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Winners for the Churp Churp Christmas Giveaway!

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Merry Christmas Churpers!

We hope your Christmas has been fabulous so far!

To make it even better, Santa Churpie will be announcing winners of the ‘Churp Churp Christmas Giveaway’ here from Day 1 till Day 12 Christmas.

Remember to check back here everyday for the 12 days of Christmas to see if you’ll be receiving Santa Churpie’s presents for you and your friends!

Congratulations to the winners below:

  • Day 1 : @xONPUT (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 2 : @funnysg (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 3 : @94637 (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 4 : @dashani117 (Movie tickets)
  • Day 5 : Fiona Quek (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)
  • Day 6 : @UncleMaria ($10 Takashimaya vouchers)
  • Day 7 : @rxchel (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 8 : @iRach_ ($10 Takashimaya vouchers)
  • Day 9 : @theiceangel (Royce Chocolates)
  • Day 10 : @aloha_bitch (Movie Tickets)
  • Day 11 : @Pres_Hee (Movie Tickets)
  • Day 12 : @wenlong88 (Churp Churp 2GB Thumbdrive)

Thank you Churpers for referring friends to join our big Churp Family!

It’s been a really wonderful Christmas and New Year with you guys around!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Churpers !!!

*ps: Winners will be notified on the details of collection at the end of the campaign.

The Churp Churp Christmas Giveaway!

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Christmas is the season of giving and to be thankful for what your family and friends have done for you over the year. The time to gather with friends and family, decorate your Christmas tree and feast on turkeys!

Santa Churpie loves Christmas as much as everyone does!

Therefore, Santa Churpie is giving you and 8 of your friends a little something for joining us at Churp Churp!

On top of rewarding you $1 for every friend referred, Santa Churpie will be giving out presents to you and your friends during the 12 days of Christmas!

From Christmas day (25th Dec) till 7th Jan, every day, for 12 days, you’ll stand a chance to win presents for your friends delivered from Santa Churpie!

All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps:

1. Share the Christmas love

  • Log onto churpchurp.com.sg and you will be greeted by Santa Churpie!
  • Click ‘Share this’ to choose your gifts and share them with your friends.

2. Select your gifts

  • Choose a gift that you would like Santa Churpie to gift you and your friends this Christmas out of the 8 gifts we have specially chosen for you,

3. Send the gifts to your friends!

  • Compose your special giveaway message
  • Share them out on any social media platforms
  • As long as your friends sign up with Churp Churp during this season, all of you could stand a chance to win that something special you have chosen for them!
  • Churp Churp will select 8 of your friends who join to receive the gifts

Santa Churpie will be updating you guys on the winners every day from 25th Dec onwards through our twitter @ChurpSG and blog  (www.churpchurp.com.sg/blog). Terms and conditions applies.

What are you waiting for?

Share the joy this Christmas with your friends!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Terms & Conditions

  • You must refer a minimum of 8 friends to be eligible for the Giveaway.
  • If you win, Churp Churp will select 8 of your friends if you have referred more than 8 friends.
  • If you do not win the Giveaway, you’ll still be rewarded $1 for every friend referred in the spirit of giving of Christmas!
  • The Giveaway – Period of giveaway: 25 Dec 2011 to 7 Jan 2012

Sharing just got more exciting: Unveiling the New CHURP CHURP!

   Category: Announcement, Contest, Freebies, Singapore |

Hey, Churpers! Here’s another good reason to be active in the Churp Churp community!

When you joined Churp Churp, you became part of a community of avid social media users, and since most of us are Twitter and Facebook addicts, making friends through Churp Churp has always been easy. It didn’t hurt that you got rewards and incentives along the way for sharing the latest events and promotions with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and more.

All of that is awesome, but today we’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new Churp Churp! Now, not only do you get rewarded for sharing brand messages by being part of Churp Churp, you get to discover cool stuff on the internet and see what everyone else is up to!

We suggest you to take a tour to find out what our team has added onto Churp Churp to enhance your Churping experience! Simply click on the Find out What’s New button on our header for a guided tour.

If you want a more detailed report of what’s new, not to worry as we have it all covered in this blog post! (pssst read on carefully till the end for goodies!)

Discover cool stuff on Churp Churp

Notice the new “Read a story” tab? Here, you can browse interesting articles, memes, videos, images, or any other cool stuff that Churpers have discovered and want to share with the community. You can also share the interesting things that you find as well, simply by entering the URL in the “Share something interesting” field! Also, you can share your stories straight from twitter by including a hashtag #ChurpSG in your tweet! All stories will go through moderation so we’ll place the best of our library in the main site for your surfing pleasure.

Found a cool time-lapse video of the earth from space? Share it. ROFL-ed at a funnycatpicture on Facebook? Share it. Read an interesting article about the top 3 things you can do with paperclips? Share it with us on Churp Churp!

Love a story? Tweet it, share it, like it and discuss it

Find one that got you laughing out loud or one that touched your heart? It’s only natural for us social media addicts to be sharing these content with our friends, so go ahead and spread those viral-worthy stories you discover on Churp Churp through your social media platforms! “Like” these posts with the Facebook button, or share it with your friends via Twitter. Submit a comment to discuss the post as well and see what others have to say about the story that got you all excited!

Get awesome rewards for sharing campaigns, as always

If you’re wondering where all the campaigns you can share are, fret not! They’re all listed under the “Get Rewarded” tab for your convenience. Alternatively, you can also check out the list of campaigns available on the “Rewards” section on the sidebar, or at the menu bar at the top.

Follow your favourite Churpers

Find a Churper’s stories interesting? Follow them with just a click of a button and you’ll never miss an update from them. Besides that, find out where they get inspiration from as you’ll get to see which stories they’ve liked and commented on.

So, contribute to our library of cool stuff with what you and other Churpers may fancy reading while you enjoy the certified awesome stories the Churp Churp team have selected just for you!

We’re growing the Churp Churp community, one share at a time!

So, Churpers, what do you think? Have fun reading and sharing articles using the new features on Churp Churp and the 10 most interesting articles shared will receive exclusive limited Churp Churp 2GB Flashdrives!

Just enter the link of something interesting you would like to share, submit the article and you could be the one of the proud owners of this cute Churp Churp thumbdrive!

So go on, Churpers, explore the new Churp Churp today and contribute to our library of cool stuff with what you and other Churpers may fancy reading while you enjoy the certified awesome stories the Churp Churp team have selected just for you!