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Help Us Get To Know You Better!

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With more than 17,000 active Churpers around the country, it sure ain’t easy for us here at Churp Churp to get acquainted with each and every one of you. However, all hope is not lost as we came up with a way for us to get know you a little better with just a few clicks of your mouse!

First, click on the Manage Account tab on the toolbar to access your account preferences.

General Account Settings
If you haven’t already connected your social media accounts to Churp Churp, now’s the perfect time to do so! This will make campaign sharing a breeze as you can share campaign messages across multiple platforms with just one click.
Also, we added a section where you can add in your blog or website URL and share with us what other media platforms you are currently on so you’ll be the first in line to participate in the latest campaigns from us!

Please also make sure you update your Personal Details below so that we can assign campaigns that best fit you and your target audiences. For security reasons, we will need you to write in to our helpdesk should you wish to edit your payee name, IC number or address ya!

Account Preferences
We also made some tweaks to the Preferences tab where you can now tell us a little bit more about yourself in terms of your Language Preferences and Education level. This will surely come in handy in future campaigns to come!

Please also let us know your campaign preferences here so we can select the best type of campaigns for you to participate in!

That’s about it Churpers! A few steps in updating your account will translate into one giant leap in our efforts to make Churp Churp the awesomest social media community on the interwebs! Stay tuned for more exciting campaigns and updates heading your way soon! 😉