be! The people are really nice but people always say the entertainment industry is dark, it really is (haha). After the competition, I also realized that sometimes money is more important than passion? Cos it’s really not easy to break into the entertainment industry. So at one point, I suppose you gotta just go back to getting a “proper” job.

One of Minhua’s latest YouTube covers with singer, Alfred Sng.

4. What’s one thing that you like from being a Youtube singer and singing live on stage?

Being on YouTube it’s somewhat like singing to yourself in the shower haha, cos your audience is not directly in front of you, so I somehow feel more confident and comfortable in my YouTube videos. But singing live on stage is another story altogether, the huge stage, the lighting, the judges and audience makes the whole experience super nerve-wrecking!

Zhang Minhua 2

5. We heard you’re a graphic designer and photographer too! What are some of your favourite photographs you took so far?

Yea, I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Visual Communications, I sort of taught myself photography cos I really like the whole process of creating a photo. Here are a few of my favourite works so far, one of which is a pre-wedding photoshoot for my cousin. We shot on an island off Shanghai, it was about 10 degrees celsius that morning and the wind was super strong. We started shooting in the middle of a wheat field and damn, it was freezing. However, the results with the field as background were breath-taking.



HayleyHere’s one featuring Hayley Woo

Alfred Elf
and Alfred once again!

6. Having used several social media apps, which is your favourite?

My favourite would have to be Instagram! Cos it’s more than just a place for me to update and share things about myself. I also follow a lot of photographers and designers who inspire me.

 7. If you could have a superpower, what would that be?

I would love to be able to teleport! I love to travel, so with this power, I can be anywhere, anytime I want.

8. Ever thought of going back to school? What would you want to study if you’re given the chance and time to do so?

Yea, I have thought about going back to school. I’ll probably get a degree in Graphic Comm or maybe even take up marketing (cos it’s somewhat related to advertising) so I can have more options when I look for a job.

9. Local talents in the music scene are gaining more recognition, but nonetheless, the road to fame will always be long and bumpy. Any advice for the budding musicians?

Yes, seeing musicians like The Sam Willows and Gentle Bones gaining great recognition is really awesome. I don’t think I’m good enough to be giving advices but I guess if you’re really passionate, try your hardest to do what you love. If it fails, at least you could say you’ve tried.

10. Singapore’s turning the BIG 5-0! Go on, give her a birthday shoutout!

Happy birthday Singapore! Thank you for being such a wonderful sunny island that is safe and clean for all of us to live in. I always feel so proud to hear foreigners tell me how clean Singapore is.

Zhang Minhua 3Minhua signing out!

He might come across as a shy guy at first so we hope you’ve learnt a little more about our YouTube singer @minhuahahaha after this in-depth interview! Stay tuned to our blog for our next featured Alpha!

TGIF & have a fabulous weekend ahead, Churpers!