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#FollowFriday: 5 Instagram Accounts To Follow!

   Category: Follow Friday, Social Media Scene |

It’s Friday! And a relatively quieter day in office, so the Churpies were just doing what they do best: browsing through Instagram. We discovered lots of interesting accounts that we’d love to share with you guys, so here’s 5 to kick-start our #FollowFriday!

Health/ Fitness


Tempted to pick Yoga up too?



Beautiful Destinations indeed. Looking at this account just makes us wanna drop everything we’re doing and book a plane ticket somewhere. Anywhere.



The way to Churpie’s heart is through his stomach, hehehe! @loveandlemons got us there!



These photos are enough to make a grown man coo! Or at least those in our office.

Parenting/ Fashion


Just one last one to make your heart go awwwww. This mother shows her 4 year-old daughter’s dress-making adventures, with inspiration from diverse sources. Which of her dresses do you like most?

We hope you found an account you’d like to follow here! Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for our next #FollowFriday!

TGIF, folks!

#FeatureFriday – MissGoob: The One Who Gives It All For What She Loves

   Category: Alpha, Feature Friday |

This month, we interviewed the lady behind the Instagram account “MissGoob” and asked her some questions that you guys might be interested to know about her! She has always been posting gorgeous photos of her nail art and cupcakes, but how many of you really know the young and talented lady behind the account?

Read on and see what we’ve got to ask!

1. What does your Instagram handle “@missgoob” mean?

It means mother of Gooby. I am kidding. ‘missgoob’ is actually inspired by my puppy’s name because I am uncreative like that. Just like know I named my business Goobycakes.

2. Why did you move from Nail Art to Cupcakes?

I wouldn’t say it was a ‘move’, because I did not regard nail art as a formal career. It was more of a hobby and something I enjoyed doing for myself and other people.

Of course, I consider baking as my full-time job now and due to food hygiene reasons, I do not wear nail polish when I work, which is most of the time. I still enjoy nail art & do it occasionally during off-days or when I travel!

3. When did you discover that you love making cupcakes too?

I kind of stumbled into baking. Baking was never my dream. I wanted to become a florist! I was about to graduate from university and my initial plan was to take some time to do something different/learn a new skill before entering the corporate world. I ended up working in a cake shop and I fell in love with the job!

4. What’s your favourite flavoured cupcake?

With frosting, Oreo. Without frosting, Chocolate Banana!

5. Tell us a little more about your family!

People who know me long enough know that I am a very family-oriented person.  They are the most important to me!

My dad worked in the Singapore Navy all his life and was very strict with me since I was a kid but I am glad he brought me up the way he did. Now that he’s older he’s all about ‘enjoying life’ and I think I am learning from him!

My mum, she’s like my best friend and we talk about everything. I always talk to her when I need advice or just a listening ear and she will be there for me. I am very dependent on my mum (maybe clingy?!) and I miss her very much even though she works opposite me. Huge baby is me.

I have two younger sisters and we have nicknames for each other; we call ourselves Ab, Eb, and Db (try guessing what it means). I came up with that when we were really young and it just stuck! Now even my friends know them as Ab & Eb, which is kind of hilarious.

And if you still don’t know, I also have a son and his name is Gooby.

6. How is it like working with your own sister in your own cupcake shop?

It’s probably the best thing ever! We have so much fun at work; she makes me laugh all the time. We are pretty different but that helps in our job – I prefer to hide in the kitchen and do my art thing while she’s the vocal and friendly cupcake fairy serving customers!

7. What do you usually do in your free time?

I do not have much free time, only one precious day per week! #lifeofmissgoob If I’m out, I’m usually running errands or meeting friends. If I’m not feeling lazy, I try to swim. If I’m home, I’m mostly on the couch or in bed lounging with Gooby. #veryboringperson

8. What’s on the top of your bucket list?

Visit Alaska and find Bus 142 where Christopher McCandless lived in before he died in the wild. And to witness the beauty of the aurora borealis!

9. If given a choice, would you like to stay in Singapore or move elsewhere?

I would choose to stay in Singapore but I would move for the right reasons and people.

10. Which is your favourite month?

December is like the happiest month ever. It’s the month for vacations/shopping/feasting & earning lots of money!

If you’ve read all the way and are still wondering why we keep asking her about her cupcakes, you’ve got to check her Instagram out! We’re sure it’ll leave you drooling and asking for more.