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5 personalized items you can DIY yourself!

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Even though Christmas has just passed us, Valentines’ Day is just round the corner. We’ll definitely advise you to start planning your gifts!

If you’re on a budget, we’re here to help you out. Here’re 5 items you can personalise on your own, and the best part – it doesn’t burst your wallet!


1) DIY Picture Monogram

Credit: here 

This would make the perfect sentimental gift to your love ones! We reckon, it’ll look beautiful as a wall piece by your door! It actually looks harder than it really is, but the time and effort used for this would make it all worthwhile when you see the priceless look on their faces!


2) Chocolate Bouquet

Credit: here

Boyfriends, if you want to get a flower bouquet for your girlfriend but prices are jacked sky high and you don’t have the budget for it? Why not try your hand at something unique yet at a cheaper price?


3) Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Credit: here

This is the most versatile gift ever! You are able to personalise the gift accordingly to the receiver and you can be sure of one thing – he or she will definitely love this gift filled with their favourite items!


4) Sending a Personal Hug

Credit: here

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or you’re living far away from your family, this gift would be so personal and heartwarming. You can even personalise it by adding a photo of your face, so it brings the extra comfort to your love ones receiving this!


5) Photo Coasters

Credit: here

Having photos of your love ones around the house when you’re away from them – best thing ever! These photo coasters are so personal and you can personalise each of them accordingly as well!




If you’ve ran out of time to start DIY-ing your gift, why not win a personalised cream from Ioma Paris by joining their contest?

Contest Mechanics

  • Post a selfie and personalise it ( stickers / overlays etc)
  • Hashtag #personalisewithioma
  • The winner will walk away with:  a set of Ma Creme with Ioma Paris

Head over to their page for more information!

Contest starts: 12th Jan – 1st Feb

Good luck!