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5 ways to take the perfect couple photos

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A picture speaks a thousand words. So here’re some tips for you to create some picture-perfect moments for your better half!


1) Try something unique & unconventional. 

By incorporating something out of the box yet meaningful to the both of you, the memories of these photos will last forever.


2) Wear your love story on you. 

Have a couple wear? Grab those and take a photo while you’re at it! It’s the only time you can be cheesy and get away with it.


3) Silhouette. 

Try your hand at some artsy photos with the help of some light hitting against you. These photos give off the mysterious vibe as well!


4) Go back to the place where your love story first started. 

If you’re out of ideas of a nice picturesque location, heading back to the place where sparks first flew is always a good idea. It also doubles up as an additional memory behind the photos!


5) Include your favourite festive season into your photos.

There’s no better way to show your affection than through your favourte season that you both love spending time together!



With these tips, you are all set to show the world your amazing love story through pictures!

Goldheart has collaborated with Inked Fingers (considered one of the popular online photographers from Austin, Texas) to develop a Pure Love Photo Diary, which depicts romantic and artistic moments in a pure and true love journey, to inspire and uplift all romantics. Pure Love Photo Diary can be found here: www.goldheart.com.sg/le-pure.

You, too, can create your very own pure love photo diary, and submit your MOST favourite couple moment in the ‘Favourite Pure Love Moment’ photo contest by:

  • Upload your favourite photo of you & your better half on your photo-sharing platform
  • Follow @goldheartjewelry
  • Your caption must tell of your Favourite Pure Love Moment with the hashtag #favouritepurelovemoment #goldheartjewelry

The most creative 3 posts will stand to win $500 Goldheart gift vouchers each!


Here’s an example of how a post would look like:


“This is my Pure Love Moment because this was a candid shot, even though we were posing for a photo.

I was trying to get him to take a photo with me, and in the midst of him refusing, he swooped in with a kiss, thus my huge smile.

That’s how we are in reality; he always makes me smile no matter what.

What’s your Pure Love Moment? Share your #favouritepurelovemoment with #goldheartjewelry! “


Check out the Social Share Contest for more details as well!

Contest runs from 31st Oct to 14th Nov 2359!


So why wait? Grab your better half and say…