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DIY ideas to blow your mom away this Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner (2 days away in fact!) and if you haven’t gotten your mum a present yet… YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE!

Just kidding! We know how hard it is to wreck your brains for a meaningful gift so we thought we’d share some brilliant DIY ideas!

‘Cause nothing says “I love you” better than a gift made with the heart!
Here are various DIY ideas for any kind of mom! So, is your mom a…

Bakerholic Mom?
Your mom bakes faster than you can eat but that’s not a bad thing, because every piping hot creation is just D-E-LICIOUS! Your only worry in life is not being able to fit into your clothes the next day.

Get creative and show your mum how much you love her bakes with..

DIY Glass Etched Tray

DIY Recipe Holder

Handprinted DIY Apron

And sign up for a gym membership after you’re done with all the DIY crafts, cause you know there’s no point resisting them delicious cakes and pies!

Organized mom?
So baking isn’t her forte but you know “tidy” should be her middle name by the way she cleans and organizes the house! The mess you made in the kitchen 5 minutes ago is already gone. Say whuttttt.

Lend your mum a helping hand with these DIY crafts:

Marbled Mini Clay Bowls

Polka Dot Jewelry Dish

Because being tidy doesn’t have to be at the expense of looking horridly boring!

Workaholic mom?
It’s a public holiday and you’re chilling at home with your mum… not. Your mum works so hard that you have to remind her to come home in the evening. Not that she loves to work like crazy, she’s just dedicated to providing for her family!

Pimp up her workspace and work life with these DIY goodies:

Personalized Business Card Holders

DIY Geometric Cork Coasters

Now working late into the night won’t be so lonely anymore!

Seamstress mom?
No shirt or dress is too long or oversized for you because your mom always saves your wardrobe by doing the nip and tucks where it’s needed! You always head out looking like a superstar all thanks to your mom’s skills!

Threads and needles can be tricky to keep organized so help your mom out with this ingenius 2 in 1 craft:

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Sentimental mom?
Let’s face it, you (and your siblings, if any) mean THE WORLD to your mom and she loves to keep anything related to you guys ESPECIALLY PHOTOS. Before, it was countless photo albums kept safely in drawers but now, everything is online and there’s no better way to put all photos on display then through a DIY photo wall:

Photo Wall Bulletin Board

Just hang it up higher up on the wall if you’re afraid of any embarrassing childhood photos becoming a hot topic amongst your friends when they visit!

Green fingers mom?
Your address is Blk 858 Amazon Rainforest St 81… just because your house is so filled with flora and fauna that guests almost get lost in the balcony. Every seed your mom plants just magically blooms within days and there’s just nothing she can’t grow!

If she had a garden, you’d probably have freshly grown produce for dinner.
Put a unique spin on ‘ol boring pots with this DIY:

Personalized Pots

The challenge? Do this for ALL the pots your mom has. Good luck!

Foodie mom?
There’s no hipster café that your mom hasn’t been to, in fact, she knows of some cafes you haven’t even heard of yet! That’s how much of a foodie she is!

And since you can’t beat her at trying the latest food, you can whip up dishes she definitely hasn’t tried yet:

Ombre and colour blocks donuts

Red Velvet Pancakes with Coconut Syrup and Blueberries

It might be inedible on the first try, but she’ll definitely love you more. We promise!

Bookworm Mom?
Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Jeffrey Archer. No, these are not the names of actors/actresses. But you’d probably know them if your mom is a bookworm! Famous writers who have kept your mom glued to books since god knows what age!

Make reading extra enjoyable and fun by adding these quirky DIY bookmarks to her stack of books:

Photo bookmarks

Now she’ll never forget about you when she’s glued to her books!

Fashionista Mom?
There ain’t no other stylista like your momma! All the fashion and beauty tips you know come from your mom and boy do you look good!

Add that classic touch of beautiful to your mom’s outfit with these DIY crafts:

DIY bejewelled floral brooch

Ruffle Zip Pouches

Nothing spells STYLE like something no one else has!


With all these DIY tips, we hope you have a wonderful time making your gifts and we’re sure you will WOW your mom this Mother’s Day!

From all of us at ChurpChurp, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

Guys VS. Girls – Who Did It Worse?

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Memes are all the rage these days! And well, in the matter of guys vs. girls, we’ve scoured & compiled a list of the 5 most socially awkward fail just for the lols

Let’s break it down by categories.


Have you ever had a bad hairdo? Be it that mushroom hair your mom ordered when you were ten (that left a lasting hatred for mushrooms) or the 90’s boy band signature center parting. We can name a few bad hair trends but these solo gems hit the ball out of the park. *ohgodwhy.jpg*

VERDICT: Guys win this round! Dude; you know your moustache is in the wrong place right?


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

This, unfortunately, does not apply to photoshopping skills. Knowing how to do it does not mean you can do it well! We all want to look our best, but we call this an abuse of the liquefy tool!

VERDICT: A TIE! We quote Bruno Mars and insist that you are beautiful, just the way you are!


We’ve seen more parenting mischief in the internet age than ever before in the history of mankind. But note to stage moms, we can honestly only see this leading to a one way street named damaged childhood.

VERDICT: Stage Moms, because no 5 year old should look like they are 40.


Footwear has evolved from necessity to Lobster shoes (looking at you Lady Gaga), sky high platforms (RIP Spice Girls days) and uhm, the Sandal Boot?

Well, at least no socks were worn in any way incriminated.

VERDICT: Joan Rivers would now quip in with snarky, potentially vulgar comment but we would just like to say “JUST DON’T DO IT, BOYS”.


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the most loved of all? We feel a bit sorry because this is hilarious! The lonely hearts club just absorbed two more members.

We can see your reflection of fail in the mirror, you know that right?

Our resident ChurpChurp selfie guru advises all to vet your photos BEFORE posting them!

VERDICT: Selfie fails does not discriminate by gender. We call this one a tie!


We must admit we retrieved all these uncool posts about guys via BroThatsNotOk. If you enjoyed all the crazy stuff you’ve seen so far, hop over to the new meme site for more laughs (and cringes)! #morethanmeetstheeye

Seen any instances of fail that has reached epic proportions?

Hit us up in the comments below, we’d love a laugh in the office!