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Photo sharing social mobile app alternatives, other than Instagram

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Are you addicted to Instagram?

Let me confess… I am!

When it’s one of the first few apps you check the first thing every morning, you know you are definitely hooked. And there are many Insta-addicts out there other than me.

That is why when Instagram decided to update their Terms of Use last December that might compromise users’ rights of their photo, it caused a huge uproar online and everyone freaked out.

Thankfully, that was just a false alarm as Instagram later clarified that “nothing has changed about your photos’ ownership or who can see them.” Which you can find out more here.

Given that, it is still interesting to explore other photo-based social networking alternatives and see what they offer outside of Instagram.

Here are 3 other alternatives that we’ve picked!

1.    Twitter


On December 2012, Twitter rolled out their new photo-editing feature as an improvement to their previous function of simply capturing an image and posting it onto a user’s twitter feed. Currently, there are eight filters to choose from and you’re able to zoom and crop the picture inside the Twitter app as well. This feature definitely makes it easier for Twitter users who enjoy editing photos and sharing them with their followers. Pretty handy for frequent Twitter users!

2.    Flickr


Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site has long introduced their mobile app back in 2009 for iPhone and 2011 for Android. However lately, they too, released an update to the current Flickr app in December 2012. So what’s up? This update includes changing the browsing interface (to somewhat like that of Instagram) and adding 15 different filters for users to play with. We love the fact that it allows us to share the edited image onto multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even Instagram! Also, we find it cute that the filters are named after animals like Panda, Iguana and Mammoth!

3.    Pinterest


Everyone’s favourite “virtual pinboard”, Pinterest, has an app for it as well! Users have always loved Pinterest for its highly visual nature. With this app, you can now take photos and create a pin from it to share with their friends on the go. Other than that, the app allows you to view images of the people you follow, comment, “like” and re-pin it onto one of your pinboards all from your mobile phone! Currently, users are not able to edit photos from the app but if you have been using it for quite some time, it’s definitely more convenient for you to browse, like, comment and re-pin photos. Beautiful pictures, an active community, ability to organise your pictures and allows you to share them on Facebook and Twitter… We like that!

A quick search on google tells us that there are more photo sharing mobile apps out there so share with us your favourite photo-sharing site or let us know what you think about these 3 apps that we’ve just shared!

Looking back on 2012!

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As we’re off to a new year, we’re taking this chance to sit down and reminisce upon the ups and downs of 2012. 2012 has been an exciting year for us with moments that makes us laugh, stirs us up a little on the inside and times when we just want to shout “SHIOK AR!”!


Thank you CHURPERS, for growing with us and for supporting us through this year! We cannot wait to have more memorable moments with you guys in the year to come, and we promise you… there’s definitely a lot of more exciting things coming up! OH YEA~


With that, let’s head over and take a look at the highlights of Churp Churp Singapore in 2012!

1.    A Churptastic new look!

We decided that it’s time for a change so we did a revamp of our site and got a sleek new makeover for our logo. Churpie still looking cute of course!

2.    Alphas
In 2012, we welcomed our group of Alphas onto Churp Churp. If you’re wondering, Alphas are a group of influential Churpers who have a large pool of following on social media because of who they are and what they do. It has been a pleasure to have them on-board Churp Churp which has definitely spiced up our ever-growing community. Viva la Alphas!

3.    First #ChurpOut with the casts of We Not Naughty
Raise up your hands if you have caught ‘I Not Stupid’, the Singaporean comedy film back in 2002. Most of us definitely caught the popular local movie, hence we were really excited to have the casts of ‘We Not Naughty’ joining Churpies and Churpers for our first #ChurpOut of the year! -fan girl mode on-

4.    Twitter Giveaways
We’ve been doing twitter giveaways on our official twitter channel @ChurpSG from time to time during the year and we hope it made your day as much as we enjoy meeting those who joined us! Do you still remember them?

5.    #SGChurpOut with Yutaki and Sophie Willocq
Just look at our Churpers and Alphas having fun during our #SGChurpOut with Yutaki and Sophie brings back so many memories! Both Alphas and Churpers had a great time just hanging out together, getting to know one another while we play games and pig out. There’s nothing like a cosy Saturday afternoon together. 🙂

6.    The Churp Churp Great Depression
While there were good times, we had a few low moments as well in ChurpChurp. The act of sabotage on ChurpChurp’s servers left the team with a major cleanup operation to ensure that our Churpers’ accounts were up to date. This incident, however, brought the team closer together and we’re glad that we managed to put all major issues to a close. Thank you, our dear Churpers, for your patience and support through this time!

7.    Events
There were sooo many interesting campaigns in the year from an exciting dive with the sharks to a Hippo Bus ride down Orchard Road! We picked out pictures from some of our more memorable campaigns in the year to feature below. Absolutely can’t wait to see what’s coming up in 2013!

8.    #SGChurprise
CHURPRISE! Every Christmas, we love getting into the season of giving, and what better way to do so than to give out gifts to our beloved Churpers! We’ve picked out gifts from different categories like Beauty and Food and have announced the winners here. A great way to end our year!

There you have it! An overview of our year 2012 and wow, time does fly by. Here’s wishing everyone a great year ahead!

2013… LET’S GO!!!

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2013

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The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival returns for the ninth year running with a staple of exciting Singapore and international artists pushing the boundaries of art as they spar with the theme – Art and Entertainment!

Churpie is definitely keeping a lookout for the Fringe Highlights this year!

First up is 道德 Tao Te by Hungarian dancer-choreographer Ferenc Fehér, a duet for male dancers which combines freestyle dance and martial arts. We are definitely interested to see how both dancers combine the two forms of art together in a bid to find their desired harmony in the end.

Next up there is 赤子 Haru & Mina, a touching and captivating photographic series by Osaka-based photographer Hideaki Hamada of his two young children as they explore the world around them. Glancing through the photos of the two little ones definitely brings us back to the times when we were growing up.

Finally, The Necessary Stage presents a brand new play Best Of starring the incomparable Siti Khalijah Zainal in a one-woman show! A one-woman stand-up show! Cool!

What are you waiting for? Bask in a sea of entertainment – with art thrown in for good measure from 16 to 27 January 2013!

For more information on the works and Fringe 2013, visit www.singaporefringe.com!