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The Great Churp Churp Race is back! Season 2; The Night Race. This time, YOU get to CHOOSE your rewards!

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How does having an iPad 2 32GB Wifi, a Canon EOS 550D and a HTC Desire laid out infront of you to choose from sounds like?

Sounds friggin’ awesome to us!  And just how you can do that you may ask? The Great Churp Churp Race is back!

This time, race with your fellow Churpers and new friends from the community under bright lights and shiny stars. And the best part is? Top 3 racers with the most KMs collected throughout the race get to CHOOSE between an iPad 2, a Canon EOS 550D and a HTC Desire with the top racer having the first privilege! The next 100 consolation winners will win a pair of movie passes! And hear this out; the top 20 racers throughout the race will also win exclusive Churp Churp merchandise! It’s a bonus!

Just like last time, Farmville, Mafia Wars and Restaurant City will just have to wait. We’re always looking out for ways to give you awesome rewards! Every day, every month! : )

So get your keys ready in your ignition as we’re bringing back The Great Churp Churp Race! Imagine your blood rushing and your heart pumping as we race neck-to-neck with your close friends and fellow Churpers! Remember, make sure you have your spotlights on and are all geared up!

Religiously check out who are the Top 3 racers to make sure YOU are one of them or overtake them here!

Here are the two ways you can collect your KMs through to speed up and overtake the rest;

1. Invite more friends to the Churp Churp community and get +100KM for every friend invited!

2. Share the rewards to your friends and get +1km for every unique click!

Meet the happy winners from the previous Great Race; Yussuf,  Bo Keong and Leslie who won iPad 2 32GB Wifi, BlackBery Bold 9870 and iPod Touch 32GB respectively!

And the Top 100 Consolation Winners that won themselves a pair of movie passes!!

To know more about the first Great Churp Churp Race, read here.

All the best!

Jacqueline Rowena

Churp Churp Relations Dept.

[Contest period : June 28th – July 19th 2011]

Win yourself TGV movie passes to catch awesome movies via Chuckei Baby Jane and Hanis Zalikha!

   Category: Contest, Malaysia |

It’s the blockbuster season! We are going to do something a little different!

Action packed, summer chick-flicks, new sci-fi phenomenon.

Ready to catch all these awesome movies??! Win yourself a pair of TGV movie passes to catch all these awesome shows via Chuckei Baby Jane & HanisZalikha !

Both Chuckei Baby Jane & Hanis Zalikha have submitted their favourite pose from their  favourite movie to Churp Churp’s Facebook! Comment on their photos to tell us your favourite movie of all time, and why! Hanis, Jane and us Churpies will be picking the best 30 comments from each photo and you’ll be on your way to enjoy the movie of your choice with your exclusive TGV movie passes! 😉

Comments submitted from TODAY (June 22, 2011) to Sunday (June 26, 20110) are eligible for this! So Hurry up, Churpers, comment on their photos on Churp Churp’s Facebook!

All the best!

Michelle Teh

It’s time to drop those tyres. Find out how!

   Category: Contest, Malaysia |

Converted to a vegan just because you want to drop a few sizes? We feel your frustration when it comes to weight issues. *nods head*

You’ve got to stride with confidence! So take a quick break,  fill in your personal details below, get a FREE customized first treatment and you could be on your way to lose 4 – 16 cm off your body size!

See how Jamie Kam (a Senior Admin Exec) shows off her new body!

Well, hello, hello, confidence~

Go ahead, drop your personal details now and thank us afterwards! 🙂

London Weight Management

Fill up your personal details today!

[MY] Your hair loss has met its match!

   Category: Contest |

Be proud of your crown!

After this, you’ll grow a healthier mane and say hello to a more confident you.

Hop on aboard with Yun Nam HairCare and you will be entitled for 1 FREE customised first Herbal treatment with no obligations, and absolutely no strings attached!

Don’t shy away whilst you are still able to save your crown. Whether you’re balding or battling with dandruff, Yun Nam offers the solution!

So go on, submit your personal details and you’ll get a ring soon!

Fill up your details here!

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and you will be one step closer in getting your silky bouncy hair!

And the winners of The Cutest Thing contest are…

   Category: Announcement, Contest |

Thank you everyone for all the adorable photos submitted to us! We loved and appreciate all the photos shared! 🙂 We would like to proudly announce to you that we’ve collected more than 300 entries, and welcomed nearly 4, 000 votes in the contest! How awesome is that?

After tabulating the results, we would like to proudly annouce to everyone the TOP 5 winners of The Cutest Thing contest for Malaysia and Singapore are… *drum roll*



Teng Chui Theng

Aizat Izmi

Nicole Chang

Ping Ping


Jasmine Tan

Cheries Ong

Cheryl Yee

Qiu Ting

Alicia Ang

Once again, thank you for your participation – two weeks of cuteness overload 😉 Great news to the winners; you have won yourself limited edition Churp Churp Plush Toy & 2GB Flash Drive!


Jacqueline Rowena
Churp Churp Relations Dept.

The Cutest Thing’s Voting Phase: Get your friends to vote for YOU, or vote for your favourite photos!

   Category: Announcement, Contest |

Thank you to those who’ve submitted all your cute photos to us and we would like to proudly announce to each and everyone of you that we have welcomed more than 300 entries in ‘The Cutest Thing’ contest! Wohoo! Check out some of the featured photos we’ve shared on our Facebook Page! :

Cutest Photo

Now that the photo submission phase is over here comes the Voting Phase! it’s time to rally your family and friends to vote for YOU or vote for your favourite photos instead! Here’s how you do it;

Step 1: Tell your family and friends to ‘Like’ us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/churpchurp)

Step 2: Head to The Cutest Thing tab and rally your family and friends to vote for your favourite cute photo submitted here (https://www.facebook.com/ChurpChurp?sk=app_95936962634).

Step 3: Head to ‘Vote Now’

Step 4: Choose your favourite photo, and vote! Remember, you can vote for each entry only once during the contest! So vote for all the photos you think deserving! You can also share your vote with your friends by Sharing it on your Wall! 🙂

So bring as many friends as you can to vote for you, or vote for your favorite photo from today ‘till Monday (June 13, 2011)! Hurry! That’s 7 days of gathering loads of votes and be one step closer to win the ‘The Cutest Thing’ title and exclusive Churp Churp merchandise!  🙂

Hurry! Start gathering your votes today! All the best! ^_^


Jacqueline Rowena

Churp Churp Relations Dept.