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A great start to the year!

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Churp Churp!

The year has been going good for us at Churp Churp & Nuffnang!

We’ve been kept busy from counting down to the start of the year, to birthday celebration, Chinese New Year reunions, our very first #ChurpOut of the year, and lately reunion dinners with our very own influencers!

In other words, we have been gathering, celebrating and yes, FEASTING ALOT! Yums.

1. Our very first #ChurpOut of the year: Exclusive Screening of “We Not Naughty” with casts from the movie!

How awesome is it, to not only get free tickets to the movie, mingle with Churpers and also a chance to catch your eye-candies before and after the movie ! Jack Neo, Joshua Ang, Shawn Lee and Roy Li joined us for the evening as we go through the awkward, yet loving relationship between parents and their children. We laughed, we cried and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

2. Chinese New Year has, and will always be, a time for everyone to catch up over a good meal.

We have had an amazing time meeting up with influencers as we talked and laughed along with one another over our cosy lunches and dinners! (Photo credits to beatrice and bongqiuqiu)

3. Netcentric’s Reunion Dinner!

Cheers to a new year with our many rounds of steamboats, “louhei” and HUAT HUAT HUAT.

4. Celebrating Crazy Lydia’s Birthday

Happy Birthday crazy girl! We all love the little weird things you always do… like reminding us how hot and sexy you think you are EVERYDAY (#ifyousayso!), shopping impulsively at every store ever chance you got… and oh! Your spooky fascination with the three-eye alien from Toystory. We’re stuck with you… so well… we’ll just have to get used to your “unique-ness” I guess. #firstworldpains

5. Lastly, take a look at what we’re glancing at everyday in the office:

For reasons unknown, we’re captured with this “Despicable Me” poster. Despite having all the minions which look alike, amazingly, all of their expressions look like every single one of us! Which is why we spend everyday trying to spot one another among the many different minions and laughing at how the different minions look exactly like all of us. An extremely entertaining poster over here. #cheapthrill

So many things have happened and it’s only just the start of the year!

Definitely more events and stuffs await us so watch this space Churpers!

Let’s all work hard for a great year ahead in the mean time ☺