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Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

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Chinese New Year is around the corner and here at Churp Churp, we have already started munching on the New Year goodies and tossing Yu Sheng hohoho! Festive food is definitely one of the highlights during Chinese New Year, don’t you guys agree?

That is until recently, we saw what was circulating around Facebook…


Oh, the horror! :O

Nevertheless, there is a lot more to Chinese New Year than just the festive food itself. Check out why we do what we do every Chinese New Year and take a peek at how we do it – Churpie-style!

1.    Yusheng/Prosperity Toss
Do you know that the colourful Yu Sheng 鱼生 that we eat today was actually created by four chefs while they were working in Singapore back in the 1960s? We all know that the best way to eat this is to toss it as high as you can, to represent the future growth in fortune for everyone present, in between shouting auspicious well-wishes for the year! Always a joyful sight to behold!

Here’s us tossing the Yu Sheng and having our advance Chinese New Year dinner together:

2.    Getting dressed up in red!
Red is believed to be an auspicious colour that will fend off bad luck because as legend says, it wards off the monster Nian, as it is colour that Nian is most afraid of… Rah! Hence, it is preferred and not unusual to see families decked out in different shades of red during the New Year period like what Churpie is wearing.

3.    Red Packets
Red packets, or ang bao in hokkien as everyone affectionately calls it, are not all about money! Given as a form of well-wishes and blessings by married elders to the younger generation, some people go all out every year in a bid to get their hands on the ones with special designs. Traditionally, these are used to contain money in auspicious denominations like 2 or 8, but nowadays some people use it to make New Year ornaments in the shape of lanterns and fire crackers as well. What do you think of the design of our red packet this year? Try spotting Churpie amongst the Nuffnang stickman, Nom Nom Media Nomster mascot and Jipaban Lolly!

And these are just a few of the various customs practiced during the Chinese New Year! All of which are meaningful in unique ways! We can’t wait to get busy feasting on the New Year goodies, having reunion dinners and tossing yet another round of Yu Sheng! For all our other non-Chinese Churpers, take this time to kick back and relax, and enjoy this public holiday!

Wishing all a prosperous and happy sssssnake year ahead everyone!

The Instagram Connection

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re not shy about our love for Instagram and as such, we’re excited to tell you about a cool new feature we’re rolling out today!

We’re now giving you Churpers the option to connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp, which will mean more awesome campaigns and contests you can be part of in the future!

You can connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp in just a few seconds. Simply head on to the Manage Account page which you can access at the top right hand corner of the page. Next, go on to the General tab on that page, where you’ll see this ‘Connect to Instagram’ button:

Click the button, and you’ll have connected your Instagram account with ChurpChurp.

Don’t forget to also let us know which platform you’re using Instagram on as well! You can select iOS or Android, or both if you have a few devices on different platforms.

You’re all set now, so sit tight and watch out for cool campaigns and contests you can participate in with Instagram!

#FeatureFriday: Joshua Ang, the TV star

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This #FeatureFriday, we bring to you the brains behind Reelity TV and the star behind many local dramas and films – Joshua Ang!

At the age of 13, Joshua first appeared on the big screens for his debut movie, “I Not Stupid” which was a huge box-office success that caused a huge stir in the region in 2002. Since then, he has been active in the local entertainment scene, starring in several highly popular movies like the sequel movie “I Not Stupid Too” and award-winning movie “Homerun”.  Looking back, it’s been 11 years and he has been involved in 9 television dramas and 7 films to date! Other than acting, Joshua is also one of the founders of Reelity TV, an online TV web channel which was launched in 2012. So does this mean that we’re not going to see him on the big screens anymore? What does he usually watch on Youtube and who is his idol?

We asked him some questions so read on to find out!

1.    What does your Twitter handle (@nutzhen) means?
My twitter username used to be @joshuaang, but I changed it to @nutzhen because it’s a nick name that I used to have when I was younger. It actually doesn’t have any particular meaning to it but everyone has been calling me nutzhen , that’s why I used it!

2.    What are your favourite foods?
I love all kinds of cuisines! Especially Indian cuisines! But the best indian food I ever had has to be from London! It’s just so different compared to Singapore’s Indian cuisine.

3.    What are your passions?
I enjoy playing the piano, guitar and drumming. I started playing the piano when I was 4 but the interest in music only came when I was 12.

4.    Any interesting facts about yourself that you’d like to share with us?
Some people might actually find me quiet/rude sometimes. But the fact is, when I open up, I can go really crazy! I crack jokes all the time and sometimes, I do think I’m quite comical!

5.    Who is your idol and why?
I guess that would always be my mom. She left me when I was 20, but I am who I am today because of her. I was hell of a kid when I was younger, but after entering the Army, I grew up and matured a lot.

6.    What is your idea of a perfect getaway?
I’d love to go back to London when I have time. I spent 2 weeks there with my girlfriend Clara and it was unforgettable. We actually love travelling a lot and did quite a bit of travelling. Our next trip will probably be to the beach at Maldives. 

7.    Tell us more about Reelity TV!
Reelity.tv is actually an online TV web channel that I started out with Ming. I think the level of humour in Singapore is really different compared to British humour, and that is what we’re aspiring to change!  We currently have 3 programs right now and we’re hoping to do a lot more in the near future! We make funny videos of funny people, and sometimes, not so funny people (dangerous sometimes) but that’s the point! My favourite has got to be Scumbag TV, where we go out into the public to prank people and doing the whackiest stuff! We’ve even been questioned by the police before but so far none of us have been behind bars yet! Hopefully not though! Muahahaha!

8.    Now that you’re busy with ReelityTV, does this mean that we’re not going to be seeing you on the big screens anymore?
Well, if a good script comes along, I might just take up the role so who knows?

9.    What do you watch on YouTube?
I love funny videos, basically anything that can make me shit my pants. Well, not literally.

10.    Tell us a motto that you live by.
Don’t waste your time or time will waste you.

If these questions don’t satisfy your curiosity, then go check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Missing his onscreen appearances? Check out Joshua’s episode on Reelity TV and wait for it… Here’re 3 autographed DVDs of the movie “We Not Naughty” up for giveaway!

Let us know what kind of movie you would like to see Joshua act in by commenting on our blog entry to win!