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Take #OOTDs like a Pro!

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Those four letters…pretty sure we’ve heard or used it countless number of times but what exactly makes a good OOTD shot? Well, everyone has their own style of dressing, own signature pose and now some even have their own favourite wall as backdrop!

Wall huggerSource

Perfecting your OOTD shot requires skills and here are some tips on how you can achieve that:

1. Don’t be a wallflower

Wallflowerunless that’s the direction you’re going for

Otherwise, take note of the colours of your own outfit and the background you’re posing against and make sure they complement well. If you’re dressed in complicated colours and patterns, a neutral-coloured wall or backdrop would do just fine.

typicalbenootdHere’s how @typicalben’s outfit stand out against the plain backdrop

2. Avoid distractions

Remember that YOU should be the main focus, not the clutter in the background or the people surrounding you.


3. Strike a pose

Instead of the typical “hands on hips, smiles on lips”, take some pointers from our influencers!

speishiootd@speishi’s leg tilt instantly adds some girlish charms to her pose

Keep it cool like @randyys

speishiootd2The “Caught in the Moment” pose – get your friend to take multiple/burst shots of you and there will definitely be one that is #ootd social media-worthy!

typicalbenootd2Just keep walking with @typicalben

typicalbenootd3and walking…

OOTDs are reaching greater heights these days!

Now with all these tips and inspirations, get playful and creative with your OOTDs and make it yours!

AEO contestAmerican Eagle Outfitters will be opening its first store in Singapore at VivoCity on 19 June 2015. They will be launching a social media contest where you can stand a chance to win a styling date with your favourite influencer! To top it off, each of the 9 winners selected will walk away with $50 AEO voucher and exclusive AEO merchandise! Check out Ben, Peishi and Randy’s social media platforms, and here’s how you can be part of the fun!

Contest Mechanics:

  • Simply post a playful OOTD and hashtag the influencer you support! #AEOxBen / #AEOxPeishi / #AEOxRandy

Contest Period: 22nd May – 4th Jun 2015

Good luck! Now get snapping!