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5 things you should know about achieving fairer skin

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1. You may think that darkness is your bestfriend

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But you can’t avoid the sunlight forever. You need to face the world someday.

So when that time comes, all you need is sunscreen.

2. It’s easy. Sunscreen goes on the face and body….

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Not into your body. There is no magic pill or drink for fair skin.

3. A simple hat/cap keeps the harmful UV rays away

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Just remember to wear it the right way.

4. But remember, 1 day of protection does not automatically make you fair

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5. You need to apply sunscreen and protect yourself with sun hats daily!

Unless you don’t mind looking like this at 80…

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Cheetah prints may be cool but we’re sure elephant hide isn’t.


Never been a fan of sunscreen and hats?

Well, you’re in luck because NIVEA can help you achieve fairer skin in just 14 days with its new Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF 25, PA++.

It is one busy lotion that protects you from BOTH sun damage and skin darkening with its lightweight & deep absorption serum!

And if that doesn’t impress you, maybe this Snapshare Instagram contest will.

Step 1 – Share how you protect yourself from harmful UV rays
Step 2 – Upload to Instagram with the hashtag #FairestOfThemAll

Most creative fair person will win $100 worth of NIVEA products! That spells…

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FYI, contest ends 5th May 2014, 2359.
So if  you snooze, you lose!

Join the Snaphare contest HERE.