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ALS #icebucketchallenge

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Aloha Churpers!

So we found out that this hashtag has been going around social media lately, and we think it is no stranger to our Churpers. Here’s the burning question that everyone has in mind:

How did this start and get so viral??

Did you know? This ice bucket challenge has no initial affiliation to ALS at all. It started with a golfer who was completing the challenge by his friend, and when he passed it on, the next person decided to donate to ALS, and that’s when the link between the #icebucketchallenge and ALS started! Amazing how something so small became something so huge now!

If you’re interested in finding out more on how this started, you can read this article from Time Magazine! http://time.com/3136507/als-ice-bucket-challenge-started/

This has gotten so viral, that it has hit our little sunny island! Here’re some of the clips from our local celebrities taking on the challenge!

987fm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ABJVwsUuSU&feature=youtu.be

SGAG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmdHdOhbZ9g

Rebecca Lim: http://websta.me/p/790365122089620592_144125164

So how does this work?


Someone challenge you to do the #icebucketchallenge. You drench yourself with a bucket of water filled with ice in it. Donate to your charity. Tag whoever you want to do this challenge. Wait for 24 hours for their challenge to be up on social media.

That’s it!

With this upcoming trend going viral on social media, the Nuffies & Churpies decided to take part in the challenge & our generous bosses decided to donate to the ALS Association as well! (I mean, how can we miss this out right?)

Till the next!

#FeatureFriday – Limaran and Jason: THE Fitness Couple

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They say “A couple that trains together, stays together”. And over here at Churp Churp, we have the perfect example of two of our fitness influencers, Limaran and Jason, who have been training together for as long as we can remember.

So this month, we decided to ask them some behind-the-scenes questions and here’s what we’ve got.

1. What made you two first decide to embark on your fitness journey?

J: I was a really skinny kid growing up and was willing to do whatever it takes to gain a few pounds. Started lifting when I was in yr 2 of poly and the whole intention was to not look skinny. But as I started my started lifting and saw some tiny results, I got addicted and the rest was history!

L: Jason had already been working out when I first met him so it was vanity that got me curious and then him, who got me started by teaching me the basics, beginning even from the motivation bit.

2. Who/ what’s your greatest inspiration?

J: The one person that inspires me the most in life is my Mum. The way she overcome any obstacle that comes her way as well as her willingness to learn are characteristics that I hope to develop as I journey through life.

L: My greatest inspirations are through emails and responses from random followers, who tell me how much I inspire them. These are what kept me going, to be a role model for women out there and helping as many individuals as I can in their fitness journeys.

3. We see you’re always training together! What’s it like to be seen as a fitness couple and how does it spur you two on?

Well, couples are the greatest influencers to each other. We love it when we are a positive image to all couples out there and we hope to be able to reach out to as many couples as possible, encouraging them to motivate each other to lead a healthy lifestyle.

4. What advice would you give to all other couples/ individuals who aspire to be fitness enthusiasts?

Be daring and take the first step… together! If being a healthy and fit couple is something that the both of you really want, continue to motivate each other to stay on this journey! If we can do it, so can you!

5. Enough about fitness haha! What do the two of you enjoying doing when you’re out of the gym?

The truth is, outside of the gym, we are like any other ordinary couple in love. Besides taking each other’s ootd shots together, we love to cook, hit the cinemas, travel together, basically doing everything together.

6. Tell us the most memorable experience you’ve had together!

Wow! We’ve been together for such a long time and there are so many nice memories. But the one experience that the both of us agree being the most memorable will be one of the very first date we had. It was 05 January 2008, exactly 5 years from our wedding anniversary, we went to sentosa for beach volleyball with a group of friends. After which during our steamboat dinner, our friend told everyone that it is impossible to crush an egg with one hand. So Jason decided to challenge the “impossible” and the egg exploded so loudly, staining almost everyone around the table! HAHA!

7. What’s your idea of a perfect getaway?

We love any getaway we plan as long as we can take work out of our minds and fully immerse in the holiday/relaxation mood. On top of that, we make it a point to research on the local gyms everywhere we go. We emphasise on going to local gyms rather than international and commercial gyms because we love to be able to soak up the fitness culture at that particular state or country we are in.

8. What’s your favourite Social Media platform and why?

J: My favourite social media platform has to be instagram. It is quick to update and I have drawn loads of inspiration for fashion as well as training tips from it too!

L: I love Instagram and its constant upgrades but dayre is starting to grow on me because of the ease of uploading and updating like it’s a diary. I tend to get more personal on dayre, as compared to Instagram and I do not have to make my photos look very polished like how I would on my blog so yes, dayre is definitely on my favourite list!

9. If the two of you were to keep a pet, what would it be?

If there comes a time where we are ready for a pet, having a big dog will be at the top of the list. Following very closely behind will be a cat. Each of these animals have very interesting characteristics that we adore.

10. Where do you see yourselves 5 years down the road?

We are hoping that there will be at least 1 little Jason or 1 little Limaran running around our nicely decorated home. And no matter what, we will still continue to be in the health & fitness industry, walking the talk! This is something that we are truly passionate about and we will hope to still be able to inspire and motivate couples to do the same. Oh and yes, we can then be called the “Fitness Family”!

If you’d like to check out a little more about them and their fitness tips, do hop over to their respective Instagram here (Limaran and Jason)!

Till the next!

The very new Facebook Seeding

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Hello Churpers!

It’s been a while eh? Well, we’re back with something exciting for you guys again! Like… A new way to earn some extra rewards!
We’ve recently launched something called the Facebook Seeding, which is very similar to Social Seeding. Let Churpie walk you through the process!

1. If you’re the lucky chosen Churper, you’d see the campaign on your Rewards Page

2. Read through the instructions, and don’t forget to authorize your Facebook Page!

3. Draft your sample message as per how you’d draft a Social Seeding message (but YAY! No word limit this time round cause it’ll be posted onto Facebook)

4. Send in for approval and check back for email for approval

5. Once approved, copy message and post it to your Facebook timeline (Please ensure that your post is set as “Public”!)

6. Retrieve the permalink of your post (to retrieve, look for timestamp of your posting and click into it) and submit it via the campaign page

7. TADAH! Wait for your rewards to be credited!

Easy peasy. Get started now!