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[Updated] Are you the CUTEST THING?

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[Updated: Phew! Due to overwhelming requests from Churpers of all ages, the contest is now open to everyone! We’ve already got tons of submissions, and we now want to open to all! As long as you think you’re cute 😉 don’t wait, just submit your cute photo! W00ts!]

According to our very own Churp Churp Dictionary:

Cutest (adj)

Adorable, fun & playful
Have a passion for posing in photos
Best if have props together in photos

Thing (noun)

Must be at least a 13 year old Human

Met the requirements? Follow these steps:
1) Submit the cutest photo of yourself (example below):

2) Wait for the Churp Churp Team to assess the cute-ability level.
3) Once it is published on Churp Churp Facebook Fan Page, gather your friends and vote!!

So whip out that camera of yours and snap away!!

Photo submission period: May 30, 2011 (Monday) – June 6, 2011 (Monday) 11.59pm


Best of luck!

– Linda K.

Congratulations to the Top 3 Racers of The Great Race!

   Category: Announcement, Contest, Latest Update |

Phew! What an intense race The Great Race was!

Thank you so much for all your support throughout the month and we truly appreciate your awesome love and sharing during the #Churp2Race! For new Churpers, welcome to the family and we hope you’ve started sharing on all the awesome news, trends and promotions you see on our page 🙂

It has been a crazy whole month of drifting, swerving through the steep ways of inviting friends to the race and sharing campaigns, and now we are done tabulating the results and we can finally now announce the Top 3 Racers of The Great Race! *drumroll*

Our Second Runner-Up wins an iPod Touch 32GB with 75, 510 KMs collected is – Leslie Cheng 纳-明!

Our First Runner-Up wins a BlackBerry Bold 3 9780 with 76, 039 KMs collected is Wong Be Keong!

And Our Grand Prize winner wins an iPad2 32GB with 81, 616 KMs collected is Yusuf @ Himpunan Lawak Jenaka!

Congratulations to the 100 consolation winners! Winners will be informed via emails and as we will also lay to you all the necessary deets! 🙂  And now that The Great Race is over, we’re thinking of making something exciting as similar as that after this! Feel free to comment here and tell us what you think – don’t worry, no ideas are too crazy! 😉

Once again, congratulations to all winners and we hope you guys keep on supporting us! <3

Head to http://www.churpchurp.com/thegreatrace


Jacqueline Rowena

“A hundred kilometres to inspire a thousand dreams”

   Category: Charity, Event |

Different collars, different lives, different time zones. We all live in our own little bubbles – but what is the one thing that we all have in common? The ground that we live on, and how do we strive to make it a better place? One friend, one runner – Alex Au Yong is in pursuit of changing lives of underprivileged kids.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/startsociety

His mission is to run a challenging 100KMs across Klang Valley to support the ambitions and dreams of the children of StArt SocietyStArt Society is an academy that provides art classes to the underpriviledged youths. Through the use of music, drama, speech, writing and more, StArt Society aims to help the youths unlock and express their love for the arts and we are giving our full support! 🙂

Source: http://www.facebook.com/startsociety

Calling ALL Churpers, ALL Churpers!

This is where you come in and take this advantage to share this great cause to all of your friends and get everyone to talk about it via Facebook, Twitter and across all other social platforms. There are two ways you can be actively involved with, in this cause ;

1. You can pledge a donation of RM 10 or more and you will get a hand-made lantern specially made by the kids at StArt. For donation of RM 40 and above, you will get a memento Xtramile Run t-shirt. You can do this directly at http://www.xtramile.info/ and help the unfortunate grasp their dreams little by little! 🙂

2. Or you can also opt to visit StArt Foundation this coming June 1 (Wednesday) at Jalan Gasing, and meet the hero himself or join Alex Au Yong  for a short run (but don’t be too ambitious!) during the event day itself, by filling up your deets in the form below and we’ll contact you accordingly! Remember, do submit to us whether you’d like to visit StArt Foundation or run with our hero Alex Au-Yong and submit your details by Monday, June 6 2011.

So come join Churp Churp in supporting our dear friend, and marathon proffesional Alex Au Yong in supporting this cause in whichever you are most capable of. Watch out for the live updates from the XtraMileRun team by following their Twitter (@XtraMileDay) and the StArt Society (@StARTSociety). Be part of the event’s conversation by following the event page and their Facebook page as well, http://www.facebook.com/startsociety.

For more info head to http://www.xtramile.info/


Jacqueline Rowena

Visit StARt Foundation / Run mini marathon

Thanks for your details! Someone will contact you regarding your submission(s) shortly! Have a nice day!
  • Please indicate here whether you'd like to Visit StArt Foundation or Run a mini marathon.

[MY] Save your crown today!

   Category: Contest |

There’s no shame in wanting to save your crowning glory.

Below’s a list of some hair problems that you may have encounter:

But does it really work??

Well, try it to believe it.

Yun Nam Haircare is offering you 1 FREE customised first Herbal Treatment. Go on try it out and avoid having to live in shame!

Fill up the form below this instant and save your crowning glory!

Fill up your details here!

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and you will be one step closer in getting your silky bouncy hair!

– Wendy.
Churp Churp Relations Dept.

[CLOSED] PIT STOP 3: Upload your ‘Chequered Flag Moment’ photo by Monday 3PM (May 16) to double your KMs!

   Category: Contest |

Greetings Churper!

How are you fairing in the race Churpers?! The FINAL WEEK is up ahead, and yes, this is the FINAL PIT STOP. Now this is serious business, it is time to collect all the KMs you can!

In every race, your last race lap would be the most intense moment. You would be hitting on that accelerator so hard you’ll be flying towards the finishing line, heading fast towards the Chequered Flag. Oh, imagine the glory of that flag being waved as you hit the finishing line. *light from sky on you*

But before that, you have to turn right into the final pit stop. At this pit stop, your task is to show us and everyone else your final winning ‘Chequered Flag Moment‘! Capture the moment of how you would react if you won the race and post it on Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page by 3pm, Monday (16.05.11)!

Once you’ve done it within the duration provided you will then DOUBLE your KMs for ever friend invited and also for ever unique click received! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Head to Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page and ‘LIKE’ Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page.

Step 2: Head to Wall and select ‘Photo’.

Step 3: Once ‘Photo’ is selected, you can choose whether to ‘Upload YOUR ‘Chequered Flag Moment’ Photo’ from your computer or ‘Take a Photo using your own Webcam!’

Step 4: Upload your ‘Chequered Flag Moment’ by 3pm, Monday (16.05.11) onto Churp Churp’s Facebook Fan Page AND add #Churp2Race to your photo description to be eligible for the DOUBLE KMs. Remember, it must be YOUR REACTION – cause we wanna see how ecstatic you would be knowing that you’ve won!!

Check out how our colleagues Kevin and Jason did:

Step 5: Right after that upload period, you can go crazy with all the last final KMs collection because ALL your KMs earned starting 17th May (12.00AM)  to 20th May(11.59PM) will DOUBLE!! (This means: Instead of +100KM for every friend invited, with the power bar it is +200KM. And for every unique click received, with the power bar it is +2KM instead of +1km)

Whip that camera out, and pose for your BEST Chequered Flag Moment!

Source: BBC Sport

Have a GREATTTT time racing towards the Chequered Flag and win yourself an iPad, BlackBerry Bold 3, iPod Touch or TGV movie passes!

To learn more about the race: Click HERE
To head to The Great Churp Churp Race: Click HERE

Check out our previous Pit Stops : Pit Stop 1: Power Bar and Pit Stop 2: Power Boost and head to http://www.facebook.com/churpchurp to find out more!

Best of luck!!

Linda K
ChurpChurp Relations Dept.

Introducing Grapevine! Get rewarded for sharing interesting ads that are running on blogs on your Facebook and Twitter!

   Category: Announcement, Latest Update |

Imagine this:

You see an interesting ad on the Nuffnang banner running on blog and thought, “That 70% off spa promotion looks like something Sara would be interested in! I should totally share this with her!”

But how exactly are you gonna share this with her? Long gone are the days where you either have to print screen the ad and send it as an image or even  share the link to the website with your friend (say she is not online at the moment, how would you store the link then, right?

Now, with Grapevine, you can take that off from your list of worries!

What is Grapevine? Noticed it on your dashboard?

With the revolutionary Grapevine, ordinary banner ads now have an additional social media element implemented, making it easier for you to share cool and interesting ads with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Say you’ve stumbled upon an awesome promotion running on Grapevine as shown on sample image below that you MUST share with your friends, all you need to do is to follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: See the 4 icons? You can click on any one of them to start sharing the ad/promo with your friends, and if you want to share the link on more platforms, just click ‘Share’ to copy the link which you can then share with your friends.

Step 2: To redeem your earnings, all you need to do is fill in your email address at the bottom of the banner, and click ‘Go’. You will then get a notification email to further guide you how you can redeem your earnings! Remember that you will only get rewarded for every unique click generated through sharing.

Now with Grapevine, you can get rewarded just by sharing cool and interesting ads you see on blogs as well! Isn’t that awesome? : )

For more information head to : http://www.churpchurp.com/grapevine

Have fun!

Jacqueline Rowena

ChurpChurp Relations Dept.

[MY] Get 1 FREE Customized First Treatment with London Weight Management today! *squeals*

   Category: Contest |

Hey Churpers,

Do you have a love hate relationship with the weighing scale? Or are you guilty for only weighing yourself in the morning cause that’s the only time you would feel lighter? Yes, we’ve all been there and it’s not easy to maintain an ideal weight.

Don’t be threatened by what you see in the mirror cause we have just the solution for you!

Stop sucking in your tummy cause you can get a FREE weight treatment with London Weight Management. You and your friends are entitled for 1 FREE customized first treatment. No obligations, no strings attached. Best of all, it is guaranteed to lose 4-16cm off your body size after your first session.

Don’t wait. Fill up the form this instant and get all the right curves and strut them confidently! Hehe. 🙂


Churp Churp Relations Dept.

London Weight Management

Fill up your personal details today!

[CLOSED] PIT STOP #2 ‘Power Boost!’ – Get a ‘Power Boost’ installed to your race car by inviting at least 20 friends to the race by Tuesday! Find out more!

   Category: Contest |

Missed last week’s Pit Stop ‘Power Bar’ and didn’t manage to double your KMs?!  It’s alright; the next Pit Stop is HERE! Go crazy throughout the weekend ‘till Tuesday and skyrocket your KMs!

PIT STOP #2: Get 1 “Power Boost” installed in your race car if you manage to invite at least 20 friends to join the race by 10am, Tuesday (10th May)! Getting 1 “Power Boost” installed in your car means getting an additional 2,000KM for every 20 friends joined on top of what you have earned/ or will earn throughout the race!

Here’s how you get the ‘Power Boost’ installed in your race car:

Step One: To be eligible for the ‘Power Boost’, invite at least 20 people to join the race by 10am, Tuesday. These sign ups can be via Facebook, Twitter and in so many more ways!

Step Two: Watch your KMs as your ‘Power Boost’ will vrooom you to an additional 2,000KM for every 20 friends you invited to the race, on top of the usual points that you have for every 20 friends invited!

Let’s give you an example!

Räikkönen manages to invite 24 people to the race by 10am, Tuesday. He will then receive 2,400KM (normal KMs) + 2,000KM (Power Boost)on top of his current KMs. During this period, he will constantly get 2,000KM if he manages to invite the next 20 friends. Freaking Bonus!

Are you the first, the second, or maybe… the last one?!

Source: Serious Wheels

Remember, once you are eligible for the ‘Power Boost’ for EVERY 20 friends you invite by 10am, Tuesday, it is an additional 2,000km for you! So speed up and get that ‘Powet Boost’ now!!

To learn more about the race: Click HERE
To head to The Great Churp Churp Race: Click HERE

Best of luck!!
Linda K
ChurpChurp Relations Dept.

Welcome to Churp Churp’s office!

   Category: Latest Update |

Greetings Churper!

Consider yourself lucky today, because we have something extra special to share with you guys. Today, we’ll give you a virtual tour of our office – the sanctuary where we ‘Churpies’ brainstorm for all the exciting campaigns that you took part of and a lot more of other future activities that we can’t wait to unfold!

This is our work table, where we spend most of the time  finding ways working something fun and creative for you guys and also to reach out to all of you of course 🙂 Plastered with orange paint, this office is nice and cozy;

If there is one section where we spend most of our time churning ideas, thinking of the next big thing to do, basically a place where we could lounge, settle and work around in – it would be this room where we would jump on the brightly coloured beanbags at the idea of meetings, throw out ideas and suggestions on the wall and be hard at work.

Here’s a huge wall in the room where we can draw and erase anything, usually filled with idea drawings, and well uh… pandas and cute little birdies drawings too.

The ‘Churpies’ have been affectionately compared to and been called ‘Angry Birds’ before by our other colleagues haha, simply ’cause, well in my opinion we’re adorable like them birdies… Yes? Check out some of the drawings our colleagues have come up with, a little something that resembles us 🙂

This is our team hard at work doing discussion brainstorming exciting ideas and yes, that’s a Hello Kitty plush toy right there. You see, here in Churp Churp we get to bring anything from home to get by the crazy deadlines a little easier and better 😉

Come by to our office for visiting, say hello to the ‘Churpies’, you know, get a chance to see the real life version of us instead of imagining that big eyed birdies are the ones that’s been behind the computer all these while, put faces on our names, or when you’re collecting freebies from us, OR, just to play a game or two with us! You are surely most welcome 🙂

So that’s a tour of our office! We’re also HIRING! Here in Churp Churp, we are constantly looking for young energetic people who love Facebook, Twitter and other social media across the web to join us on board and fill up new exciting positions in our office! You can apply by emailing to us at career@churpchurp.com today!


Jacqueline Rowena

ChurpChurp Relations Dept.

The Great ChurpChurp Race – win iPad 2, BlackBerry Bold 3, iPod touch or TGV movie passes!

   Category: Contest |

Dear Churpers,

Some of our fellow Churpies in the office have been severely addicted to Farmville lately. Not only can’t we sleep at night thinking about our corn seeds, we’ve also been chanting farm animals in the middle of the night and been asking everyone to give us their goats.

We know, creepy stuff, but despite all these addiction – we’re thinking, hey WHY NOT make something fun and addictive to our fellow Churpers instead too? Y’know something that will get you do an imaginary steering or braking while you’re going to bed at night?

Well guess what, get your keys ready in your ignition as we introduce you The Great ChurpChurp Race ! So GREAT, your farms and poker chips just might have to wait. Imagine your blood rushes and your heart pumps as we race neck-to-neck with our fellow Churpers and close friends! Cause this time, it’s going to be seriously intense! * pulls sleeves up!*

Hop on to the bandwagon, and take part in this epic race and win the coveted prizes alike iPad 2, BlackBerry Bold 3 or an iPod touch! This my friends, is going to be… wait for it, wait for it, LEGENDARY! Religiously check out who are the Top 3 racers to make sure YOU overtake them here!

Here are the two ways you can collect your KMs through to speed up and overtake the rest ;

1. Bring more friends to join us and get +100KM for every friend invited!

2. Share the rewards to your friends and get +1km for every unique click!

Collect the most KMs in The Great ChurpChurp Race and be the Top 3 to win these prizes;

1. Grand Prize ; iPad 2 Pad 2 3G 16GB!

2. Second Prize ; BlackBerry Bold 3

3. Third Prize ; iPod Touch 32GB

4. 100x Consolation : A pair of TGV Movie Passes!

*waves flag* On your mark, get set, GO!

Now, now, Schumacher, who?


*Pictures courtesy of TechCrunch.com, plusoneapps.com