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#FeatureFriday: Cheryl Wee –Singapore’s very own Rising Star

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Being born in a well-to-do family hasn’t stopped her from working hard to pave a career of her own, proving to everyone her insatiable desire to rely on herself. From beauty pageants to singing and now acting, she has definitely left an impression on most of us. Yes, we’re talking about Cheryl Wee, one of the young stars of the new MediaCorp TV series, “Mata Mata”!

Lately, on top of her usual yummy food posts (she’s quite a foodie actually), you might have noticed the surge in behind-the-scenes photos from Cheryl on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. It has definitely piqued our curiosity, so this month, we decided to speak to Cheryl for a little sneak peek specially for you readers.

And just in case you’re wondering (well, we are) how this talented home-grown artiste still manages to remain down-to-earth despite all the fame, do read on to find out!

1. Tell us a little more about your role in Mata Mata!

I’m playing Elizabeth Lee who is loosely based on a real life story of Mary Quintal, the very first woman ASP in Singapore. Elizabeth is a spunky and adventurous girl who stands for justice and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions and turn them into actions. I think what’s special about her is how she places her passion over merely climbing the ranks. She’s kaypoh and stubborn but I guess that’s what makes her so persistent and successful in getting to the bottom of things.

2. What was the greatest challenge you faced when filming Mata Mata?

Mata Mata being my first drama and acting job was probably the greatest challenge I’ve been put to. Every day was a new learning experience because I had to learn on the go. For example, on the 2nd day of the shoot, the director wanted me to cry on cue and I was quite nervous about it. Thankfully for Aileen Tan, who plays my mother, she made the whole experience so real and helped me get into character. The hardest thing I would say is not to act as Elizabeth Lee and actually believe that I am her. Although we share similarities, some of her antics were kind of out there for Cheryl Wee, like how brave she can be.

3. We understand that it isn’t easy forging a career in showbiz. Who has been your greatest inspiration all the while?

My mom. She is so determined when it comes to pursuing something that she is really passionate about and believe in. And what counts even more than passion is her diligence and how amazingly hard working she is. Yet she is still so humble towards every learning opportunity and never stops improving herself.

4. We love how you’re financially independent and have never relied on your family background for favours! What keeps you so grounded and focused?

I’m really blessed to having a loving family who has brought us up strictly, to understand the value of money and to work for what we want. And of course a bunch of real good friends whom I can rely on to unload my worries and frustrations, who also aren’t afraid to criticize me and still love me.

5. What’s it like being the eldest out of 3?

It’s kind of like being a mom without having gone through childbirth. I love my Mei Mei and Di Di so much that I feel the need to mother them at times and make sure they are well taken care of. Yet still being a sister who they can share stuff that isn’t cool to share with our parents. In that sense we share a special bond.

6. You’ve been so active on social media all the while. What would it be like if you’re suddenly deprived of social media?

The reason why I love social media is because I get to share my joy and moments with my friends. I’m actually a conventional girl. I prefer letters over emails and meet ups over Skype. But this is quite challenging and difficult with our tight schedules and social media would be the next best alternative to communicate and be in touch with our friends and an even wider social circle.

7. We see that you’ve been constantly updating your Twitter with sneaks as you’re filming for Mata Mata! How have your fans been reacting to that?

I guess they’ve been as excited as I am for Mata Mata to be on air. Especially because it’s a period drama, with all the vintage clothes and old fashion street settings, it’s not something we get to experience in this day and age. So it’s like a time machine bringing us back in time.

8. Has social media been of help to your career? If so, how?

It’s definitely helped me get closer to friends and everyone out there to get to know them and for them to know me better. I find social media especially helpful after being involved in Mata Mata because now social media has made it so simple and straightforward to get a message out there and to get people to look out for us.

9. What do you usually do in your free time?

Eat and sleep!!! I love reading food blogs and trying out food haunts and going on cafe hopping. I can practically read food blogs almost every night before I go to bed. Just by looking at the yummylicious food helps me unwind and makes me feel so happy.

10. If you’re allowed to keep any animal as a pet, which animal would you pick?

Will a unicorn count? It’s a horse that can fly. Perhaps I could take a ride from him too!

Alright, all you Channel 5 drama junkies had better get your senses up with the Mata Mata sirens coming along! The series will be premiering on 9 August, 2013 right after our NDP parade, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Meanwhile, catch more sneaks at Cheryl’s blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! You won’t be disappointed.

Who’s the fairest of them all?

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Wondering what Churpie’s doing? Like most of you, he’s been conscientiously trying to keep his skin fair under Singapore’s unforgiving sun and eternal summer.

Have you got any tips or a particular skincare routine that you do to keep yourself fair? Step right up and share them with us! Simply snap a photo that shows us the different ways you use to keep yourself as fair as Snow White and you could win yourself a Biore Hamper worth $50! Don’t be afraid to share any unconventional ideas that you might have with us!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Head over to Rewards Page and look for Biore Snow White Snap Share.

2. Click “Earn More” to find out more about the campaign as well as the Do’s and Don’ts.

3. Take a picture showing the ways you use to keep yourself fair and share it on Instagram with the keywords: #BioreSnowWhite, #BioreUV and @churpsg.

4. Click “Participate” to join and you should be able to see the relevant photo(s) in your feed.

5. Interested to see what the rest of the Churpers are doing to stay fair in sunny Singapore? Scroll down to check out what everyone else is posting for Biore Snow White!

Keep your pictures coming! We’ve seen umbrellas, sunblock, masks, sunglasses and even long-sleeved shirts. Don’t be afraid to share even if it’s just the use of a simple umbrella or sunblock because we’d love to see all your creative pictures and ideas!

Good luck Churpers!

The Rise of Short Mobile Videos – Instagram and Vine

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Recently, Instagram launched their video function which allows 15 seconds of instant video update and it’s been the talk of the town! However, most of us are aware of the presence of another application which is very similar: Vine. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Why would some people prefer one to the other?

Today, we bring to you a post to inform all you social media-holics about what these two different yet similar applications have to offer. And well, which is better you ask? We believe that both applications will appeal to different groups of people and maybe after reading this, you’d figure which is the right app for you!

Here’s a table comparing some of their more prominent features!

We’ve picked three features which might be important to you guys and have zoomed in to see the differences between the two apps!

ROUND 1: Length of Video

The most obvious difference between Vine and Instagram Video is the length of video that they allow users to post onto the app itself. Is longer always better? Or do you like it short and sweet? Vine believes that 6 seconds is the perfect length for a short clip, allowing the user to flaunt their creativity and tell their story succinctly without boring the viewers. Instagram video on the other hand allows users to post videos up to 15 seconds, which more than twice the amount of time Vine does!

ROUND 2: Filters

FILTERS! Stinson, Vesper, Clarendon, Maven, Gingham – never fails to amaze us how Instagram comes up with those names for their filters! Or do you prefer uploading your videos just the way they are? Instagram video allows video editing and creative use of filters which Instagram supporters love! The other hand, Vine chose not to allow creators to edit, as they seem keener in giving creators a tool to make interesting, beautiful moving imagery rather than a convenient tool just to post videos.

ROUND 3: Deleting the last clip

Currently, both Vine and Instagram video allow users to shoot multiple clips through their phones, and then join them together making the video whole. Being able to delete the last clip is pretty important for us because there will always be boo boos right? Vine however, doesn’t allow users to edit their clips once they have started shooting it. This means that there is no room for error once we start recording our videos as we won’t be able to delete our last clip! Or do you think that the bloopers would be the best part of the video and which will make the video more entertaining in fact!

For those who are into perfection, well you may like Instagram video more. It lets users delete their latest clip from the series in case it was a bad take. It is however not at your whim and will. If you would like to delete your third clip, you will need to delete your fifth and fourth clip first, before being able to delete it.

Well for us, regardless of Vine or Instagram video, we love them all! The rise of short mobile videos has given us an even closer view into the lives of the people that we’re following and it’s so much more entertaining than still pictures alone! A picture speaks a thousand words while videos… well, we think they tell us twice as much as still pictures do!! ♥

What do you guys think after trying the newly launched video function on Instagram? Would you pick Instagram or Vine? Or are there Keek supporters out there? Share with us! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!