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The very new Facebook Seeding

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Hello Churpers!

It’s been a while eh? Well, we’re back with something exciting for you guys again! Like… A new way to earn some extra rewards!
We’ve recently launched something called the Facebook Seeding, which is very similar to Social Seeding. Let Churpie walk you through the process!

1. If you’re the lucky chosen Churper, you’d see the campaign on your Rewards Page

2. Read through the instructions, and don’t forget to authorize your Facebook Page!

3. Draft your sample message as per how you’d draft a Social Seeding message (but YAY! No word limit this time round cause it’ll be posted onto Facebook)

4. Send in for approval and check back for email for approval

5. Once approved, copy message and post it to your Facebook timeline (Please ensure that your post is set as “Public”!)

6. Retrieve the permalink of your post (to retrieve, look for timestamp of your posting and click into it) and submit it via the campaign page

7. TADAH! Wait for your rewards to be credited!

Easy peasy. Get started now!