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#FeatureFriday: Sheila Sim – Top Model & now… Actor!

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Young, successful & statuesque – despite these and having had graced the runways for international luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Armani (to name a few), Singapore’s top model, Sheila Sim, still has her feet firmly planted on the ground! This home grown beauty revels in the simple things like otters swimming while holding hands and a good meal (her instagram is full of local and foreign fare)!

When Sheila was just 17 years old, she left for Hong Kong to pursue modelling with reckless abandon! Now a veteran in the modelling industry, we talked to Sheila bare from the glitz and glamour about taking her first crack at acting and bring (we mean link :p) you behind the scenes of her new Chinese drama, “I’m in charge”.

Here are 10 things you may or may not know about Sheila!

1. How is it like being one of Singapore’s top models?
It’s definitely very assuring to be well appreciated for what I do. It’s an honour to work with some of the top photographers, stylist, makeup artiste, hair stylist, show producers in Singapore. I often feel very spoilt to be wearing prestigious, beautiful, high-end fashion clothing.

2. Do you think instagram can be a starting platform for aspiring models?
Instagram provides an excellent add-on platform for aspiring models to promote their work, especially when it reaches out globally. However, Instagram alone is not enough. Advertising agencies and events companies will eventually select models according to their portfolio and composite cards instead of sourcing for models on Instagram.

3. Let’s talk about your first drama, “I’m In Charge, “小子 当家”! When should we look out for your tweets for more info on “小子 当家”?
Press Conference will commence on the 16th May, the drama series will be airing 27th May 9pm. I have however, already posted pictures of “I’m In Charge” on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during the filming period a month ago. (psst! play catch up &  follow Sheila now!)

4. Any similarities between yourself and the character you play on the show?
王小慧 is a very passionate and expressive character. She’s also not the typical feminine sort of girl; she’s a little quirky and unladylike. Those are distinct qualities of Sheila. Not Sheila Sim, but Sheila. haha!

5. How was it like playing opposite Elvin Ng (swoon)?
He is a total charmer. I can’t feel more blessed to be playing opposite Elvin Ng for my first drama. He’s got attractive eyes, good body, good humour, a good head on his shoulders, very willing to teach, very patient, very professional and the list goes onnnnnnnnnnnn.

6. Social Media Time! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – pick one!

Instagram win hands down. A picture speaks a thousand words. Or maybe because I’m not so good with words. haha!

7. Kitty videos or Talking Dogs on Youtube?

Both make me LMAO. Laughing babies too!

8. If you could post a pic of yourself with any popular personality on instagram, who would it be?
Andy Lau. I’ve always been a fan. *squeal*

9. What is the most ridiculous comment you’ve seen on your facebook page?

FB page not really. FB message is the killer. I’ve been offered a job on FB, I’ve been asked on date, and I’ve been offered an escorting job. It’s crazy.

10. Last one! Modelling, acting, what is the next big thing you see yourself doing?
Designer, hopefully.


Sum yourself up in a hashtag!

Interview adjourned! Remember to catch Sheila in “I’m In Charge, “小子 当家” which airs starting May 27th at 9PM on Ch8!

Oh! And check out the drama’s theme song below to catch a glimpse of Sheila in her role as 王小慧 (Wang Xiao Hui). We’ve got 2 words: super hilarious!

(CONTEST ENDED) New Biore Cleanser & Giveaway!

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Update (30 May 2013): Contest has ended!

Thank you for the overwhelming response!

We’ll be contacting the 3 lucky winners via email soon, so check your inbox to see if you’ve won!

Good luck everyone & thanks for your participation!


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It’s Bonus Wednesday time!

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Heya Churpers!

Don’t we all love Wednesdays? It means we’re halfway through the week, which kind of means we’re nearer to the weekends! To make the week a little more bearable, we’re introducing something awesome today – Bonus Wednesday!

Wait. What?!

Well, Bonus Wednesdays are randomly chosen Wednesdays when we give you 100% bonus reward for selected Social Sharing Campaigns up on ChurpChurp.com.

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Have a good mid-week everyone!

Giveaway: Mother’s Day Special Churpie pack up for grabs

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This year, Mother’s Day is on 12th May which means it’s just round the corner!

It has been a year of clearing your dirty laundry, whipping up your meals and nagging at you to eat your greens only to have you rolling your eyes back at her. We just want to say a big “THANK YOU” to the all the mothers out there who selflessly gave us everything she can, but never once asked for anything in return!

And so… have you guys thought of what to do or get for your mum yet?

I know I know. Decisions, Decisions. Every. Single. Year.

Which is why we should all gather our ideas, tweaked it here and there and perhaps we can put up something special for our mothers this year!

Are you always full of ideas every Mother’s Day? Or have you got something interesting up your sleeve this Mother’s Day? Come ‘on, SHARE WITH US!

We want to know how you guys plan to celebrate Mother’s Day so we can start planning ours too!

In return, we’re giving away 3 sets of Mother’s Day Special Churpie pack to the top 3 Churpers with the most creative ideas! All you have to do is to comment at the end of entry on how you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, along with your email address and you’re up for the giveaway!

Can’t think of anything at the moment? We’ve scoured online for the best gift ideas and here’s what we gathered:

1.    Start her day with Brunch in bed
Your mum has been toiling in the kitchen practically half her life, so on Mothers’ day, naturally we wouldn’t want her to step into the kitchen at all. She’ll wake up in time for brunch served on her bed; orders taken one day in advance for us to carefully prepare.

2.    DIY Spa at Home
After brunch, it’s time to usher your Mum to your very own DIY Spa Paradise – the bathroom. Light up a nice smelling candle in your bathroom, get body scrubs off the shelves or go all the way to make your own DIY home-spa goodies like facial masks, body scrubs and foot soak! Our mothers work day in and out to make our home cosy, clean and tidy. It’s time for them to take time off and do a little body pampering. Chillax time yo!

And since it’s at home, you won’t see your mum complaining to you about this:

3.    Present her your personalised gifts

  • For the mum who loves to hoard stuff: Write down your heartfelt thanks and make it into a mini-book so your mum can keep!


  • For the hippy Mummy: If your mum is into jewellery, make her a necklace unlike any other! Try making a DIY silhouette necklace of you and your family’s silhouette so your mum can keep you guys close no matter where she goes.


  • For the Mum with Green Fingers: Find a glass vessel and make your Mom a pretty terrarium with tolerant succulents nestled in sand or soil. Tie a cute ribbon and attached a sweet note along with it and you’re good to go!


4.    Take her out for dinner
Hope all this pampering will leave your mum feeling refresh and rejuvenated! To end the day, take her to somewhere nice for a good dinner and desserts. (Tip: Buffets are a mother’s favourite!)

Have a better idea? Leave a comment at the end the entry by 6th May so you stand a chance to bring home a Churpie pack to enjoy Mother’s Day with you and your mum!

Meanwhile, keep sharing on http://sg.churpchurp.com/rewards to earn more so perhaps you can get something bigger and better for your mum! Share more, earn more!

Have a great Mother’s Day All!!