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ChurpChurp – Now Available at an App Store Near You

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Guess what, Churpers?

We’ve heard all your requests for something that would make and sharing all the awesome Churp Churp campaigns and stories on the go easier, and we’re proud to announce the all new Churp Churp iOS app is now live on the App Store!

That’s right – now you’ll never have to worry about missing another Churp Churp campaign, community update or interesting story anymore! The Churp Churp app will provide all the functionality the web version does, and here’s an overview of all the awesome features and things you can do with the app:


  • Catch up on the latest viral videos, trending stories and funny pictures on the Internet
  • Share an interesting story you’ve found
  • Comment on the stories and share them with your friends via Twitter/Facebook
  • Double tap on a story to ‘heart’ it
  • Swipe left/right to switch between the ‘Featured’, ‘Vote’ and ‘Friends’ feed


  • View all the ChurpChurp campaigns available for sharing on the go
  • Read more about the campaign and view the site you’re sharing from the app
  • Personalize your message and share with a few simple taps


    • Get updates on the latest events, contests and promotions for the community


    • View your earnings, stories and campaigns shared, and friends/followers on ChurpChurp
    • Update your settings/preferences for campaigns and notifications
    • Cash out your earnings from the app

    Now that you’ve seen all that the app can do, it’s time to try it out yourself. Download the ChurpChurp app now for the ultimate Churping experience!

    #FollowFriday: What, why and who

       Category: Latest Update, Singapore |

    Ever scroll through your timeline on a Friday and chance upon tweet after tweet with the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday followed by mentions of a few other twitter accounts and wonder what that is? I mean what’s up with this #FF thing and why would people want to follow a weekday anyway?

    If you have been wondering just like us, here are some answers to your questions on what it’s all about!

    #FollowFriday is a way of recommending a handful of twitter users you find interesting each week to the rest of your followers. Like the name suggest, it simply means telling your followers who they can follow (usually someone awesome!) on a Friday.

    Who should I recommend?

    Just think about which few twitter users’ tweets you notice and “favourite” most frequently! Your favourite movie star just started his twitter account? Or loving those quotes from a certain twitter user? Once you have a few or even just one user in mind, you’re good to go about recommending them come Friday!

    How should I go about recommending other users?

    Simply start your tweet with #FollowFriday or #FF (so your followers know what the next part of your tweet entails) followed by the reason(s) on why you are recommending them. Don’t forget to mention them in your tweet (e.g. @ChurpSG) so your followers can check them out in a click!

    Sounds kind of exciting eh? Are your fingers itching to tag everyone you like with #FF/#FollowFriday on twitter now?

    Wait a moment! A important thing to note is to avoid mentioning all the users you’d like to recommend in one tweet without explaining why you would want others to follow them. Your followers will not only be confused, but might get annoyed as your tweet will not make sense. Always remember to explain why!

    With that, here are our 5 recommendations on who to follow on a #FollowFriday:

    1. For the Fashionista: @LookBookdotnu
    2. For the Beauty Junkie: @MichellePhan
    3. For the one who likes to rant: @FirstWorldPains
    4. For the one who enjoys interesting facts: @IntriguingFacts
    5. For the one who loves catching up with the latest Hollywood news: @eonline

    So now you know what’s #FollowFriday all about. Try it and check out others’ too! You’ll never know what amazing things you might discover on a Friday!