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Winners for the Churp Churp Christmas Giveaway!

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Merry Christmas Churpers!

We hope your Christmas has been fabulous so far!

To make it even better, Santa Churpie will be announcing winners of the ‘Churp Churp Christmas Giveaway’ here from Day 1 till Day 12 Christmas.

Remember to check back here everyday for the 12 days of Christmas to see if you’ll be receiving Santa Churpie’s presents for you and your friends!

Congratulations to the winners below:

  • Day 1 : @xONPUT (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 2 : @funnysg (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 3 : @94637 (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 4 : @dashani117 (Movie tickets)
  • Day 5 : Fiona Quek (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 6 : @UncleMaria ($10 Takashimaya vouchers)
  • Day 7 : @rxchel (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 8 : @iRach_ ($10 Takashimaya vouchers)
  • Day 9 : @theiceangel (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 10 : @aloha_bitch (Movie Tickets)
  • Day 11 : @Pres_Hee (Movie Tickets)
  • Day 12 : @wenlong88 (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)

Thank you Churpers for referring friends to join our big Churp Family!

It’s been a really wonderful Christmas and New Year with you guys around!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Churpers !!!

*ps: Winners will be notified on the details of collection at the end of the campaign.